Oracles from History – I

Whenever we look back at history, inevitably we need to look back to how others found their way through difficult if not impossible times.

Deadwood in what is now South Dakota was such a place for Americans, because it had all the issues and all the principles of the world we live in now. What we have in common is that both the United States of today, and the isolated town of Deadwood then, are without any law whatsoever, because THE UNITED STATES inc., has taken over not only the whole country but has come to be seen as what threatened Deadwood most, way back in the 1800’s.

Deadwood had it all. Outlaws, rebels, racism, prostitution, gambling, loan sharks, union organizers, alcohol and mob connections, even before there were formal mobs to delineate as such. There were religious missionaries, a struggling schoolhouse, pitted against hardened gold-miners, an entire Chinese community that held among

other things the much feared pigs where strangers had their body’s torn limb from limb before they disappeared without a trace. Everything was simplified in Deadwood, while the town struggled with fending off so many suitors that some could lose their way among competing interests; while there was still time to find one’s way to a safe position, before the ever-dangerous new powers came to end their newly-found-opportunities – forever.

Among the herd were gun-fighters, outlaws, and drunks by the bushel barrel, who wandered through the mix like puppets whose strings, had suddenly been clipped. The television series for HBO, manages to depict it all with riveting perfection that honors language both fair and foul—and through it all they managed to leave for the future some keys to help us unravel what we must—If we are to survive today!

Hearst (the famous one) comes to town with his obsessions for the gold and only the gold, regardless of the price. (He represents the robber-barons of today). The sheriff a former US Marshall runs roughshod over a community without the formality of law to back his hand. There is a telegrapher, who tries to keep the substance of his telegrams private, but just like AT&T his methods allow for virtually anyone with a brain to know the truth long before the messages’ meant for intended targets ever learn what they are being informed about.

Blackmail, extortion, murder, and everything in between was normal in Deadwood, just as it is today in our Police-State, the only difference is that in this place our population pretends that none of the crimes that are covering our streets and are burying the halls of power here in blood and filthy profits—are never recognized as such. Even the drunks in Deadwood knew the TRUTH and had enough sense to at least run from it if they couldn’t actually fight it. What has happened: That so many believe that they can afford to “NOT NOTICE” just how close to the edge of oblivion we are actually living?

What is noteworthy from the situation in Deadwood of the 1800’s, might turn out to be what we must do in our time here in our very own OUTLAW’S paradise.

The herd in Deadwood was virtually no different than is the herd today, we might speak a little better, and possibly have a bit more change in our pockets, but make no mistake we are no better than the rabble of that day and time. This society gambles, and whores while they indulge in themselves and in today’s form of hard liquor and opium (Yes Deadwood had its own opium dens in Chinatown, along with a public morgue where no one needed a coffin), where else? And they too were reluctant to take on the powerful that fought over who should own them all, at any given time.

In the end the people that win the day are from the same group that also threatens the multitudes—and maybe we should take a page from Deadwood’s history—and begin to search among the tyrannical to find those forces on the inside that for a variety of reasons might well be able to do in an instant that which we cannot seem to even acknowledge, much less accomplish by ourselves?

This “problem” that we face is centuries old, and since if anything we have become much more cowardly than any that preceded us; perhaps we should begin to look to other ways beyond the direct approach if we are ever going to rid ourselves of this curse of Zion that has captured too much of what’s left of the world of today?

There is one huge difference between Deadwood of that day and time and the spineless Amerikans of today – people could leave Deadwood and live. No one has anywhere to run from this nuclear-toxicity or from the massive and now global-corruptions that have entangled the planet in a global bedtime story that mirrors what happened with the fabled TAR-BABY of old.

The global-trap has been sprung and too many are still pretending that they shall not be harmed: When the truth is that most

 Will be devoured by the vultures.

 The better off and the government’s current slaves shall be first, followed by the less valuable rabble, while the executions continue

apace until there are no more unbelievers or patriots to make anything uncomfortable, for the Outlaws that planned this continuing siege.

In the end of course the murders will fail; but not before the entire society has been desecrated to the point that it can never be rebuilt.

But what the hell, why bother to learn anything from a weird-wild town built illegally on Indian Land in the late 1800’s—I keep forgetting that nothing can compare to “THE GREAT LIFE” that the traitors are living now, and how valuable it all is, until the money fails and they will be running for their lives just like everyone else? The higher these sell-outs lived the further they will fall because there will be serious consequences measured against the heights of corruption to which these creatures have risen.

But one still has to wonder WHY we never had a MAXIMUM wage to act as a counter balance to the tyranny of the MINIMUM wage! (1)

Just a final thought for today…

Jim Kirwan



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