July 4th The Opposite of Independence

Cowards Die a thousand Deaths
Amerikans will now die ten-thousand times over
Because they cannot face the truth!

Case in point: We have already lost Memorial Day, Labor Day, and now its time to lose Independence Day—permanently! This dump no longer belongs to us; it’s the property of UNITED STATES INC., a privately owned corporation operating out of The District of Columbia, and The Federal Reserve with help from Vatican City & The City of London interlocked with the Illuminati and ZAI (Zionist-Apartheid-Israel). If you look closely you can see the interlocking “US” that holds the chains together and stands for the Dollar Sign! This image was done in 1965 and we have been slaves since that long-ago day and time!

So while you’re out there celebrating with the Bar-b-que, and the fireworks and the games, the drugs and the booze: You might want to actually strain yourself to remember why you’re off work tomorrow: And that the whole “supposed-holiday” is now just another god-damned LIE!

And as for you and your buddies—well you can’t ever be accused of anything; because you failed to ever do anything-at-all to prevent this from happening! You let the thugs at TSA shove their filthy paws into your crotch; and you said NOTHING. You let the DHS do whatever they wanted to you and your family year after year—while the most you ever did was video-tape the damage—if you even did that!

Year after year you continued to pay homage to the criminals by voting in their fraudulent selections processes. You paid your taxes as if they were legal, you continued to listen to main-stream-media even though you have known for YEARS that those people are all bought and paid for. You continue to follow what the criminals who are running for every office say; as if they were real candidate’s instead just puppets for the same powers that be: The self-same powers that stole the country after they trashed the Constitution and literally destroyed every shred of what once passed for “LAW” in this place.

The place this dump occupies in history now is nothing but a brutal and entitled pile of thugs that feel free to bludgeon any country in the world: Whenever they feel like it and they wrap every crime in the red,-white & blue: And you don’t even breathe a word of any real protest.

You’re no longer people; you’re just slaves in every sense. The only thing missing are the ID tags that will arrive whenever they decide to CHIP every last one of you!  And when this happens you will no longer own anything: Not your house, not your retirement, not your money, not even your dreams! Your children will be taken by the state, and you will be nothing but another waiting VICTIM, until they finally decide to kill you, because there won’t be any reason left to bother keeping you alive.

That ladies and gentlemen is what you are afraid of!
Those who aren’t afraid have continued to fight,
But you don’t care about any of that
Because you are afraid of dying!

But everyone “dies”. The difference has to do with who used this opportunity to try to continue to live, and who just surrendered,


After the fireworks are over and the grease has turned back into a solid on the overpriced grill—you’ll get to stumble back to bed. But this year you will NOT be able to FORGET that this will be the very last year that there will be a “Fourth of July” because just like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights—the Fourth of July will soon become just another reason to be charged with TERRORISM—and you won’t do anything about that either!

Soon even the flag will become ILLEGAL, and will probably be replaced with some variation of the ZAI, the UN or NATO—because only those three organizations have any say over what happens to “Amerikans now!

You won’t need to write your filthy congressperson—they all sold you out; just like the US Supreme Court and the Oval Office that has not had anything to do with you since the twentieth century, and it wasn’t much even then. Your so-called political parties are as bereft of morals or public-policies as they are criminally-inclined toward everything and anything where they can make a dishonest buck—with you and yours as the fall-guys that will be forced to PAY for every cent involved in all these global-crimes!

The Department of Just-Us, has nothing to do with crime or common criminals, because all their time is spent selling out America to the highest bidders. State and City Governments have also been lining up to get in on the coup, because that’s the only place where the money still is—and you with all your self-importance have been HAD—bigtime!

Jim Kirwan


Where Freedom Once Thrived


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