There is no “WE” Anymore

 This is what has replaced “WE” in Amerika

Illustration by INCOG MAN

It the time period that ended with the assassination of JFK, there was something called ‘we’ in America. There were political parties, corruptions and skewed foreign polices, along with all kinds of things that just went wrong in this place—but underneath it all there was still a “we” that had a conscience and knew that some things just had to be done right, and if they weren’t then someone ought to go to jail.

But after LBJ and Nixon and finally Reagan: This place became a no-man’s-land devoid of thought or public comment and especially private soul-searching—the only sentiment left standing was:

“What’s in it for me!”

The country, the Constitution, the flag, none of that has any real meaning anymore. Along with those went compound thoughts, serious questions on any topic, and any real concern for ‘how things got done’ in this place. This happened because all of that ‘stuff’ was trumped by self-interested assholes with nothing between their ears but sawdust, and nothing on the horizon but their next big score!

In 1980 Reagan ran against the government to get elected; and when he took office the USA was the world’s leading CREDITOR nation (we had a huge surplus). By the time that traitor left office the USA was the world’s leading DEBTOR nation (we owed more money than god could ever pay off). In between taking office and disgracing it Ronnie tripled the size of the government, opened the door to the immigration nightmare we have now (pleasing his friends) by giving them virtually free labor at the expense of every American citizen. He brought us scandal after international scandal. Arms for the Hostages in Iran, Drugs from the Contras for weapons and of course our very own American-trained Death Squads to keep Central America in line. It’s a very long list of un-American escapades that involve treason, sabotage and a lot more—but the one thing that nobody seemed to notice was that during that time Amerikans stopped noticing what we actually were doing overseas.

The reason we stopped noticing had more to do with the fact that our way of life was being propped up by all the illegal and murderous war-crimes we were committing and very few people were even curious about what we did anywhere while Ronnie was expanding the number of US bases and making millions of new enemies for America every month. It was just about that time that the very subtle but massively important “we” began to disappear from this place. Ronnie replaced the “we” with GREED is GOOD! (Not so much as a formal statement), but his attitudes and demeanor just created this unspoken homily mixed in with his “Shining City on the Hill” and all that bunk about America and Freedom when the truth was Reagan was one of our greatest Traitors; because he undermined so much that America supposedly stood for or against; by the policies and black-ops that he (Thru his handlers) oversaw in detail.

A lot of people will disagree about this piece of slime that began life as a “B” actor and moved into politics by selling out other-actors and writers to the McCarthy witch-hunt, which got him in the door, and then after switching parties, he began his climb with his disastrous term as Governor of California. Ronnie nearly wrecked the whole state, when he tried to turn California into nothing but one giant cash-register, producing mega-profits for the private sector.

After him everything really began to head straight downhill, as far as this country was concerned. He was followed by GHW Bush who on a different 9-11, the one in 1973, Bush Senior introduced us all to his NEW WORLD ORDER, see the illustration above for particulars as to how that worked out. Then came Clinton who gutted all the remaining legislation that had been put in place after the crash of 1929 – specifically to prevent exactly what did happen under George W. Bush when the Markets crashed and burned near the end of Junior’s eight years in the Oval Office. And now of course we have the original Anti-American-President who wants to kill as many people as it is possible to kill, without any ‘laws’ or ‘order’ to even be considered. Here’s how Obama is using Drones overseas…

“Obama’s new method to take out terrorists – bomb women and children, then bomb the civilian police and other first aid responders, and then bomb their funerals.

A shocking new tactic is emerging on the battlefield in the War on Terror which involves first bombing targets which is then followed by the bombing of first responders attempting to help the victims of first bombings and then finally bombing the funeral where people are gathering to mourn the victims.

Obama’s new tactic of targeting funerals and first responders was first revealed in a report in a shocking report from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism in February.

At that time of that report the tactic of bombing funerals or first aid responders was known only to have been used separately from each other.

