PROHIBITION Our real founding document

What is always at stake in all of this is the relationship between our THOUGHTS and our ACTIONS.

January 16, 1920 brought the Constitutional Amendment of ‘Prohibition’ into the national spotlight and put it all on the public stage. But just ‘passing laws’ about anything means virtually nothing: How we ‘Enforce new laws means everything.’ This was always the case with Prohibition and it is absolutely the same case that is still waiting to be seen when it comes to Obama’s 923 (now 924) Executive Orders. (1)

Between January of 1920 and December of 1933, when the Eighteenth Amendment was ‘in force’ there were massive changes made to the entire nation, because of how this ‘Amendment’ was or was not enforced. What is not debatable is what changed under the egis of this attempted power-grab that sought to give rights to some that could absolutely rule over the personal-preferences of others: This arbitrarily-authority split the nation right down the middle and set up an undeclared civil war. Prohibition was then acting as a filter for all behavior, supposedly by force of law that silenced at least half the people in this country, when it came to what they could or could NOT do in their own lives. In today’s world this amounted to what still transpires today as outright censorship and the tyranny of the “majority-rule” (mob-rule) by government fiat. This can easily be seen here in ‘The Forgotten History of Unpopular People’, (The real story of Free-Speech a 12 minute video). (2)

What Prohibition did bring into this country in the thirteen years that it was ‘actively destroying choice’ was obscene. These new Prohibitions were creating opportunities for criminality to undermine the whole nation, because it was a rotten-law servicing those that believed they ‘KNEW’ how everyone else must behave.

This led directly to massive and coast-to-coast criminal mobs that are still with us and with the world today. During Prohibition alcohol related deaths increased substantially, while criminal empires became the new order of the day in all the major cities. The courts in most of those cities were literally over-run with alcohol related petty fines, to the point that many of them had to hold massive hearings for entire courtrooms filled with offenders who just paid fines, fifty to a hundred at a time, and then went back into the world, because it was impossible to even begin to prosecute so many individuals. This also helped the crime families to rise as most of the cops became accustomed to the bribes that enabled everything to work—just as they always have in fourth world countries the world over.

The biggest legacy that PROHIBITION bequeathed to the USA and the world was Hypocrisy on a scale, rarely seen before. And it is that passive-acceptance of national-duplicity that has kept the public SILENT for all these many, many years!

“The LAW” itself was undermined and diminished while criminal activity gained a whole new respect among a badly battered population. All that in just thirteen years of criminally-corrupted prohibitions against something that was supposed to involve an individual’s personal choice—but which became a government MANDATE to change the habits of an entire nation by FORCE of law. In the end the LAW itself lost, and the public eventually went back to the world without official government censorship. But the damage was already done; and this cynical view still pervades the society today with its corrupted Victorian ‘entitlements’ in so many areas today from medicine and education all the way through all the media that still attempts to warp the views of anyone who does NOT agree with the currently-criminal government-lies.

But there is a much larger part to this if you really think about it. What Prohibition created was the thought-form for ‘Big-Brother.’ So when it came time for people to chose between doing what the government demanded of the people; versus what ordinary people were demanding that the government NOT do to them: The people thanks to their reliance upon Big Brother made all the wrong choices. What the hell am I talking about? Oh just “The global-bankers & politicians-crimes-against the world”! The world had this huge problem, because our thieving and corrupted bankers, lawyers, and politicians were raping the world and destroying the money-supply—wholesale and the public still in fear of big-government became the latest ‘deer caught in the headlights’ of this global-collapse.

The choice of “What to do” came up; and the herd went along with Big-Brother and Big-Sis, and basically began to write “TICKETS to HELL” for all the rest of us. However there was one nation that did NOT just go along. They looked at their situation which was actually worse than our own and they got MAD! They said “Hell NO!” and they did what we have so far absolutely REFUSED TO DO under any circumstance—they threw out their leadership and arrested the bankers!

There was no civil war! There were no armed confrontations in the streets, and not only that but they are today doing better than EVERYONE ELSE who was contaminated by the global-liars that have destroyed billions of lives. Here’s their story in a video nutshell. (3)

So there is a way to defeat these creatures but ONLY if ordinary people get MAD, and DEMAND the changes that have now been PROVEN to work as they did in Iceland. FEAR is your basic enemy, and cowardice will get you killed: Life demands that we rise up and throw the bastards out!

Jim Kirwan

1) No President has the right…

2) The FORGOTTEN HISTORY of Unpopular People – 12 min video

3) Ron Paul: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t then Arrests all Rothschild Bankers – 6 min video


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