Today, Yesterday’s Tomorrow


 We say we live our lives, but do we really? What’s that all about, and do we care? If we do this well, then we spend life doing what we need to do, to increase our knowledge with personal-experience that can take us wherever we need to go. Ah but the playing field is far from level, and very few ever leave the starting gates. The harder we try to control everything around us the more difficult life itself becomes.

Yet Millions feel that they have each ‘found’ their answers to the questions that they never asked: Only to discover, too late, that they are only footnotes in the larger story of someone else’s life or purpose. For most, the mystery and the real illusions, along with the subtleties get lost among the variety of trophies being sought.

Yesterday while I was finishing up the third season of Deadwood the character of “Hearst” (a robber-baron in the 1800’s) said:

“Elections cannot inconvenience me
They ratify my will or I will neuter them!”

True this was only a line in a story about the past, but it seems to sum up what’s supposedly coming up this November in 2012—given that we no longer have real elections, and that all our votes are easily changed to reflect whatever today’s Robber-Barons have demanded. Deek Jackson gives a much clearer picture of the hubris, the hypocrisy, the greed and willful blindness that most will never-ever choose to own. (1)

Everything in the West has been turned into a business, and life is not a business: It never was and LIFE cannot survive in a three-piece suit with blinders permanently in place.

Think about it!

We choose to build our castles in polluted skies; but too often we failed to understand the massive hole in the human heart that symbolizes what we have to pay for what we have so childishly created.

Literally everything from affection to success of any kind has become nothing more than a shabby business where the actual-realities can never survive.

The truths and failures of real life do not lend themselves to registers or inventories. Volume versus profits cannot actually apply to most of the things that really matter in any life within this world—yet century after century we still force this equation into the life-blood of the planet. It’s toxic; this cocktail of nightshade and torture that always ends in murder—even when there’s no visible violence at all—the ending is the same.  What happens to us and to our children as well as to the planet we have torn apart? The farce of this exercise is always revealed one way or another, to almost everyone that tries to scam the world for the flash of easy money, or for the hollow ring of muted-power that surrounds the shame in fallen-fame. Round and round we go, and yet we never seem to learn from our mistakes…

PRIDE when it is earned can be a beautiful thing but when the pride is false then the SHAME will shatter everything that was supposedly created. In an instant the towers of our lives can become the ruins that we must endure! This is what we are about to have to try and live through because we built too many castles in the air, or on the quicksand of a billion-lies.

Either way it’s time to pay for what we’ve tried to do, and very few will walk away from this untouched.

On the plus side this will end the Robber-barons and the God damned Zionists; but the costs of this will be almost beyond anything we could ever have imagined.

Listen to what Deek says in the video, and understand what’s really happening. And please note that because of what has already happened in that yesterday that we chose not to see: This reality is what will continue to kill the possibilities in our tomorrows that we have already hocked—for nothing that ever mattered in the first place…

Jim Kirwan

1) KILL EM ALL – IT’S WAR – 17 min video


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