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WAR has been declared upon the people of this country, not by any foreign nation (unless you count Zionist-Occupied Israel): This war is being waged by the government of this country against every man woman and child that lives here. There are two measures that are proof of the existence of “The War.” This is NDAA, the first one. (1)

Every politician that has spoken out regarding the latest trend in fascism and the need for fascistic methods to “PROTECT” the people, have each and all cited “The WAR” and yet none of them have specified “What exactly we need “protection from.” This answer to this double-speak statement is in two parts. The first part is that the “we” refers not to the people but to the filthy-rich and the completely-corrupted who commit treason each and every day. It is those criminals that are being “PROTECTED.” The second part of the answer is that ‘WHAT’ is being protected are the actions of the criminal-outlaw-state: From the personal RESPONSIBILITIES that must accompany every action taken, whether political, military, economic or just for private gain. . .

Initially this classic diversion began by reducing the nation from a REPUBLIC to a democracy (mob rule) on the way to becoming the Police State that we have finally achieved. Two things are important about this change. The first is that our real protections were contained within the Republic, whose first-principles were based on the Magna Carta signed in the 1200’s. Once the nation began to brag about our ‘democracy’ we had already lost both our freedoms and our involvement in any process of the government. For those of us that understood this it amounted to major political defeat. However while that phase lasted there was still the sham-appearance of a free country. That step was necessary to get us to the final surrender of everything else; which the government just eliminated with the passage of NDAA and the pending Ultra-Zionist’s new Bill regarding the Enemy Expatriation Act. (2)

At first glance this is an inconceivable-obscenity of the first order, basically it turns the entire country into a prison colony ruled by Innuendo and accusations that have absolutely nothing to do with any formal charges: And it marks the ending of all “laws” that ever restricted the government from doing quite literally anything they might decide to do from torture and rendition to murder or life in prison. However it also means that the Fascists have failed to control the population thru deception and lies alone: Because the population is awakening to facts that can no longer be hidden—consequently society itself must be OUTLAWED.

Many will note that virtually everything we might want to do now needs permission, or is OUTLAWED, outright. This too has a two-fold purpose. The first is to technically-insure absolute control over everything. But the more subtle effect is to create black-markets everywhere for more illicit money to be skimmed from a still not-resisting public. The pattern for this was forged with PROHIBITION, that allowed the mob to grow from localized criminal groups to a national-network of organized crime that is still with us today.

Here was the final act of the Police-State in 2011 that will outline for anyone what’s in store for 2012.

“There will be “weapons response teams,” horse-mounted police officers, undercover cops, bomb-sniffing dogs and police patrol boats. The Joint Terrorist Task force will be on hand. COBRA teams will handle chemical, biological and radiological threats and will be pre-deployed to key areas. Manhole covers are sealed, barricades are set up to pen in the revelers and at least 500 security cameras are in place to scan the crowds, CBS New York reports. “Our helicopters will be up in the air and checking the 200-block area around Times Square,” said New York police commissioner Ray Kelly.

A Joint Operations Center “will be activated, where we have representatives from units throughout the department and federal, state and local agencies. So you can get face-to-face coordination, which is very important aspect of what we do,” he said. “On New Year’s Eve if you see something suspicious, there should be a police officer pretty much within arm’s reach,” Kelly explained. “Look at your world or whatever activity you’re engaged in through the prism of September 11.” “We operate under the assumption that we’re at the top of the terrorist target list, and we’ve had 14 attempts at terrorist-type attacks.” Kelly told CNN. Terrorists have not announced they plan to attack Times Square.

In Nevada, the military and cops will violate Posse Comitatus by working “in tandem,” according to the Las Vegas Sun. The troops will be gaining experience in securing areas, working with computer technology and maintaining communication, among other skills, according to the newspaper.

“You’ll see more uniformed personnel around town,” said Nevada National Guard Sgt. Mike Getten. New Year’s Eve is a convenient time for both the Guard and the local authorities to get acquainted, interact and practice working together, Getten said. “Those heading to the Strip or downtown for New Year’s Eve are asked not to carry large backpacks or bags, and not to have metal or glass containers,” reports KTNV. In Los Angeles, the police have used the holiday to set-up Fourth Amendment free zones in an effort to revenue enhance people who drink alcohol and drive. “The Valley Traffic Division of the LAPD is not saying where the checkpoints will be set up. The average cost for a first time D.U.I. arrest is approximately $10,000, this does not include costs if there are injuries or loss of life,” reports the Sherman Oaks Patch. Fourth Amendment free zones will also be set-up in Alabama, Oklahoma, Delaware, Georgia, California, and elsewhere around the country.” (3)

What a way to say goodbye to 2011 or to greet a new year that starts like this: And as always Americans are not expected to smash into any of the hundreds of thugs that are still playing with their lives, as if every person is out there to start WWIII – The FEAR and TERROR these creatures are attempting to spread is exhibited for all to see in the open cowardice of the authorities and their absolute fear of the people, by those charged with protecting the Filthy-Rich from all the rest of us. If people had any brains they would know this means that “We’re Winning” simply because the cops MUST control every act, every casual movement, every potential threat in which there are potentially billions of possible violations, when you include the entire population of this country – that’s a whole lot of public enemies! And even these idiots know that if the supposed threats were real there would be NOTHING that all their fumbling hundreds could actually do to stop anything, because the fact is that we are legion in number and they are nothing!

