The necessary part of every SUCCESSAmerica has become a wasteland because we can no longer trust each other. In the end this failure became a betrayal of ourselves and is what has led us to confinement inside the private bell-jar’s of our own design.

Our lives became unreal once we consciously transferred everything we cared about into those nameless pursuits that led us ever deeper into greed and the pursuit of illicit powers that were meant to flatter our exaggerations, while we attempted to pacify our egos that have long since left reality behind. That’s just part of the basic training needed to begin to practice this Vulture Capitalism where there is no RESPONSIBILITY for any of the things we do continuously.

That having been said: Once the Individual becomes completely divorced from that reality where ‘RESPONSIBITY’ naturally follows from the choices that we make—then everything else about our lives is also UPSIDE DOWN.

We learn through the failures that go hand in hand with life. In reality those failures can teach us how to find and have the reality that goes with real success; even when ‘success’ might not be obvious to anyone else but ourselves. The world is about a whole lot more than money or toys, power or acquisition; it’s about being a human being and living a life that means something beyond ourselves.

The fact that we have failed as a nation, as a people and as individuals, need not be the final entry in our lives: but to “DO” anything with this knowledge we must look at ourselves and actually see what’s really there. Are we more than our individual resume’s can reveal? Aside from business or occupations who are we really: Do we have a life? Most especially what are the things that we would fight to protect, if we could, in this world of BETRAYAL on every side? Our dreams are important but our convictions outweigh everything else, because they are the only things that we can actually influence—provided they are real.

“CONTROL” is not something that anyone has in this life, we can plan or dream—schedule or fantasize—but in the end we actually control almost nothing about our lives. Instead they become a series of opportunities and tragedies that we can sometimes benefit from, and sometimes not. Ultimately it always comes down to the choices we each choose to make and how well adapted we are to make the most of any experience…

We need to begin to do this now if there is to be a tomorrow in which anyone will be able to live beyond the ravenous-dictates of the current and would-be OWNERS of all our lives! In the latter part of this month, in London, the Olympics will be held for 2012.

Almost everything points to a major false-flag event that will necessitate the evacuation of London (millions will be injured if not killed). Whether or not this happens largely depends upon how actively each of us becomes, in changing what has been planned for all of us, and not just for those in London or England but around the world. 1)

This is looking more like a final opportunity for those of us that want to stop the nightmare before it reaches critical mass!


Jim Kirwan

1) All Signs Point to the Development of a Staged Terrorist Event at London 2012 – 1 hr 15 min video


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