The three-day bombing spree that started this Saturday in Pakistan establishes a pattern which repeated the use of these tactics in conjunction with an attempt to flush a single target out of hiding.

The bombings so far are confirmed to have killed at least 27 people and started with two separate attacks.

The first was the dropping of 6 bombs on a two individuals said to be riding a motor bike.

The second attack involved bombing a mosque during worship in an attack that destroyed nearby houses which followed multiple strikes on homes the previous day.

When police and first aid responders attempt to retrieved and help the wounded from the wreckage they were bombed.

Then private gatherings to mourn the dead were held because public funeral are often bombed by the Americans and those gatherings were bombed as well.

Finally on Tuesday, the US government reported that Monday’s bombings took out the intended target.

In order to put these bombings in context, please watch the following video.” [At the link] (1)

The “we” that we used to be would have been enraged by these barbaric actions—but since we killed the ‘we’ that was once there, with our concern for keeping the war-profiteering alive and well, and with continuing to produce evermore in illicit profits for the investors: It can now be safely said that ‘we’ need no longer worry about a national conscience anymore—because we murdered that a very long time ago!

Some say that I only see the dark side of all this necessary Homeland Security stuff; but most of those people have no idea about what goes on in this country now with that bunch of thugs that call themselves cops. Here’s a video that spells out exactly what goes on when someone asks for a form to fill out, in order to file a complaint against the police. Three quarters of the way through this rather long video you can also see Chicago-Police in action, which they insist on protecting by calling their actions part of “The Code of Silence” as if they are essentially in the right and the public are only useless creatures that only want to waste their precious time. (Time which the public pays them to take when dealing with the public). Watch the video, and see if your blood doesn’t begin to boil?

What’s clear is that to file a complaint you would need a very well connected lawyer and some high paid protection from the same cops you want to file a complaint against: If a) you want the complaint to get to trial, and b) if you want to live to see it through—because it is crystal-clear that the cops have become a LAW unto THEMSELVES! (2)

Back in the day when there still was a “WE,” shit like Chicago could not have happened as it does today. WE have lost a great deal in a variety of ways that just go on and on and on. But the bottom line is that now we have actually become as divided as this feral government wanted us to be all along. Because there is simply no way that “we” can forget our own petty concerns long enough to ever come to the aid of anyone else—unless someone wants to pay us to do that. These are the New A-merry-cons, mindless, thoughtless, convinced that such things will NEVER happened to them—and yet just look again (At the top of the article) at what has happened to this country. We have become Israel’s BITCH in every way, the Statue of Liberty might as well be holding a Menorah, and our national spy service already is the MOSSAD (did you know that Mossad can kill Americans on American soil with no penalty’s at all). Israel has stolen most of our military secrets, they have the White House thoroughly blackmailed, along with the congress which they bought outright and it is Israel that tells us what’s good for America; and not the other way around.

If there were really still a “we” in America, beyond political parties or self-interest then two days from now on the 8th of June we would open a massive and public investigation into the Attack by Israel on the USS Liberty of June 8, 1967; forty five years ago—but if we did that then LBJ would have to be tried for TREASON in absentia; and a lot of so-called careers would have to be dipped in the muck and written off as traitors one and all—but there’s no danger of that happening because as a people we have shown the world for decades that we are sincerely-gutless! (3)

These kinds of issues used to be discussed daily in gatherings and bars and restaurants and coffee shops, before the extreme Left broke all that up, in the name of pure air, and healthy habits. One consequence of all that has been that people have forgotten how to interact with other human beings, except when using some electronic toy – so “There is no “WE” in America any longer, and because of that we shall each go separately to wherever they will send us because we could not figure out how to stand together when things got really dark…

Jim Kirwan

1) Obama Bombs Civilians, then Police & First Aid, And then their Funerals, Again

2) Reporting Police Misconduct to the Police – 21 minute video

3) Looking Back to the Future


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