Putting the Pieces Together

The nation-states and the religions of the world have a common problem. The men, women and even the children of the planet are being threatened with extinction by a politically motivated band of outlaws that seek nothing less, than the end of LIFE as we have come to know it. The people of the world must set aside their religious and political labels and COME TOGETHER as inhabitants of the world to defeat their common enemy—the toxic Zionist-Apartheid-State of Israel.

This is not optional: It is the PRIME CONSIDERATION made necessary by this global-threat; that is using our political, religious, sexual and racial differences to crush the viability of survival in the name of a self-appointed system whose only purpose is to exterminate all opposition—as it seeks to absorb all the wealth and promise of the planet we must share. TOGETHER people from all over the world can force these OUTLAWS out of the corrupted-positions which they currently occupy. The only way to accomplish this is to put our token differences aside—in order to SURVIVE this onslaught. If we cannot do this, then we shall all perish beneath the current-onslaught of tyranny and treason around the world.

One example of the differences, that many of us feel, can be easily seen in the various approaches taken between areas of reporting and commentary on the web. The points of view are dependent on who one looks to; for inspiration or for those facts that are of course colored by everything, which those being listened to often bring into the discussion. While there are real differences between the sources; more often than not there are also areas of agreement between the divergent reports that can lend a great deal of weight to whatever is being discussed. The obscenities happen when we dismiss everything from some sources, because of preconceptions, or just because we can’t identify with whichever point-of-view is being aired. But in the larger view—if and when we seek to be able to bring the pieces of the Nightmare together, to better understand what must become understood—if we are to be able to survive at all: Then we must stop damaging ourselves and our chances, by pre-judging our actual condition, to the point that we end up editing out that which could change the entire outcome, of what we (as individuals) are facing.

The simple point here is that most of what is seriously studied on the web simply comes from different points of view as to what is most important or most dangerous to our continued survival. If we could just use the parts of these various points of view, that ring true with each of us: Then all of us could indeed begin to realize just how much we all have ALWAYS had in common: Which is far greater than are all of these so-called differences which the Outlaws have always used to divide us in order to CONQUER us all.

The dichotomy that underscores the apparent-need for absolutes, in a fluid and ever-shifting series of national and international threats (Against us all), is actually a major part of the design behind keeping the world divided long enough for the Illuminati (who just happened to also have begun their existence in 1776) to finally reach their declared goal of a new one-world-order. This has always been right there in the pockets of everyone that has carried American dollar-bills with them wherever they have gone in this life—and yet how few have ever bothered to look closely at this declaration of dominion over all of us? It’s all there on the left side of the back of the dollar bill. The criminal and privately held FED was created in 1913, and it used the Great Seal of the United States (conceived after 1776) to illustrate exactly what they had in mind. Note also that above the “American” Eagle the thirteen stars (supposedly for the original colonies) form the Star of David that has to refer to the overarching Zionist-power behind the Eagle and all the larger images on “The Seal.” It’s all here and more besides—why not take the time to watch this compendium that could well clarify what’s been going on for well over two hundred years? (1)

Our planet is at stake as well as our political world and the lives of everyone who lives here. We have always had that minority of individuals who can bring major changes to our lives, in ways that can benefit the entire human race; as well as ideas that could bring wealth and health to a great many more people than it is currently possible to achieve. This natural process has been stolen by those who are never satisfied with what they have and have always sought to control the entire planet.

Yesterday I mentioned an AGENDA that needs to be created for the people of the planet. But since we cannot use the media to create the stimulus needed to make the real changes that we need to make; to enable our continued survival: It becomes obvious that we must change the ways in which we can all begin to work together outside the system that currently exists. Ironically this happened once before during one of the worst economic downturns in the ancient world. This later became known as the Italian Renaissance. That event brought science and art together to transform the ancient world, and it left its legacy to the entire globe which has chosen to squander those gifts in ways that seek to control or slaughter global-populations instead of trying to help us all to improve everything for all of us.

A case in point is the potential breakthrough in oceanographic study that if it were a private enterprise might bring vast promise back into the wider world. The project I’m speaking of is the “Sea-Orbiter.” (2)

The problem is that when you look at sponsorship: NASA and the shadow of the UN becomes apparent and neither of those “agencies” are friends of the human-condition. Human life, by some accounts began by crawling up out of the ancient oceans into and through the primordial ooze to become creatures of the land-mass we call the earth. Whether that is true or not: Given what is happening on the surface of this planet now, we might soon need to begin to explore ways that we could use the oceans to survive whatever the Zionist-Outlaws want to bring about. During the Renaissance, while major breakthroughs were also funded by the rich, many of these benefactors were interested more in the legacy they could leave over the personal fortunes they might have amassed by funding the new ideas. This is no longer true today as virtually every one of the filthy-rich only want to grab more, and more and more for every penny they contribute to supposedly charitable causes. Contrast this “project” with the way USI is currently spending every thing we have. (3)

The reason that the illuminati has attempted to take over the media worldwide, was to prevent the possibility of the public ever being able to introduce or to challenge the current-political realm to create anything like a totally new AGENDA (one that values human life and progress), over their pre-conceived plans for world domination. Of course this amounts to a huge impediment for real changes—but if we are determined enough TO WORK TOGETHER to eliminate the criminals, then because we have the overwhelming numbers: We can and will succeed—provided that we stop paying attention to all the points of division which the Illuminati continues to throw up, to keep us in the myriad of prisons, which they designed to keep us locked inside ourselves in artificial terror of anything and everything—In the world beyond our everyday problems.

It may appear that we are just individuals, virtually helpless against the trillionaires and the corruption that now claims to rule the planet—but if we come together to reject this construct an entirely other outcome is more than possible—provided we can stop worshipping all those other classifications that we have come to value even over life itself…

Jim Kirwan

1) London Olympics 2012 Illuminati Conspiracy 2012? – Full length 1 hr 15 min video

2) Alien-like Sea-Orbiter, World’s First High-Tech Underwater Wonder

3) Astronomical Tax Dollars for War and Surveillance – 3 min 36 sec video


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