Presumptions of Privacy

Before the False Flag Attack on 9-11 there was in America a legal “Presumption of Privacy’ that went with being an American citizen.

Today, more than twelve years later we live in a 24-7 glass bubble, 365 days of the year. We are currently being recorded, photographed, listened to wherever we go; regardless of who we are, we are each and all “GUILTY” of CRIMES AGAINST the STATE—unless we can prove otherwise. And throughout this entire twelve years the public has maintained it’s nearly universal SILENCE!

Just like this “Presumption of Innocence” which also vanished with “the Decider” under Bush Junior; most Amerikans lost everything that the Constitution guaranteed to them way back in February of 2001: Long BEFORE 9-11 ever happened!

If you think that’s bad; then you should also know that it get’s worse: much worse! Any American can now be convicted of something that is invisible as well.

Thought Crimes are a reality, and TSA via VIPER programs, are now using ‘new technology’ developed by the Criminally-Apartheid State of Israel which purports to be able to determine who “will commit future crimes” as well as who will not. The strangest part of these new laws is that they can literally criminalize the minds of individuals, and yet, without even having public hearings these advanced forms of torture which owe their existence to the Spanish Inquisition should not exist at all—because they do not work! It cannot be proven that they do, because what they purport to measure are “future crimes” which if the individual is imprisoned, supposedly cannot ever occur? So how can it ever be proven that any crime was even planned much less “would be carried out”? How stupid does the government think you are!

But what is truly shocking is that neither Americans nor Amerikans were even shocked, much less OUTRAGED at this barbaric violation of the rights of human beings to be secure from unwarranted exposure to such obscenities in the name of a so-called “national security,” that has never been about security—but has always been the stealthy-form of the American Gestapo in action!

Since the events of September 11, 2001 virtually all the information which has surfaced about that incident has pointed to the fact that the government version of the events of that day is nothing but unadulterated crap!

In fact there are now millions upon millions of pages of facts (from all over the planet) that prove that the government version of the events of that day were at least as phony as LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin incident or Roosevelt’s version of Pearl Harbor—both of which have been proven to have been false-flag attacks that were each used to involve this country in major wars. All governments’ Lie! And what we have discovered over the past twelve years is that the USI has become the undisputed world champion of LIES-UNENDING-INC.

This government under our very own sock-puppet has invited foreign troops to OCCUPY portions of the United States; while at the same time Obama has dumped the Congress and spit in the faces of the people of this country—while he continues to turn this Police-State into a communist-oriented slave state, without any involvement from the people or from the rest of the government. (1)

In fact it is quite clear that Obama has turned this place into a huge and captive colony of slaves that must answer only to Israel for everything that we need to have to live our lives each and every day.

The Apartheid-State of Israel controls our weapons systems and defense appropriations that go always to Israel-First: While Obama lets Americans’ remain jobless and destitute on our way to homelessness and starvation! His only real concerns are for the war-profiteers, the filthy corporations and Israel, not necessarily in that order!

Either we are a free-Republic or we are nothing but occupants in a massive new poor-house that will soon begin to fill the FEMA Camps with most of the remaining public. Once there, we shall discover virtually all forms of slavery, because we will no longer have anything that was once ours, to call our own.

“WE” have had twelve long years to collect the facts concerning 911—yet we have chosen to do nothing about everything that has surfaced in that length of time. What we need to do now is to hold an open and very public trial on the performance of this government beginning with Bush-the-lesser, and proceeding on to Obama’s disgusting reign. Our real problem with this idealized solution is that by now over 98% of the Congress might as well be living in Israel, because their first allegiance has now been pledged to Israel-First over any other consideration they might have sworn to when they took office in the US Congress (TREASON, by any standard).

The Supreme Court too, for its part, committed TREASON when they intervened in December of 2000 when they appointed Bush as president—because they had no jurisdiction over any presidential outcome—as that was reserved for the US Congress to accomplish and they stayed out of it. (TREASON TWICE-OVER). Of course all of this is now known, and most consider this to just be more “water under the bridge” that cannot now be addressed.

What should have happened here was that the nation should have risen as one people and thrown the whole bunch of criminals into prison; or begun a second Civil War—but we would have to KNOW what had happened to us, and remember we chose NOT TO KNOW, Anything!

All of this and more was known by the time of the two year anniversary of 911. Had we chosen to prosecute Bush then (when less than half of congress had signed up with Israel, as the true enemies of the United States—a lot more could have been stopped right there! And that was TEN YEARS AGO!

Think about how many jobs would not have been lost, how many homes would not have been foreclosed upon, how much Criminal Blackmail by the banks and Insurance companies that were “too-big-to fail” could not have happened. You might have kept your retirement funds? The Housing-Bubble could easily have been averted; the global criminality of the current regime of the global one-world-order could not have roped in the entire world if we had had the nerve and the determination to have simply STOPPED the OUTLAWS cold: Way back there when a great deal could have been possible if anyone had paid any attention whatsoever! (2)

As things stand today we have allowed this vicious-contagion to spread throughout the world, contaminating the entire global money supply; tuning nation after nation into a hellish-nightmare in the name of political-paranoia and national-greed that has eaten the soul of the people of this planet.

On and On and On and ‘we’ have still not raised a finger to stop any of it—even now we still remain SILENT as if that will save us from the HELL that will be coming here to each and every one of us, before its over! It looks a lot like we deserve what “we” shall get from this because too many of us thought that we were far too special to ever have to PAY for anything we took—when there was no law to threaten anyone or all those oh so SPECIAL PEOPLE, or those that sought to operate in their shadows, because they decided just how special they were too.

Imagine a Washington DC without those thousands upon thousands of criminally-motivated lawyers and lobbyists, or all those hundreds of thousands of completely criminal board members that needed dump-trucks to haul away all the illicit fees which they routinely collect from all the rest of us. The rotten judges, the cynical prosecutors and totally obscene cops—none of this shit could have prospered if we had screamed our disapproval and ended this rat-race before it became the nightmare that it is today!

But we chose SILENCE in all its forms instead ~ we have damned ourselves for what we chose not to do!

Jim Kirwan

1) No President has the Right…

2) Through the Hourglass – Darkly


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