Oracles from History – II

The Future Source illustration/image: unknown

Source illustration/image: unknown

Deadwood gives us not only an overview of some of what could be done about the future but if we look carefully, we can see a great deal about how that “FUTURE” will actually begin to play out soon.

In Deadwood the rabble is a faceless and ever shifting herd, going from appetite to appetite without leaving footprints in the slime that passes for ‘the thoroughfares” which separate the buildings from each other. We are much the same and only because of the broken concrete we do not leave traces of where it is that that we have chosen to go about the business of indulging in our favorite pastimes.

Deadwood needed their rabble because they were needed to dig or pan the gold on which everything was based. Our rabble has grown too large, and they have become inconvenient because there is simply not enough left-over; after all the criminals have divided up what we have earned. Moreover, there are far too many in the criminal classes now to keep on dividing up the corporate and governmental spoils, the way they had to, when they wanted to begin this nightmare.

So it is clear to anyone with eyes that something big has got to give! We know for instance that it takes a lot of bodies to corral the herd and sheppard them down to the stockyards for the slaughter. That much of this criminal-activity has been revealed, so there is no more need for stealth. That is why TSA and DHS and ICE and all the others in this alphabet soup no longer bother to hide what they are doing to ordinary people, every day.

Ah but there are huge-surprises in store for those that have already played their parts in all of this. The sheppards, or officers, were necessary in the beginning to instill terror and to enforce compliance upon the herd. But the vast majority of the herd has already been picked clean and is beginning to appear less tantalizing than those that profited directly; from what they did to create what the current situation is today. Ergo, millions of their previously created slave-enforcers are no longer needed; as their upper-crust has already performed all the treachery that was needed to get us to this point.

Congress is now OBSOLETE, as are the courts, not to mention all those frivolous members of so many boards and commissions who have succeeded in making themselves totally obsolete as well. Dictatorships don’t need so many officials, so many thieving underlings to cover for them, once the entire fraud has gone public—as the situation today so clearly shows anyone, who cares to even look!

Government finds itself racing around backstage trying to get everything ready for the final curtain to drop on this criminal-charade before the willfully blind begin to open their mostly-unused eyes. In the interim many things are being quietly planned. The lesser politicians and notables are being catalogued, their assets evaluated, and their real valuables are being coveted by those that believe they will be around to enjoy them; especially after the current owners are not. Each tends to see “THE OTHERS” as vulnerable and very few have done an honest head-count of who will be needed and who is not. This is the part that will come as a great shock to so very many.

The same is true of a great many millionaires who thought they would naturally become part of the upper crust in the new world government—but not only will they not be included: They will be among the first to be picked clean once this whole show goes public.

We will see stretched limo’s being stopped and some of the debutantes and celebrities being grabbed by the hair and thrown into the streets. Then they will be stripped naked and thrown into the waiting police vans. There; when everyone inside is naked – they will be taken to whichever torture chamber has been selected for their torture or the personal pleasure of their executioners – before they meet their own demise. This will open the final act on the way to the end of the whole public-part of this X-rated show.

Contrary to popular belief the members of the herd whose “job” has been to show the apathetic public what will soon be happening to all of them—will NOT the be the first to be rounded up. That’s because they have far less to offer to the real-looters now. Their real targets will be those that made this possible: Just as it was their disinterest that allowed the police to become thugs—so it is that these same creatures will be the ones that the uglies will come to strip to the bone, and NOT just of their clothing, but of everything they thought they once had “owned.” These are the real pretenders with their yachts, their many houses and their bank accounts. This is what has been planned for in great detail! When everyone is naked, the differences between people, after ten days without food or enough water, are very hard to notice through the burn marks, the bruises and the broken limbs.

Remember please this group consists of those that want to shrink the global population down to no more than a billion and a half, down from seven and half billion that are on the planet today. They have no use for over four-fifths of the planet; because they do NOT share with others, and they are certainly not interested in a bunch of lying, thieving scum who would kill their own children for a buck. So basically the future for most of those who are now about to celebrate their victory over the rest of us – is very premature!

This will happen because there is an unspoken code among global-criminals that simply will not allow for any extras especially when that would mean a lesser share of the pie for themselves. All of this was written long before the global-Zionists created their very own slot in this Dance of Global-Death—it just wasn’t written down anywhere where it might be inconveniently discovered before the final curtain falls…

Just remember Hitler and the Brown-shirts that he used so effectively to round up the Jews? He called them all together to be honored for their superb work in ridding Berlin of the Jews, and then he had them all killed on the spot, down to the last man. (I wanted to give you the link but it’s been scrubbed) However that is the irrevocable principle that the New World Order will exercise once their heavy-lifting is over with. Who will really be safely inside the inner-sanctum when the gates get closed against the world—that final, final time?

This is the nightmare that will haunt everyone who still believes that “They are safe” in a LAWLESS-WORLD where nothing can ever be really safe from anyone else—ever again!

One hell of a lot of people will die in this international-blood-bath, unless ordinary people realize the scope of this crime and rise to meet it head-on; to end it before it gets this far! It’s all there over and over and over again throughout history for anyone that cares to look it up! This stuff is NOT new or special in any way—it’s “What Happens” when “consequences come calling” because there is no longer any ethics or even any shred of LAW to protect the common people from the tyrannies of governments that have become both foreign and domestic!

Jim Kirwan


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