‘There is no Snare like Folly’

The Fool & Folly

“There is no fire
Like Passion,
There is no shark
Like Hatred,
There is no snare
Like Folly,
There is no torrent
Like Greed.”


A few months back I began to have serious problems with being able to distribute my work on the net. Something was clearly going on. I checked the status on Google then, to see about the numbers regarding the following of publication. I Googled “Jim Kirwan and what came up reflected 2,441,000 hits (for everyone under that name). Not surprisingly, since I’ve had a website for almost thirty years: it was created as an art-site back when the only choices were “.net “or”.com.”

My then webmaster designed the site so that the bots could and would pick up on every aspect of what I did and still do today.

This morning I had an inquiry from someone about distributing my work further. I replied and then out of curiosity I checked again to see what a search would turn up today. That number was 943,000 results. The numbers shown are suppose to reflect the number of hits made according to what the bots turn up whenever material is published – anywhere on the net. I write about five times a week now, and have for most of the last year yet Wikipedia shows Jim Kirwan as an Irishman who died in 1921, as its leading and only hit.

Wikipedia is the search-engine of choice created and maintained by the Zionist-apartheid State of Israel – with and about whom I have frequently written with disgust.

The problem is that as the BOTS do the searches, and supposedly record the facts, it would seem strange that in just two months (a rough estimate) the number of hits concerning my work could have dropped by over a million and a half (for everyone) under “Jim Kirwan”?

During this same time period a number of other sites have begun to carry the work, which should have added to the total, and not subtracted from the total number of hits. I’m fairly certain that this is happening to a lot more individuals than just me. But the fact that such kinds of blatant-discrepancies can be done in the name of government CENSORSHIP, not to mention corporate control over the actual work of the BOTS, which is disturbing, not because of what is continuing to happen to my work and my efforts to get it to the wider world—but because this is beginning to be the norm for many, rather than just another isolated case…

Just thought my readers ought to know this when they read anything which they might question the validity of.

Jim Kirwan


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