Caesar’s Death Squads

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Obama’s latest tactic is working like a snake-charmer playing to the crowd on the midway of a traveling sideshow. The crowds in Tampa, Florida, cheering on the live-action video-war-game that came to their city in the form of mercenary troops from 96 different countries—and the mesmerized ‘rubes’ were too stupid to realize they were watching a dress rehearsal for the end of America.

Reagan created the School of the America’s to train black-ops thugs in how to torture, how to disappear, and how to kill people in their own countries. The USA trained the Death-Squads that operated in the Americas. That institution is still functioning today and those 96 nations that are participating in this NATO exercise, amount to the graduated classes we trained to murder their own people. Now they are coming here to practice what they learned to do to others, on those that paid for their black-arts-training. (1)

How else could it be possible to suddenly have troops from 96 other nations holding exercises to supposedly PROTECT American citizens from “terrorists? Listen to these idiots on the video, they can barely speak English, and incidentally WHY does America (Who supposedly has the most powerful military in the world) “need” to employ 96 different nations to protect the American population?

Where the hell are own troops?

Oh, I almost forgot they’re overseas getting their asses shot-off in places that we have been unsuccessful in defeating. But thanks to our DRONES, our very newest-toys – apparently we think we no longer need to have boots on the ground – we can just murder the whole population from the air and claim that we’re winning! Of course we must remember that Iran managed to capture one of these super-drones, without a scratch: and they do crash frequently—so they are not without their vulnerabilities. (2)

Caesar followed the exact same course as the Roman Empire fell. The mighty Legions of Rome were being dispatched to the far ends of the earth; to suppress “enemies” and were coming back with more and more enemy soldiers, taking the place of the Romans that were sick of war. So when the end came it was the enemies of Rome in Roman uniforms that ended the Roman Empire. And now we are seeing the beginning of this same tactic here, with the mercenary thugs we trained to kill others, having returned to wear American uniforms, while they begin to slaughter American citizens which they will now be able to designate as TERRORISTS. And the Amerikan audience, in Tampa, just cheers them on!

When the Drones begin to kill American citizens, we must remember

“An attack upon any one of us is an attack upon us all”!

When these people speaking broken English descend upon our cities and towns — just because they are wearing American Uniforms does not mean that they are Americans; because if this happens these foreign forces will be coming to kill you, your family, and your country.

Tactically anyone with basic training in military-logistics knows that watching that Harrier Helicopter come in to “land its forces” made that entire exercise into a farce. One squad of combat troops could have put a hellfire missile into that chopper while it was still descending and killed them all before they ever reached to the water. And if you watch the video carefully – you can not help but see how crudely these so-called troops tried to wiggle their way into the rubber boats; and what a sloppy job of pretend warfare they attempted to furnish! These are not super-soldiers they are just a bunch of trained killers that are being used here. We’re providing the money, the country and the victims: They (the foreign forces) are providing the supposedly unstoppable force. And Obama is still running for “president” of his own dictatorship. What a farce – Reagan must be high-fiving his way all around Hell with this one under his belt!

Jim Kirwan

1) Naval Special Op Forces Assault Tampa, Florida – 6 min video

2) These New Drones Is Like Nothing That The World Has Ever Seen


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