Correcting the Record

There are so many total lies in what this government has tried to tell the world about everything that has happened in the world since the end of WWII; that to try and rebalance any of these completely distorted lies seems almost too big to tackle. Maybe just an overview might be enough to change some minds.

We spent roughly 4 years fighting in the Second World War, in two distinctly separate Theaters of the world. And when we won, the capital cities of both major enemies had been destroyed and their people had unconditionally surrendered. There were no instances of attacks on American Forces after the war was over, yet we are still in both countries (or we were until we had to leave Japan because of nuclear contamination).

Compare this with Korea, which we are still in, and which has not been militarily concluded even though that Police Action happened in the early 1950’s. We followed that with Vietnam, about fifteen years worth of frustration where we eventually lost and had to flee the country, after the Communists captured Saigon. There was also Chile or Kissinger’s War in Chile, where we backed and supported the takeover for AT&T. There was also the extremely short Bush War against Panama, where we burned 4,000 people alive in a few days and then split, after we captured our own puppet, Gen. Manuel Noriega, who we dragged off to prison in the Dry Tortugas of Florida.

There was also Ronnie’s War on Grenada, where 7,000 marines attacked 300 Cuban construction workers; leaving Beirut with our tails between our legs after Israel blew up the barracks there and killed one hell of a lot of US Military personnel. (Another outrage just like the USS Liberty, there has never been an official investigation there either)!

Then we came to the next serious war, launched against Saddam by George Bush senior in 1991. That war continued after Saddam’s army surrendered, but the US and British kept our no-fly-zones very active, bombing the hell out of everything inside Iraq, until Bush Junior restarted that war in 2003. The War-on-Iraq officially ended last year in 2011, making Iraq the longest official-war in our history – 20 years of combat and WE LOST! Iraq is about the size of California; and between both of the Bushes we threw virtually everything we had against that tiny country that had no air force and virtually no army after Bush senior smashed them both—and no navy—yet we could not win. In the beginning we even invoked the “Coalition of the Willing” (The Blackmailed) to join us in attacking Iraq, but still we lost.

At the same time we attacked Afghanistan in 2001, and we’re still there, but we’re losing bigtime. (There’s also a continuing war against Pakistan, which we are also losing – but none of that is official)  So that’s two major wars: Iraq: 20 years, and Afghanistan, 10 years and we have unceremoniously lost both wars against two states that are miniscule when compared to the size of the USA. And now we have decided to attack the entire United States using mercenary troops from 96 other nations—is that because USI cannot win here either, or are we under orders from Israel to use the mercenaries because US troops might rebel?

Between Israel and USI the US threw everything we had at Iraq, and came away empty-handed (after 20 years). We tried to break Iraq up into three states and we FAILED. We slaughtered its people numbering in the millions upon millions – most of Bush senior’s allied states deserted Junior; yet we remained aggressive. We reduced its infrastructure to sub-human conditions but we could NOT win that war because our general staff is and was a public embarrassment. They have proven themselves to be massively incompetent and the political leadership of this country was non-existent and still borders on the imbecilic. The Iraqi’s who basically had no official army, no planes, no ships and no standing in the Arab world, as they had no allies to help them—stood their ground and whipped our asses. And their country is no bigger than the state of California! How does this translate when it comes to the USI attacking the entire nation of what was the USA—especially when we (The USA) are officially beyond dead-broke and jobless for the most part?

The US is bringing in mercenaries, as are a number of other countries, who are apparently planning to use thugs to intimidate their respective public citizens into capitulating to their never-ceasing engines of FEAR, so that the global-powers can just take over the planet. Australia is also hiring mercenaries as well. (1) & (2)

Of course the problem with mercenaries is that someone will have to pay them, and with the monetary Tsunami that’s coming there won’t be the outrageous sums needed to pay the thugs, so there will just be a lot more Outlaws wandering around looking for something to steal, and someone to murder (probably the people that hired them under false circumstances might be at the top of that short list)?

But USI & Israel have both made the same historical mistakes. Each has put their faith in walls, prisons, technology and weaponry while ignoring the strength of determined human beings to win even against technically overwhelming force. The Palestinians have been fighting Israel on the ground since 1948, and are still not defeated!

