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The US has woefully neglected the national and international Agenda items that have been overshadowed by the lies and distractions of the global-powers. The result is that we have allowed others to control our AGENDA, and this unnoticed error may end up costing the planet its life.

UNDERSTANDING & CONFUSION has always been the key to keeping us all in the dark, since long before the new millennium began.

Because we have allowed the corporations, the bankers and the military-industrial complex to set the national and global AGENDA for us all, especially after the end of the Cold War: we have overlooked many of the things that could have set us free!

This is not difficult to understand once you can visualize the scale of the deceptions which the self-appointed criminal-powers have elected to pursue. For the last seventy or eighty years we have had an obscene relationship with Oil and all of its by-products. But oil is not, and never was an optimum resource on which global power could be based—rather “oil” is as out of date as candles became; once electricity became available. Oil is filthy, expensive and difficult to obtain: its main attraction for the Outlaws is that its markets can be captured and controlled worldwide—which makes it perfect for illicit profits; but it’s a nightmare for the public which has to bear the outrageous costs of reliance upon “OIL” for far too much of ordinary life today. When the price of oil becomes a weapon in the global-economy; certain unforeseen realities can lead to unexpected problems. A perfect example of this flawed-nature of depending upon the availability and viability of oil can be found here.

“Oil prices have risen more than 9 percent on concerns about the potential results of sanctions on Iran’s oil industry and the strong gains in world stock markets on the back of the recent European Union summit.

The oil surge happened on Friday when heavy trading led to the fourth largest daily gain on record, Reuters reported.

Light, sweet crude for August delivery finished 9.4 percent or $7.27 higher at $84.96 a barrel, which was the biggest one-day oil rise in percentage terms since March 2009.” (1)

There was another choice which is both still possible and almost free.

Tesla created a whole new way to use the energy of the sun to drive virtually the whole planet’s energy needs wirelessly—but they killed him and stole his research to keep the world from ever-benefiting from Tesla’s colossal breakthrough. As a result there is very little about Tesla or his work available on the Zionist controlled web, but there was this bit:

“J Pierpont Morgan invested $150,000 in Tesla’s idea to build a gigantic radio transmitter – but then refused to invest any further after it was revealed that Tesla was instead trying to transmit electrical power wirelessly.

(Without the need for wires electricity could have been directly accessible for anyone, anywhere) – But that would be anti-capitalistic.

In order to keep electricity inexpensive to the public, Tesla sold George Westinghouse his own royalties, which were worth $12 million, for just $216,000. If Tesla had kept his royalties, he may have been the first billionaire, sharing financial history with the likes of John D. Rockefeller the worlds first in 1916, Howard Hughes, and Bill Gates who became the first man to reach $100 billion in 1999.” (2)

Tesla is not the only major breakthrough, there have been many others. Things like desalination plants, thermo power over nuclear. All together the world could rid ourselves of both the glut of oil and the crimes of nuclear power—IF there was a global AGENDA that demanded it! But, since the blood-enemies of these innovative and virtually clean energies, are the same people who underwrite all the wars and the use of nuclear energy as well: Nothing like these innovations is likely to be pursued, much less developed to end the problems which both Oil & Nuclear Power have cursed the existing world with; at least since the 1950’s and the supposed invention of “Clean” or Nuclear Energy.

What seems to have happened is that the global-powers have tried to stop-the-advance of time itself once they saw that they might be able to totally control the global-supply of oil, through global and unending wars of acquisition that could then create a global-slave-population which could be absolutely controlled, in service to the filthy-few at the top of the global food chain. They have done this by totally controlling everything on the AGENDA for the world; which they have to date so completely controlled to the point that the human race is now facing near extinction; to serve the evils that have haunted us for centuries.

Here is a massively detailed overview of what’s in store for us in late July at the London Olympics. Apparently the 2012 Olympics will continue the path that began with 911, and which consequently has virtually no-end-in-sight: If we are to believe the designers of both 911 and the 2012 Olympics in London. The videos are long but together they tie-in so much that has to date escaped public notice, that it is well worth the time. (3)

Beyond this agenda item there is the continuing and very real problem that we have chosen not to face in the old USA: That is the FACT of the UN takeover and the subjugation that will soon replace our states with twelve administrative ZONES which will become what used to be the USA. Under the UN each Zone will be treated as a separately governed zone within the continent, not unlike the Zones that are soon to appear in Europe in place of their formerly sovereign states. The AGENDA of today calls for completely dissolving the entire world into a single state made up of administrative zones that will all be governed by one very ugly government that shall take all the wealth for itself and leave the entire world in a state of total slavery.

 U S Military Map for UN Control

This crime against the North American Continent formerly began with Bush-the-lesser, in talks with Canada and Mexico that were not shared with the governments of the three countries that were then to be taken over and melded into one separate state. (Mexico has since been dropped from the North American Union as being too violent for the NAU to successfully use toward the ends that the UN wants to pursue, with NATO). Canada is still part of this crime. Obama gave the US Fifth Army (20,000 troops) to the UN to help the UN to control the takeover in America. But 20,000 troops versus over 300 million armed to the teeth people is nothing but a PR stunt: And even with the promised 100,000 Russians who are supposed to take over Denver; there is still very little of substance that can be done inside a country this large, especially when the country itself finally gets angry enough to resist the whole idea!

Sovereignty and the national integrity of all nations must be added to the global AGENDA, now! The only people objecting are the global-bankers (the real international outlaws) whom we must begin to arrest in large numbers, everywhere they are to be found. If we do not act before the July Olympics, it may be too late…

Jim Kirwan

1) Oil Price Up 9%, Iran Sanctions Backfire

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3) Olympic Attack: London Olympics Attack False Flag Clues Deciphered




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