No Empire Can Survive!

As this war-torn world spins ever faster toward oblivion, we need to remember that ‘NO Empire’ can ever survive its own tyrannies. The result is usually like this NIGHTMARE that is the other side of DREAMING.

So much blood and treasure gets expended to alter all the natural course of human endeavor: And no matter how they plot and plan, no matter how many million people die to make their star-crossed dreams come true—they (these would be owners of the entire planet) have always lost everything in the end. This time it will be no different.

I just watched a three part television special on The GREEKS, Crucible of Civilization; it covers events from 500 BC to the end of the Greek Empire. It’s been around awhile but what it clearly shows is that the current Zionist Cabal, in league with the global-one-world-order did their homework on how to dominate and then completely control any nation-state, in order to achieve the impossible. What the current would-be geniuses seem to have completely missed is that whoever starts these wars for ultimate-conquest is always completely destroyed in that effort.

The Greeks gave us many, many things most of which have now been completely compromised. One of the most amazing things was that the Greeks memorized knowledge in an age before most people could read or write – but they maintained their culture through stories, or the oral tradition. Much later in their trajectory they gave the world “the theater.” The most popular of the dramatic presentations that they performed were what they called ‘the tragedies.’  These were stories of the downfalls that are always a part of most real lives, and yet the ancient Greeks were incapable of learning enough from those dramatic presentations to even save themselves when the time came to act according to what so many knew could save them.

The same thing is true now of most Amerikans.

The story told in the 3-part PBS series, covers just a few hundred years, but those were pivotal years indeed for everything that came after the Greeks that gave the world so much and yet managed to lose it all when it came time to chose between the arrogance of failing powers and what they should have known would be the outcome. Nature played a card or two in that outcome as well: Just as she will probably do again to all of us, with Fukushima, when that finally explodes!

The human race has such tremendous capacities whenever we chose to harness our darker impulses and stay focused on not just surviving, but on how we shall continue to live once our objectives are accomplished. The ancient Greeks were one of the first superpowers; and a great deal more besides—but as they were always a small city-state, they needed to find ways to both succeed as a people and to survive among other hostile states as well. At first they managed that, but each time they went further into hubris, when they played at War: They came out with less and less of what survival actually requires of anyone or any state that is determined to succeed. What was evident then, has returned to haunt the world again with different players now, but with the same blind and lawless rage that has doomed so many empires to a whole series of nameless-endings.

In those days and times ‘destruction’ was something that was dispensed by fire and sword; without the need to poison the food and water supply of the entire planet. There were diseases too, which the current bunch of criminals have now turned into weapons against the larger society, in order to cull the global-population down to a mere 500,000. The defeated nations then could still recover; and could live to re-build anew—but those who will die in this onslaught will remain dead forever, along with huge parts of the planet that we have already murdered, which cannot recover in our lifetimes.

It seems that the human race has learned absolutely nothing from the long-dead-past: And yet we must each still play our part in what is about to happen to us all in this never-ending game of “who’s on top and who will be our slaves.”

H.P. Lovecraft said this
of his times, but it is equally true for us today as well:

 “They have called up forces that cannot be so easily tamed.
The war is coming and they have sown death and with hell itself they are in agreement.
There is a GREAT disturbance in “the Force”, soon that will manifest itself into objective
“reality” and all will come undone.”

Rebellions and revolts have happened many times, in the ancient world; and almost always these rebellions were between the wealthy and the owned in primal fights between slavery & freedom. Afterwards, where freedom had succeeded, prosperity usually followed only to be undercut by paranoia, fear, and greed.  So many times with so much prosperity in abundance it begins to look like an earthly form of paradise—only to be thrown down again by the petty, the vicious and the vain. In today’s world we have the rabid-dog of Israel, running riot through the rest of the world, in search of ever-larger victims to feed upon in their insatiable cravings. (1)

The Greeks gave us politics and philosophy, along with reason and science, but they could not bequeath sanity to those that seemingly cannot resist the drugs of illicit power, in any age or in any other time upon this planet. Those who started WWII lost that war, but won what followed, which has brought us to the impasse yet again. The US has no government now, and hasn’t had one for several decades; yet that hasn’t stopped the rabble and the ignorant from going-through the motions as if nothing at all has ever changed.

The Greeks invented Democracy which can work well in very small states; but in the USA the Constitution was created for a maximum of 2 million people. Today we have over 340 million people and there is no way that the Constitution can govern over so many people—with anything like stability. We have created a political class of specialists: Professional lobbyists, con-artists, liars and traitors that we seem to worship because they have amassed so much money. But in reality all we ever had was MONEY—and now that too has become worthless, so: Shall we become unnecessary to the powers around the planet that still worship all that which we have lost so completely?

At the peek of the ancient Greek civilization the shop-keepers and merchants, as well as the tradesmen could earn a very good living, and enjoyed a standard of living unmatched anywhere else in the world of that time.

There was freedom and prosperity enough for all to enjoy. But then that shadow world of ever-hungry bestiality appeared, and very soon everything reverted back to fear and terror—just as it has happened to Amerikans in this new Millennium. In ancient Greece, this was by design, just as it is today: None of this “TERROR” is real; every bit of it was manufactured to create the false-flags and instability that are meant to feed the next “take-over” by those who actually think they can survive the new global-holocaust that’s coming. But they will FAIL, just as has every other pack of OUTLAWS that reached for the golden ring only to discover that it was nothing but a piece of cheap metal, from China, painted gold, but in actuality as worthless as our dollars are becoming.

The one thing the ancients did which we no longer do: Is that they confronted their mistakes or at least they tried to. We for our part, REFUSE to ever look back because if we did then we should have to face the truth about all the LIES that have become our daily-fare. So all our criminals roam free, no one gets charged or arrested, everyone gets promoted, and every one of the élites get BONUSES, for every new crime which they continually commit. They even created a term for it it’s called “TOO BIG TO FAIL.”

Here’s part of one of the biggest American Frauds going. They called themselves AIG, and their failure was the trigger that gave the banks the weapon which they promptly held to America’s head—to start the entire series of Bank Failures that spread themselves around the world. They were intertwined with black-ops, the CIA, and even the old OSS – and we are the ones who are still paying them to make their comeback from what we thought was their final grave. (2)

Empire’s are an anachronism that deserve to be burned and buried for all time. But that can’t happened unless the citizens of the planet decide to live their lives in other ways besides being under the foreign Jack-Boots that get closer to each of us every single minute of every single day!

Maybe it’s too late for us, or maybe like the ancient slaves in Athens we might rise as one and overthrow these bastards where they feel the safest—but however this turns out; the survivors will have to learn to govern themselves—because this unspeakable-Nannyism can never be a substitute for any life!

Jim Kirwan

1) The Mad Dog’s Days Are Numbered

2) Deep Politics of AIG, OSS, CIA, Drug Money Laundering


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