Here is what’s really going on now. The government declared a WAR had been started against the USA on 9-11-01. That was a lie. But it was also the excuse for everything that has happened since. The Trogledian forces unleashed against the public by TSA (over a TRILLION spent so far), with zero results. It was created by our first “director” of HOMELAND SECURITY, A Zionist-Nazi to the core Michael Chertoff, who also just happened to be the one who designed and sold us the back-scanners for TSA that do nothing except radiate the population and intimidate the flying public. Chertoff got rich doing this, while the public suffered the humiliation and abuses of his new pet agency until he was replaced by Big-Sis the sexually-twisted beast that now runs TSA as if it were her private fiefdom.

The Achilles-heel beneath all of this garbage is that we are NOT in fact at war: But before you begin to deny this fact, you need to go back to what the Second World War actually looked like. There were the daily bombings of London in the Blitzkrieg created by the same Nazi’s that we are still fighting today; even though they now call themselves Zionists and own the occupied State of Israel.

Wars then involved the population, the police and the military all huddled together in the same bomb shelters a few times every day and night; to survive against the onslaught of the Nazi war machine – then. WAR also involved things like the siege of Leningrad, the door to door march up through Europe, after the most massive invasion in military history (at that time), in order to give the allies a foothold that would end with the surrender of Germany (but not of the Nazis) in 1945.

There were also things like the unnecessary fire-bombing of Tokyo and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, all supposedly to end the war in the Pacific. And in many countries there were an untold number of mass-executions and near total destruction of whole states, as well as towns and villages. That was WAR then, and only about 10 % of the casualties were civilian. Today over 90% of the people killed are invariably civilians. When war was visible and clear to everyone that lived through it, there was no need for the kind of garbage that this congress keeps on passing in order to imprison the entire nation. We (the US and the Brits) also firebombed Dresden; a totally neutral German city, with no military significance whatsoever—just to terrify the German people. Google any of these events for casualties and damage – and then note that for the US WWII only lasted for roughly 5 years. Then remember that we have been at war in Iraq for over twenty years—and we just lost there, just as we lost in Vietnam!

America has no visible WAR here—except for the one that the government is openly waging against everyone that disagrees with them. And without a real war: Where the Hell is the reason for all these completely Anti-American dictates? The only reason that this country’s so-called leaders are PANICKING is because they are terrified that the public will very soon figure this out and rebel-in-force against this Tyranny.

It’s interesting that the punk who blackmailed the congress into giving him his very own License to Kill, anywhere in the world, Bush junior, was the only president to serve while being AWOL (from the Texas Air National Guard), and because that happened in a time of war (Vietnam), it should have been considered “DESERTION in the face of the enemy” – instead he had those responsible for the paperwork eliminated and the whole thing was covered up. Here is how Bush got that license to kill. (4)

Almost all of the current leadership has no familiarity at all with being in the military, much less during a time of actual war: Yet they all want to sound very tough politically so they are constantly pushing for “WAR, WAR, LOTS MORE WAR!” Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of War.

There is a war on against nature, against humanity and against society around the world. Yet the ‘war’ being cited here has nothing to do with the real war itself. This is about torture, murder and unending imprisonment for millions of people; most of whom have only been guilty of SILENCE in the face of permanent death-threats, but where there should have been confrontations we chose not to resist. The graphic-result of our continued failures can be read about in the footnotes below.

This time there will b a thermonuclear global-war, again because we have stood by and just watched while hate and greed have gone unchallenged around the planet. When that breaks out here, people will finally get a look at the real war between the government the population and the gangs that are opposed to everything that is neither government nor societal. A friend of mine saw a literal example of what ordinary people will be facing when the real internal war comes here.

There was a pick-up truck on a freeway here with a toy doll stuck on a raised board by a railroad spike where the heart would have been. The caption was “Baby on Board!”’

That, for me, was an indication of what might well be ahead for a whole lot of the willfully deaf, dumb and blind—in this country. And all because people refuse to believe that there will ever be any real CONSEQUENCES for our failure to require RESPONSIBILITY for every action that occurs, whether it comes from a government or a private-set of Outlaws hell-bent on stealing all they can in this lawless society that has taken over from the sham-democracy that we just finished losing!

We looked the other way when Bush began his reign-of-Lawlessness; and then we emulated him in country after country around the world. This place has become nothing more than a nest of thieves and vipers that can do anything they chose to, whenever they want, to whoever they choose to attack—if that’s good enough for you, then don’t complain when that midnight knock comes to your door. If you want to do anything about it then please read “Endings” below. (5)

Jim Kirwan

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5) Endings

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