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Detail from Full Fathom Five © 1994

From the depths of our collective past to the current day above in 1994, the global society was already underwater. San Francisco is at the top of the underwater land bridge that connects the broken halves of what was then our world. New York is on the extreme right near the edge. Beneath that ‘bridge’ are the abandoned native ruins of something we called the Anasazi, or the People of the Rock. Opposite them and much further back the Great Wall of China can be seen, just above three Dolphins. On the lower right is Notre Dame amid the ruins of some castles from the Middle Ages.

The extreme lower left begins with Hagia Sophia, the once Christian structure, now a mosque, that straddles the sunken moon indicating that both those worlds are still under siege. Above and behind Hagia Sophia is the US Capital that was built over the ruins of the Parthenon and both of these are atop the cave that contains the Taj Mahal an Indian temple that was dedicated to eternal-love.

The two pillars that can be seen supporting Hagia Sophia are from opposite powers. On the left is the melted down art of the pagan-world that was poured into black-columns, which today support the covering for the Papal-Alter in Saint Peter’s, inside the Vatican in Rome. The single black column is opposite a white marble column that survived from the Greek and Roman period which preceded the Christians. At the far left is Russia. Nearly buried in the coral below that is Australia’s temple to the Western arts, which has been dead for centuries.

Atop the major-column is Maya, who stood for the earth and was ignored, along with a version of the thinker who was equally ignored as the world embraced this new paradigm that has brought us to what is about to be a final-confrontation between human-life & nature and those divisive forces that never considered either life or nature to be valid. The painting was completed in 1994, and all that anyone saw here was something very colorful and very strange. It was called Full Fathom Five, after an ancient written work.

This was eighteen years ago, and already we have begun to murder the oceans with oil and gas in the Atlantic and with nuclear-fallout in the Pacific. But all of this contamination is still spreading everywhere since we have allowed the ‘self-appointed-entitled’ to do whatever they have pleased with everything and anything upon the earth, according to whichever ‘industry or lives’ they might chose to completely destroy for evermore profits—in their race to end our natural-way of life forever. This image was just about some of the physical remains of what had been. The death of societies around the planet is far more complex.

One of the keys to the control of everything has always been the ways in which we treat each other. These social habits have always been at the core of any real change in humanity toward itself, or toward other strangers that might wander into our midst. The fabric of society’s worldwide is far from simple or even compatible. In the racist West, we still suffer from a twisted love affair with the total farce of the Victorian Age—compounded by a horrifically flawed view of almost every aspect of what it means to simply be a human being: Thanks to so many sanctimonious religions; and our public-policies that are foreign to any natural ways of life: All of this has been in lock-step with the artificial alters that have been created for us to worship “Sex, Drugs & Power.” These three can be condensed into just “MONEY,” for anyone interested in becoming all-powerful in the shadows of the end of Empire and the world…

Thanks largely to religious teachings we have turned sexual practices into something dirty that needs to be condemned at almost every level: This led to a reactive over-reaction that produced artificial people who lived completely artificial lives while destroying the lives of their own children by isolating their offspring and attempting to groom them for artificial lives of their own – instead of raising them to be worthwhile human-beings. This is one view of IMAGINATION & LIMITATION.

When man-made-rules replaced the natural yearning to explore to imagine and to learn about all of life in the myriad-ways that were open to any mind that is determined to live life to its’ fullest—this is and was the ultimate crime against nature, that has produced this twisted and unlivable situation that has turned America into a Police-State and the world into a potential global-prison camp.

This happened because too many wanted to live by proscribed sets of RULES that could be blamed for every mistake they made in their own lives—when if we had had the courage to live our own lives, then no such ‘safety net’ would have been needed to protect us from our mistakes in judgment (making real mistakes being the one-way to learn about reality), or in those choices that each of us must make if there is to be a real world for anyone to live in.

Of course there are literally hundreds of reasons that can be cited as to why we came to be in this position, everything from being “dumbed down”, to toxic poisons in virtually everything we need to stay alive—but if we had acted against those creatures that sought to poison our entire way of life and everything that is needed to live—then we would not now be facing this nightmare that we dare NOT look back upon: Because if we had looked-back then we could not have avoided seeing the global-crimes-by-the-hundreds that have brought us to this point.

Of course what we would have noticed, had we chosen to really look back, would be the CRIMINAL choices which the Judeo-Christian Ethic burdened the world with, a few thousand years ago, when women became slaves and “nature” was officially deemed to be the enemy of all mankind. That was a disgustingly simple dictate which was ushered in by the Four Horsemen, which is still very much with all of us today. (1)

Ten years after this headline-image above was created I responded to an article in Esquire Magazine by Pete Hamill (written in 1994) called Endgame. In the article Pete Hamill details just how far we had already fallen, along the lines of what I am so ineptly trying to describe today. This article includes my comments to Mr. Hamill, paragraph by paragraph – and if you read this footnote, you might be surprised at how much we had already lost long before Bush stole the White House in the year 2000. (2)

The world has always been a fragile place and those who seek to conquer it today know this in explicit detail. But what those of us who are blocking them also realize now, is that all their weaponry and tactics are also extremely fragile as well. In fact they are subject to huge flaws in their implementation, if they fail to understand just how vulnerable they truly are—in virtually every area of their brute-force efforts to control every single aspect of every single life in these once free states of the US.

The one thing that could be most effective globally would be true and enforceable INTERNATIONAL LAW & ORDER – but no one cares about this fact. None of this military bullshit would be needed if there were any real LAWS against corruption, fraud, mass murder, crimes against humanity and the like – this crap is a physical stopgap that only exists to keep all people prisoners of the one-world “government” that is in reality not a government at all – but is simply organized CRIMINALITY ON A GLOBAL SCALE.

“June 8, 2012 – Special Forces from 96 countries focused on ‘Building the Global SOF Partnership’ at a conference in Tampa, Florida. The multinational cooperation of NATO Special Operations Forces serves as a good example for such a global Special Forces network.”

This is just the latest attempt to coerce the public into welcoming that which the public ought to be fighting AGAINST tooth & nail – BEFORE this scene becomes “normal” in cities all over the USA! (3)

But “THEY” are here and growing exponentially as we continue to sleep: Or perhaps more appropriately as we continue to worship “Sex, Drugs & Power” while this foreign power continues to try and kill us all from within…

Jim Kirwan

1) Again & Again

2) Endgame-Revisited

3) Naval Special Op Forces Assault Tampa, Florida – 6 min video


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