What Happened to the Promise?

At the base of the Statue of Liberty there is a poem
That reads in part:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses
Yearning to breathe Free,
The wretched refuse of your teaming shore,
Send these the homeless,
Tempest tossed to me.”

What is not mentioned in these words is that those coming here had an obligation to participate in the society and to accept responsibility for themselves and for their participation in this Republic, in exchange for the benefits of the freedoms they were seeking. This promise actually goes back to the time before there was a Statue of Liberty or the poem that was written to commemorate the deeper point in the presentation of this ideal.

The statue is actually one of the Illuminati’s most cherished symbols, but not as liberty; she stands for Columbia, and for global dominance.

However the general public had no knowledge of this, so to them she is still “Liberty.”

Whenever the question is asked as to what happened to this perhaps overly broad promise: It must also be asked what those asylum seekers actually did to ensure that they could share in the FREEDOM, by accepting the RESPONSIBILITES, that go with every implied promise, as well as what goes with the literal living of their lives. And that’s where everything about the USA broke down—because involvement in government was not something that most of those that built this place had ever done: That was always the province of those that became the Robber-Barons, and they knew exactly what government was for – personal-power and absolute rule – whereas the bulk of the public lacked even a simple education.

A small example: During the war over the Saloons the “FREE LUNCH” was given away in the Saloons and bars, to get people to come in for a drink; so there was a time in Amerika when there was technically “a free lunch.” That survived in Montreal when I was there in the early sixties. They had taverns where breakfast (two eggs, toast and coffee was a quarter) and of course you could drink as well. I was homeless and could live on that 25 cent breakfast all day. That was a still-active spin-off from the days of PROHIBITION. (1)

But during PROHIBITION there was another less visible but far more important enhancement that produced a bi-product to the production of alcohol as well. One reader said:

“Prohibition” was funded by the Standard Oil folks. Mr. Ford was commercializing his assembly line and his new “engine” could have worked off plentiful “alcohol” or that new “gasoline”. I always thought it was a morality play also, but that might have been the facade for a little darker motivation.”

And from Mike Harris, a program host on RBN:

 “Jim – You missed THE major factor in prohibition.

Detroit had not yet tooled up for petroleum there was a debate if alcohol or oil, was to be used as the standardized fuel of choice.

Rockefellers’ Standard Oil financed the Temperance movement long enough to get Detroit to permanently tool up for petroleum, once that was fiat accompli, then alcohol was once again brought back into production for consumption in the USA. Meanwhile the Bronfman crime family became enormously wealthy.

I was told this directly by the former presiding director of General Motors.”

So, as with everything else in Amerika even PROHIBITION was not what it seemed to be. In the end however this intrusion into everyone ‘living’ in Amerika worked fantastically well for the Robber-Barons; so that they had a plentiful supply of what they needed to corner yet another industry which they could totally control.

I have always been fascinated by the fact that so many people feel that they have the right to force others to live as they want them to live; while they themselves are not obligated to do anything which they prefer not to do.

This is all part of the social-sludge left over from the Victorian Age that was used to create the national disgrace of Prohibition. But then Amerikan Robber-Barons have done exceedingly well with sludge as a general rule. Fluoride for instance is the toxic-waste from the production of Aluminum, which their advertising departments managed to sell to the public as “healthy.” And of course, by now, everyone on the planet must know about Nuclear Energy and its side-effects, not to mention how “valuable” it’s by-products have become in the use & abuse of Depleted-Uranium in virtually every weapon, large or small. But this is just the commercial side of things.

On the government side: In the world of today the government has broken every compact, every treaty, every international contract with the world, that was created to protect our own citizens from their government and from the foreign-powers in the world that want to steal every last vestige of this place and its people. This behavior does not give the rest of us a license to steal right along with them: It does however intensify the need for the people to change everything about ‘government’ and the loss of our freedoms that have created the total desecration of all the laws of the United States, as well as the desecration of the U.S. Constitution.

The concluding line from the poem mentioned above is:
“And I will lift my lamp beside the Golden Door”

What was not mentioned is that while the lamp was lifted to reveal what lies behind the golden door; the simple fact of entering the country did not entitle anyone to anything except more of that which they came here to escape. There was however a sliver of opportunity which for some made all the difference—and that is what the reputation of the USA was built upon. Everything that is happening now amounts to the absolute reversal of fortunes for almost everyone here—which is not being recognized by the millionaires or even most of the billionaires who will also be stripped naked in the global-darkness that is coming.

“We” are nothing now but a massive OUTLAW state where the only people who profit from this government are international-criminals and the traitors inside this government at every level, for the moment! Soon even this obscene-criminal-construct won’t exist anymore either: Because after their treasons have been accomplished, none of these traitors will be needed any longer, and just like most of this country they too will become inmates in the camps, if there is still any use whatever for any of them. Most of them just like the rest of us will just be tortured and murdered.

For all of you supposedly bare-knuckle realists out there who “aren’t buying into any of this” – here’s a little something that might interest you. The creatures that control the public’s information sources control you as well—if you had a brain cell to share between all of you, then each one of you would have turned OFF their access to you years ago!

“232 Media Executives (in just six corporations) control the Information Diet of 277 million Americans” and that’s just the beginning! (2)

Oh, and about the coming elections? Only an incompetent moron would bother with any of that totally controlled garbage. But this time, that probably won’t even happen because the Dictator will simply declare himself to be “President for Life” just like all those other criminal-puppets everywhere else in the world today. “Have a drink and get used to it or chose to fight it—because you’ve all been had—BIGTIME!

Jim Kirwan

1) PROHIBITION Opened the Door!

2) The 6 Corporations Control 90% of the Media in America


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