Caesar in Amerika!

After Caesar’s condescending signing of his declaration to the world that Obama is now the one and only God for the entire world—some reflections need to be thought about, in depth.

Back when we had a nation we had an agreement with the government as to the extent to which they could enter into our lives; “with our permission!”

However since the arrival of our Marshmallow-Caesar: black on the outside and white-and sticky-on the inside; the entire basis for all life in this country needs to be re-evaluated and adjusted for the new terms under which Amerikans must now begin to try to live.

Everything that once was true is now gone forever: So Amerikans must reevaluate everything that is part of their lives now—whether or not we want to change anything; there Is no longer any choice available, as our once proud nation has just been hit with massive worldwide SHAME.

We must deal with this and we must begin to push-back these ridiculous imbeciles that want to return this nation to the collapsing moments of the Roman Empire when men and women actually came to believe they and they alone were Gods and that they were above everyone else, forever! That is what Obamanation has just signed into law with the passage of NDAA. He and he alone: Obama shall decide who can live and who must die anywhere in the world today, tomorrow and all the way on down through any that might come after him!

What has changed? Everything has changed! Because the Supreme Court has not even commented, their silence projects consent; making the Supreme Court complicit in this dictatorial coup. With this fact the entire Court System in the U.S. has destroyed any validity they might once have had: because this legislation eliminates the constitutional structure that created the court, the congress and the president, as parts of the Constitutional Republic and its government. If this “law” stands then that means that there is no law except Obama—and with the continuing SILENCE by the highest court in the land, then that destroys the entire court and legal system that has been in-place low these many years.

There is a major difference, and always has been between “law” & “Justice” here in the US but what has just happened surpasses that difference and renders both ideas moot; while it embraces the supremacy of a god-like figure who can rule with an iron fist with no-oversight and no review of any decision he chooses to make about who shall live and who shall die anywhere in the world today—on his say-so alone! For this imperious act alone Barack Obama ought to be tried and executed, before this month is out!

But turning every American into nothing but parts of a national pool of potential enemy-agents for unknown-powers that are supposedly threatening the entire nation for a period of time without end amounts to proving that he is insane and unfit to hold any office in this or any other government. So how can this man without a valid birth-certificate and no personal history even run for president, much less stand for re-election in a political election that now no longer has any meaning whatsoever? The US is now a DICTATORSHIP and a Police-State, it is no longer either a Republic or a Democracy it is a Police-State pure and simple and Obama has declared himself the one and only Dictator! How can the American public tolerate this outrage! Obama’s remaining “term” in the office needs to end before the end of this month with a trial for all his crimes against this place. And by way of recognizing the seriousness of this crime against everyone here, the ‘election’ needs to be canceled outright until some of the criminals that brought us to this impasse can themselves be arrested and charged, with all the crimes they’ve committed since they individually chose to become part of this outlaw-government.

So far we’ve touched on the fact that all US Courts have been invalidated: And that since the Congress passed this bill, they have at the same time invalidated their own positions—thereby destroying any need for their continued services as they just gave their own responsibilities to the Chief-Executive (for the second time) which is expressly forbidden by the Constitution. (The first instance was when the Bush Congress gave the Bushwhacker this same right in the wider-world, while exempting America at that time). Obama purposely overturned that limited power and turned it into a global-threat which he intends to carry out ASAP!

Ironically the elections that have been used to divert the public from even thinking about this treasonous treachery until now; are now ridiculously and completely beside the point as the offices being sought only exist inside a nation that is no longer a sovereign or self-sustaining place: We are a slave state to Zionist-occupied Israel and over half of our congress has already sworn an oath to protect and defend Israel, no matter the cost, and in spite of the so-called solemn oath they took upon entering their offices in this country.

That’s just the political rearrangements. Socially everything has also changed as well. WE no longer have any right to do anything without the permission of the government—and I do mean EVERY-single-thing! Our children are no longer ours, we must share their upbringing and the health & welfare with the government and when there is a disagreement as to what is best for the child, the state will take the children and the parents will go to jail. The same is true with our choices about what we can eat or drink; again the government has appointed itself our keepers and as such it has decided what foods we can eat, what liquids we may drink, and basically what we can have in our lives at any given time. We may never take any chances; never risk any behavior that might injure us in any way—because the government knows better than we do—what is “good for us” and we may not ever disagree with the government because the government always knows what is best for every single person in this country, even thought they pride themselves are not being personally interested in our ridiculous lives.

They prove this by charging us with crimes whenever they are rejected in any of the above mandated circumstances, and just to prove how much they care they are vengeful in retaining actual records of everything we have ever done at anytime in our lives—so that whatever we might have done as minors will never go away, in our adult years. The government believes that living in a Big-Brother State is far better than anything else; so that is what we have now because all you assholes actually believed that: “this could never happen here”!

Well YOU WERE WRONG, WRONG, WRONG; and now we shall all have to pay for this massive mistake that most people actually chose to make!

To understand exactly what will happen all you need to do is go back to Robert Graves and his novel “I Claudius” which can be seen as a film as well. Basically the middle-class will become far less litigious, because they won’t be able to afford the lawyers they would need to fight the few cases which the corporations will allow them to file. The lower classes will be hit with millions of punitive laws that shall rain down upon them every day and night so that their lives will become nothing but a living misery from sunrise to sunset, as well as all through the night. There will be no crime that applies to any member of the elites, or their enforcement arms of the mercenaries that will gradually replace the police-forces. The lists of changes and “new policies” will be virtually endless from the food and drink we wish to consume to the crops that can be grown or sold, to the medicine we shall be forced to take! ALL of this shall be mandatory by order of the government! And of course there will be all sorts of new laws governing your personal habits and behaviors—while at the same time freeing any and all of the élites from any responsibility for any of the damage which they, or their habits, might cause for the rest of us.

Oh by-the-way: If you’re caught enjoying yourself in any obvious way; rest assure that too will be severely-punished; if any of the nanny-state tattle-tales observed that you were seen having fun! All habits or attitudes will need to be screened and approved by so many different interest groups that nothing will ever get approved for popular use, because that has always been the point to locking-down the entire society!

You wanted your life to be changed—well you’ve got it in spades now, and Obama has appointed himself as the new Caesar who plans to rule over the entire planet, with or without your consent—because you see the only opinion he worries about is his: He doesn’t give a fck about you or me. And YES I know he’s only a sock-puppet for the Elites, but it was “HIM” that so many of you have refused to believe could ever have done such things as this heinous and belligerent-act of both TREASON & TREACHERY!

Obama must be treated with Extreme Prejudice, in a fair and open trial and then publicly executed for the entire world to see…

This country has managed to reach a new low that surpasses all previous behavior by a factor of 10,000 to one. You live in it if you want to—I don’t!

Jim Kirwan

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