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To Screw Us 4yrs Running

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In San Francisco there is approximately one lawyer for every nine people who live here. Across the nation there are literally millions upon millions of lawyers that derive their income from predatory practices that are motivated by corrupting the laws and exceptions to law which this country supposedly lives by.

A great many of these lawyers are intimately interwoven into the fabric of this society, at every level from the lowliest village to the largest cites and all the way through every facet of the governments at all levels. So, where the hell are all these so-called lawyers (All of whom are supposed to be “Officers of the Courts”) when we have an OUTLAW sitting in the oval orifice, who pretends to be the president?

What I’m interested in is something that has never been publicly addressed by any of the so-called political parties, because all of them practice selective-judgment whenever a president is involved up to his crooked-eyes—hoping against hope that the same crimes that this president is allowed to do will still be there when their form of that officer gets the fraudulent nod that puts him or her in office when the time comes—so no one wants to EVER “impeach” anyone, for anything, or at least NOT ON THEIR WATCH!

“A little lying” is expected from every politician from local councilman to president of the nation. But to ONLY LIE once that person gets into office, goes far beyond any acceptable behavior. This puppet-president has done everything his owners demanded of him: And absolutely nothing that his supposed constituency voted for him to do for them. Where is the relief for the public whenever a president becomes a complete criminal in the middle of his term? And since the congress is also complicit they won’t bring charges, and the courts gave up their legitimacy when they appointed Bush in 2000 – so if we want anything to change here we must do this ourselves!

Between running two whole years before being elected the first time, and now Obama has managed to break every law in the international community and everything outlined in the U.S. Constitution while he has made war on nation after nation without any basis in the facts of any given situation. He has defended the totally false “fairy-tale” concerning 911 that was cooked up by GWH Bush, Cheney & Rummy, while simultaneously pushing this country to embrace every kind of criminal-activity by the government against the entire population of this nation, via TSA and the Department of Homeland Security which was also created under false pretenses, “ If you thought that the fires at the World Trade Center twin towers, set off by the horrific jetliner impacts of September 11, 2001, were the cause of the destruction of those iconic skyscrapers, you may be mistaken. Experts now cite evidence showing that high-temperature incendiaries and explosives were planted throughout the twin towers and the lesser-known 47-story Building 7, also destroyed later the same day.

So says a group of architects and engineers nearly 1700 strong, represented by Richard Gage, AIA, founder of Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth and the director/producer of a new documentary. Two years in the making, the documentary “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out – FINAL EDITION “officially debuted today, with a red carpet treatment and press conference at the Beverly Music Hall, after a preliminary showing yesterday in San Diego’s Joyce Beers Center.”  (1)

Obama has on his own initiative written 923 Executive Orders in 40 months (supplanting the Congress) and mandating the public to follow his orders, rather than the laws created by the congress or the US Constitution. (2)

And now ‘Obama inserts “Executive Privilege” to block Holder from being found guilty of giving millions in illegal-arms to the Drug Dealers! Enough already; the congress is worthless and the courts even more so – THE UNITED STATES IS NOW A DICTATORSHIP, BEING RUN By the New World Order, for the multi-nationals and AGAINST the people of the USA!’

This is another outrage against a blatant criminal trying to protect himself by using Executive Privilege to prevent his office from being convicted (the Attorney General for the US Department of Justice is a political appointee of the President) So when the president cites Executive Privilege in this case HE IS ONLY PROTECTING HIMSELF.

Very recently this same puppet gave away hundreds of square miles of Alaska, in five oil-rich islands that were part of the USA – to Russia, for NO CHARGE! He did not consult with the congress, he

did not ask anyone else, he just did it—because he knows that Amerikans will never complain, even during a so-called election year!

Obama is IN-CHARGE so why should he stop there? Any state that is rich in natural deposits of minerals or whatever anyone else might want ought to be put on the auction block: We could hold an international LOTTERY and just auction off America to the highest bidders and be done with it!


This is not as preposterous as it sounds because of the new “?LEGAL?” basis which was just created by what Obama as Dictator just did, to every American that has not objected!

Or the public could just march on Washington and drag Obama out into the street and lynch him, if they cared at all! (3)

All of this is in addition to his Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes, torture and murder by Drone as well as by pre-emptive strikes against non-hostile nations, and continuing torture, genocides and murder against millions of people—soon to be augmented by the coming slaughter or Americans as is indicated by the over 500 deaths by tasers in the hands of the thugs of the Police State as it is now routinely practiced each and everyday in this country now. Here’s part of one case that is repeated daily without any recourse for the victims.

If you wondered where I’ve been, then sorry for not getting back to you the past few days, but I was “arrested” by the SRJC Campus Police while riding my bicycle Saturday night. My crime? I had no “government ID” with which “THEY” could entrap me into Their System. And I did not give them more than my name, which is all that the law requires. The “arresting officer” threatened me by saying, “OK, I will give you one last chance, it’s up to you. You can give me the information or you can go to jail.”

I was never read the charges against me. I was never read my Rights. The “arresting officers” NEVER identified themselves, after repeated demands to do so. NONE of them ever showed ID as required by law. The “arresting officer” finally told me his name and badge number, after the FIFTH demand, and after I was in handcuffs, waiting to be taken to prison.

I sat patiently in the Booking area while the “arresting officer” filled out papers. After being transferred to the County Jail “officers”, shortly thereafter they began twisting my arms because they claimed I was “resisting” and “not cooperating”. When I fell to the floor from the pain, they twisted even more, until I was screaming in pain. It felt as though my arms and legs were going to come out of their sockets. One of the sadists sank his knee into my back and pressed until I could not breathe. They finally relented after several minutes of torture and screaming.

Then they threw me into the bare concrete holding cell and stripped my clothes naked, while again twisting my arms so that I was screaming in pain, for the second time. It took several hours for the pain to subside. That began the two-day ordeal.

WHY was I required to spend TWO DAYS in solitary confinement, totally naked? In a bare concrete cell? Because I would not answer their questions. The torture was used to break my spirit, with the promise of the “benefit” of being transferred into a regular prison cell, but ONLY IF I answered their questions.

This is the classic technique used by ALL TYRANTS — the Nazi SS, Soviet KGB, and now it has come to the UNITED STATES POLICE STATE.

When I asked, “Do I not have the right to remain silent?” The answer was, “No, you MUST answer the questions, or we are required to keep us in the bare concrete cell until you do. FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION.” (See how much they really care about us!)

This, my Friends, is what AMERICA has come to. The REAL CRIMINALS are NOT inside the jails. They are OUTSIDE the jails, enforcing their own INSANE brand of “law and justice”.”
From: George Daniel

How much more are we going to simply “take” ladies and gentlemen before we begin to scream ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This tyrant, this traitor to this country, this man who has committed treason too many times to even begin to count them, with Zionist-Israel alone, which all by itself warrants Obama’s immediate impeachment! And yet we just sit here and wait for the next Sword of Damocles to fall upon us, without even a whimper from us or from all those so supra-entitled LAWYERS that are sucking at the public trough for every nickel they can steal before the lights go out forever!

Jim Kirwan

1) Expert Group Rejects World Trade Center Reports

2) Obama has signed 923 Executive Orders in 40 months – video

3) Obama State Department set to cede Oil Rich Islands to Russia


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