Throughout history with or without formal armies the deciding factor has frequently been sheer human determination, despite the armaments or the weapons – because the will to survive and to stay free is a massively motivating factor and always will be. What these half-wits never learned is that there really are LIMITS on what FEAR can produce—and frequently the fear boomerangs back against those trying too hard to use it—as this is about to show in the streets of America today.

There is also this undeniable fact, which may prove very unfortunate for the New World Order:

Is there any doubt that the United States of America is the military arm of the New World Order (NWO), as it has been since World War I?

Just as the City of London has functioned as the world headquarters for the financial arm of the NWO, and Vatican City has functioned as the religious headquarters for the NWO, Washington, DC has functioned as the military headquarters for the NWO. (Given our record of abject FAILURES after WWII, this might have been a huge mistake)

Surely you have read or heard by now that each of these city states was set up as an autonomous political entity so that no one could control them except their masters within the Global Control Matrix (GCM). When you understand this reality, you can clearly understand all that has taken place with the US of A for the past hundred years. Viet Nam (What on earth were we ever doing there?), Korea (Why was MacArthur willing to drop an atom bomb there?), Argentina and Chile (The CIA plot to assassinate Allende was also about what?), Iraq (Twice!!), Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran (Economic warfare and stealth bombings), Cambodia and Laos, Cuba and Grenada, Nicaragua and El Salvador, Honduras and Panama, East Timor and Suharto’s Indonesian, Serbia and Bosnia, Somalia and Yemen, Libya and Syria, etc. etc., etc. Will the bellicose behavior ever end?!”

There’s a whole lot more at the link but despite the length of time that these creatures have been planning all of this, apparently no one has checked to see if their leaders are capable of doing anything long term, about all the rest of us that oppose them! This might prove fatal, because what has happened is that so many in the N.W.O. have just “gone with the money” assuming that because these idiots have money now that they will ultimately win in the end—they cannot because none of them ever had the advantage of getting beaten to within an inch of their miserable lives: Because they have never allowed their mouths to overload their assholes, when they were young and could have learned something about the physical world before they became so influential, as devotees of the paper world, of meaningless words on paper vs. that world where people die when they make major mistakes. (3)

NOTE: There is now a serious threat being mounted to the New World Order via the Vatican, the Pope and the pre-eminence of the Queen of England as it regards the global-number of pedophiles and child murders as well as the disappearances of children around the world – along with forced labor by several official Orders within the Catholic Church. This potential nightmare for the Vatican and the British Crown, (About to face Crimes Against Humanity) could play havoc with the New World Order as well. (4)

And this brings us to the money that so many believe to be all powerful! Those who have it now will lose it within the next twelve months, because they are about to lose everything, as they have gambled on the wrong-side to win. And this time it will take more than corrupted corporate agreements and huge sums of black-ops funds to survive, it will take nerve and guts to survive this time and the self-appointed simply do not have that in any depth—all they have is greed, entitlement and tons and tons and mega-tons of what is about to be worthless paper. They have forgotten what happened in Southern Africa with the Zulu nation that faced a similar situation to our current crisis today—most of those overseers were murdered in their beds; and they never saw it coming!

This is why the cops show up with from four to six thugs per suspect. It’s why they’ve killed over five hundred with Tasers; and it’s because they are literally TERRIFIED that the truth will get out. What is that truth?

It’s very simple – no one and no government can ever control every human being on this planet 24-7 seven days a week, no matter how much technology they might want to throw at the situation—because technology has a way of failing at propitious moments, and people who are dissatisfied have a way of getting revenge upon their slavemasters.  If any of this happens, there will most likely be a second revolution, which they and their paymasters will lose—BIGTIME!

So the next time someone tells you that ‘you can’t fight the government’ – tell them:

“Nothing like that has ever been written in stone”!

Rules in this case were made to be broken by those free enough to decide which of them must be broken if they are to have a life of their own—just ask the surviving Iraqi’s or the Afghan’s if they believe that this government is invincible and must be obeyed!

Jim Kirwan

1) Caesar’s Death Squads

2) We are Hiring Mercenaries

3) The USA: The Military Arm of the New World Order

4) Queen & Pope Face Courts for Crimes Against Humanity:
Part 1 of 3 – 14 min 45 sec video
Part 2 of 3 – 14 min 45 sec video
Part 3 of 3 – 5 min video


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