Life Without Laws

The conditions on which this country chose to base our continued survival are not just criminal, they are inhuman and barbaric. The irony is that this situation did not begin with Bush in 2000: It actually began with the restructuring of the entire financial world back in the 1970’s when the various Jewish Zionist Banking Cabals in the USA began to plan for our destruction.

“There is an intimate connection between the collapse of the financial system both in the United States and worldwide and US international policy and its manipulation by a class of hyper wealthy Jewish Zionists,” Joachim Martillo told Press TV on Monday. The financial expert also warned that the ongoing eurozone debt crisis could send “the American economy, perhaps, back into recession.” (1)

This is where most Amerikans can actually see that there really is no law here because while all the profits went to the hyper-wealthy, all the debt incurred was given to the public—and no one in the upper-echelon was ever charged, nor did any of the bankers ever go to jail!

However at the same time using the supposedly-Arab oil cartels; that in actuality are a total-fiction created by Western Oil Giants to divert blame whenever they decide to gouge the public for more unwarranted price increases at the pumps: This same mentality of “entitlement” moved over into the conquest of state after state after state—long before 1991and the first Bush-attack upon Saddam.

Illustration by David Dees

Take a look at what happened under Bill-Clinton, the man who brought us all those international trade-agreements (you might remember that before those global trade deals) we had automotive giants, heavy industry, steel and many products that were made here as well as occupations that actually employed Americans. Clinton also provided us with two of the most critical events in our history that most Americans have totally forgotten: There was the attack on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas that ended up with Hilary ordering in the flame throwing tanks that ended the siege by burning down the buildings and killing women and children in the process.

BTW this was the same Hillary Clinton that now wants to disarm the world through the UN, in an end run around the US Constitution.

WACO was followed up on by the Oklahoma City Bombings which were a trial run for 911. But since there were three unexploded bombs still in the building; it could be said that the Oklahoma City bombing failed to complete the purpose. There was also an international side to Slick-Willy as well because under his smarmy-smile the term Wag-the-Dog became reality!

“What’s ongoing bears disturbing similarities to events preceding NATO’s 1999 Yugoslavia aggression.

In the 1990s, NATO lawlessly intervened for the first time outside territories of its member countries. No nation or alliance may attack another except in self-defense. Doing so requires Security Council authorization. Washington considers that notion quaint. Rule of law provisions don’t matter. Advancing America’s imperium alone guides official policy.

From August 30 – September 20, 1995, NATO conducted Operation Deliberate Force. Naked aggression targeted the Serb Republic. Hundreds of aircraft flew thousands of sorties. It preceded what followed.

From March 24 – June 19, 1999, Operation Allied Force was unprecedented in ferocity. For 78 days, devastating bombing ravaged Yugoslavia. Around 600 aircraft flew about 3,000 sorties.

Thousands of tons of ordnance were dropped. Hundreds of ground-launched cruise missiles were used. Nearly everything was struck. Massive destruction and disruption followed. An estimated $100 billion in damage was inflicted. A humanitarian disaster resulted. Environmental contamination was extensive.

Large numbers were killed, injured or displaced. Two million people lost their livelihoods. Homes and communities were destroyed.” (2)

Yugoslavia and the war in the Balkans was just a trial run for what is now about to happen in and to Syria, with possible spillage over into Lebanon as well.

“Nobel laureate Harold Pinter called NATO’s aggression “barbaric (and despicable), another blatant and brutal assertion of US power using NATO as its missile (to consolidate) American domination of Europe.”

Lawless aggression became humanitarian intervention. An avenue to Eurasia was opened. A permanent US military presence was established. American imperialism claimed another trophy.

In 2001, NATO intervened in Macedonia. Post-9/11, much more lay ahead. Iraq followed Afghanistan, then Libya, now Syria, ahead Iran, and numerous proxy wars against Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and other challengers to US hegemony.

On June 22, two Turkish warplanes provocatively entered Syrian airspace low and fast. Doing so showed hostile intent. Orders came from Washington. Ankara plays lead attack dog.

Syria was blamed for Turkey’s provocation. False flags provide pretexts for wars, occupations, colonization, and plunder. Long ago, plans were readied to destroy Syria. They’re playing out in real time.

Expect full-blown intervention. It’s coming. On June 26, NATO members convened in Brussels. Military intervention was discussed.” There is much more to this at the link. (2)

What has been lost in all of this is that we have all been living without any actual or functioning laws; since long before GW Bush stole the Oval Office in 2000. If we do not begin to discard all the phony-political associations that far too many still cling to—and come together as a vanquished people who have had our lives, our freedoms and our way of life stolen from us by this bunch of international criminals who call themselves Zionists—then there will be nothing left of the world for anyone to live in.

NOTE: The images I did in 2003 have only become more obscene since they became the truth of the moment way back then…

Jim Kirwan

1) Wealthy Zionists behind US Financial Meltdown – 25 min video

2) Advancing the Ball for War


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