‘The Price of Everything

And the Value of Nothing’

The title is from a quote made by Oscar Wilde, a very long time ago, but it could easily have been the root of a motto for Amerika today. The first part of the quote is “We Know”
One of the things that we have utterly lost is our natural ability to LISTEN. While our ability to SPEAK has been severely constricted to the point that most of what we want to say has recently been criminalized: But the corollary involved with ‘speaking’ gets its real value from knowing how to ‘LISTEN.’

We could discover a great deal more about our problems if we would just begin to remember how to “listen.”

To this end David Icke has just released an interview in which he traces his interest-levels back over the 22 years of his life, researching and living what he has learned in 55 different countries around the world.

David and I agree about much of the information he has brought to the global-public. I just wanted to summarize some of what he says together with some of what I have come to know in the more than 44 year that I’ve been doing the same thing, from a slightly different perspective.

Amerikans today live inside our own multiple outrages that are concealed in the old saying: “Don’t rock the boat!” What is not mentioned is the reason that most don’t want the boat to be rocked is because; secretly way too many of us still want to be in that boat that owns the oceans of corruption in the world of today.

David talks a lot about the head ruling without benefit of the heart. Yet in our so-called Just-us CRIMINAL system, that is exactly what our so-called “justice” dictates all too often. “Emotion” is outlawed in our sterile-system; along with any real consideration for whatever supposed crime has been committed—all that matters are time-encrusted rules that have no relationship to life or death or to truth or lies: The only thing that matters in our now failed just-us-system is which side can use which of the meaningless and emotionless rules that govern the courts, in which money totally-controls everything right down to the last comma.

The western view of justice has permanently outlawed “Compassion” because we do not believe in rehabilitation, but only in passing out punishments, the harsher, the better. Yet it is through compassion that people can come to heal themselves. Compassion has its roots in the Parallax view—which allows any individual to look at his or her situation from viewpoints’ other than their own. And of course in the Police-State no one can ever be forgiven even a single mistake. As every person must now carry for their entire-life, the scars of every error that they were ever charged with (or now even suspected of)—thus ending any chance for a real job or a real life—because every person that was ever in the system is now considered to be a FELON and therefore not worthy to benefit in any way from this society!

We should in fact dump the last forty years of judges, prosecutors, trials, cops & lawyer-related programming for television or films: They should all be burned – because virtually everything portrayed therein has now been totally destroyed by government fiat and the Police State. To watch any of that concocted psyops-programming now is to take a trip back in a time machine to a world that no longer exists in any form! Remember that this “JUSTICE” of yesterday was clearly the head ruling overruling the heart in all cases: (in the video this portion begins 35 minutes into the program).

Today, the heart has been dumped again, this time to be replaced by the stomach and the gut below that, which is the realm of fear and jealously and hate—in other words today’s system feeds on the opposite of Justice, and always has, because there is no room for humanity or compassion, anywhere within it.

Part of the definition in the Icke interview involves a “rising-up” which makes reference to individuals raising their personal focus from the gut and the lower regions to the heart and above. To literally move our focus from all the fear and frustration which is imbedded in the belly and below—to that place where humanity begins, which is at the level of the heart. The responses to our problems of today seem to originate in the gut where they are confined to a circle that cannot rise to the levels of the heart, or above that, to the mind or the universe.

This is part of why we cannot mount a real defense against the massive criminality that our experiences of the nether-regions in ourselves have been creating everyday, in response to all the threats that have been heaped upon us daily. The gut is home to all our most basic instincts; it’s about food and sex and violence, along with fear and death and submission.

In the gut and below nothing gets processed or examined.
It is there to be used, to be reacted-to, and either enjoyed or feared.

In order to assist anyone in maturing, all of what the gut contains must begin to rise-up to at least the level of the human heart, before any real processing can commence. Once the heart and the mind begin to process what was learned in the gut, the individual can begin to have a life worth living; Instead of just an experience where no comments (from the person having the experience) are ever taken seriously. It is here that learning to LISTEN can almost become more important than SPEAKING.

Fighting a corrupt system will not change the problems we have now instead of ‘fighting’ (or trying to redesign this broken system) to end our problems; we must instead withdraw ourselves and stop feeding the dark side which derives its power from our terror. Because as David says ‘without our energy to feed them; the dark forces will just die from starvation.’ (This begins at 55 minutes and runs to 1 hour and 17 minutes in the interview).

‘We’ have largely forgotten that literally “Everything is Connected,” and always has been. When the dark-powers took control and very subtlety began to help us move the focus from the heart down to the nether regions of our powers—most of us did not notice. But millions have now figured this out and because of the literal beginning shift; millions have begun to try and lift the focus back up to the heart and above, to the higher regions of the self; and to those other realms that can begin once we get back up to the heart. Once such a personal transition is accomplished; we can shift the lower realms back to their contributing roles where they will always play within a full and interesting life.

Only then will people be able to find their own way to the universal, which is the realm where our true connectedness can actually thrive. The universal is above and beyond the brain and the body yet it is capable of helping us to pull ourselves (our entire beings) into a higher realm where real-balance can be lived and understood. This is the place where each of us can begin to know and understand what our intuition and imagination have been trying to tell each of us for most of our adult lives.

Icke says “We must change the origins of our problems.” To do this we must change the focus from trying to stop what has already happened to altering the sources that have come to dominate every part of this lower realm within ourselves—wherein every ‘possibility’ has been slaughtered by our self-destructive tendencies—that are so alive and dangerous to each of us, whenever we allow them to survive in the gut and to dominate the rest of our entire being.

The only real chance we have is to raise ourselves to the level of our own hearts: From there we can begin to take our lives back into that ever-expanding-light of universal consciousness (where everything can clearly be seen to be connected) to everything and to everyone else.

One of the practical ways to do this can be found in the Parallax-View (to observe something which would appear to be obvious from an entirely “other” point of view)—in order to comprehend far more clearly, whatever one is actually seeing, in the here and now.

Yes the monsters are moving toward their goals, but the world is moving forward against their onslaughts as well – Maybe if more people begin to understand what Icke is talking about in this interview; then perhaps we might be able to speed up the transitions that are needed if we are ever to make the transition from being caterpillars into becoming Butterflies (TRANSTION); so that the Deaths that are coming will only mark our passage to the next level, instead of being just the end of another unfilled life… (1)

There are three other footnotes that each describes an aspect of how some of this can be worked on. The first one is about walking barefoot in the grass to get reconnected to the earth and to the power and the energy that the earth has always contained. (2)

The next one is about what is embodied in what we still call free-speech, but which has been totally taken over by empowered elite of the world. (3)

And the last one is about retuning to the Garden of Eden (for our food). (4)

Please take the time to at least listen to parts of the footnotes…

Jim Kirwan

1) Bewusst Tv – Interview with David Icke – 1 hr. 39 min video

2) Human Metabolism Meets Cosmic Metabolism – 11 min video

3) The Forgotten History of Unpopular people – 12 min video

4) Back to Eden Full Length Film


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