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When you combine the 500,000,000 people in Europe with the more than 300,000,000 in the old USA that number exceeds 800 million people who are all under siege from Apartheid-Zionist-Israel and the USI. This war seeks to “integrate Europe” by literally destroying all of its nation-states in favor of a “union” of slave-zones that will end all ties to any nationality except for the racially superior Zionists who will: If they are not stopped—come to rule over everyone else on the planet.

NO, this is not science-fiction or the plot for some bizarre new film from Zionist Hollywood: This is what is happening now under the cloak of “fixing” the very same problems that Zionist-global-bankers created; in order to do this very thing, by undermining the global-currency while they seek to slaughter any remaining shreds of any national-identity besides that of Apartheid-Israel.

For decades Israel has been practicing ubber-racism at home while it preaches the mandatory integration of all the other countries on the planet. Yet the ordinary people of this country remain unaware of these policies that have been in practice, publicly now, since the new millennium began. This amounts to Outrageous Racial Hypocrisy on a global scale. This is how the US was transformed into a hate based, war-oriented society with a prison system that is our third largest business; after illegal narcotics trafficking and the war profiteering by the corporations and the public; have turned the USA into Israel’s-Bitch in this global WAR upon 800 million people, worldwide! (1)

“Tyrannies favorite vehicle is ‘DEMOCRACY.” Democracy is leading to the spreading of tyranny around this planet. This is what is destroying representative governments around the world today.” (2)

“They’re at it with a will and they are not going to stop. No one knows what’s happening. You hear the one thing and then you hear somewhere else that it’s not happening and it is denied. You hear about the real reasons for the wars on deck and you hear what is looming on the horizon, for the general public sooner rather than later. It’s clear enough that the problem is the bankers and the infernal master that they serve. It’s said that ‘the love of money’ is the root of all evil. That’s true. We’re living with it. The supporting cast includes, ignorance, indifference, wanting to be like those hosing you and obsession with material culture. We live in an age, of a population, dumber than a fence post. On the one hand they deserve what they are getting. On the other hand there are the rest of us. Maybe we deserve it too. The bankers need to be taken down anyway …and by any means possible and necessary, to accomplish it. They’re behind all this shit and the corporations and the whore governments are their lackeys to the task. You don’t have to look any further …and the centers are the crime nation of Israel, their banker felons in London and New York …and the willing whores, in the seats power, all over. The chain of command is transparent. If you don’t see it, you are a blind coward. You will see where that gets you shortly.”  (3)

Lately, we have just begun to try and look ‘under the moldering rugs’ we’ve used to try and cover-up everything that we have helped to create by ignorance, self-absorbsion and indifference. Part of the problem is that we have allowed the completely controlled global-media and the Zionist-owned film industry to depict and to coerce both what we are and who we have become. This deception was possible because of our virtual worship of ‘celebrity, greed & money.’ And this was compounded by having been successful in turning our colonial-global-expansions into nothing more than simple war-games where there are never any real consequences, for any action, so long as those actions are taken in the furtherance of our current globalist agendas. Basically the virtual-world has totally forgotten that:

There are always CONSEQUENCES for every action
And this WAR upon the WORLD is NO EXCEPTION!

The consequences in this case are what we are about to experience, both from nature (the over fifty-foot high tidal waves of the Typhoon that is heading straight for Fukushima), in a 300 mile wide Typhoon. (4)

Coupled with this:
“TEHRAN – An informed source has announced that Iran, Russia, China, and Syria plan to stage a joint war game in Syria in the near future, the Persian service of the Fars News Agency reported on Monday.

90,000 forces from the four countrieswill be involved in the war game, the informed source said.
No official from the countries has confirmed the news report, but a Syrian official, who spoke on conditional anonymity, announced that
the joint war game will be launched in Syria. (5)

Many callously believe that calls to stop this are coming too late, and that the world has become far too self-absorbed to give a fck about whatever might be coming next. Yet when you look back over time you cannot help but notice that major revolutions are not led by herds of the disillusioned—they are led by those that believe that there is a better way and these few KNOW that humanity can come together once we have thrown all those petty labels of race, gender, religion, or political party in the trash—and have come to see the world as a single and united place under an overblown-siege—that if not checked could actually destroy not just 800 million people; but the viability of the planet that we all must share as well. Nature and the planet will survive, only this minor experiment that consists of the survival of human-beings is at issue.

Here’s what is going on in Greece right now, and this is what will very soon begin to unfold here! (6)

It’s SHOWTIME ladies and gentlemen – and those who remain in the audience will be slaughtered like cattle in the stockyards. Put down the video cameras, and come down out of the bleachers—it’s time to fight the OUTLAWS wherever they have set up shop!

Jim Kirwan

1) The Outrageous Racial Hypocrisy of Israel and World Zionism – 15 min. video

2) This Will Usher in Collapse – 4 min. video

3) Nasa on hurricanes

4) Souls in Dog’s Bodies and the Eternal Muse

5) Iran, Russia, China, Syria to launch biggest joint War Game in Mideast

6) How Long Before Economic Collapse – 8 min. video


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