The Labyrinth

From Mythology the world was given the ancient-political-mystery that can only be solved in conquering the Labyrinth by slaying the Minotaur that lives at its heart, and returning to the outside world alive and victorious.

After having made a film that led him to ask the questions, Arron Russo set this task for himself when he began to probe the secrets behind the IRS. That second venture led him to make the full length film “America: From Freedom to Fascism.” He died of cancer shortly after the film was finished.  Google removed it, very recently!

Today there is a video clip that probably will meet the same end. I wanted people to have the actual dates and reference numbers of the crimes committed so I transcribed some of the 9 minute and 52 second video—so that when the video disappears, they people will still have the facts. This is a ground breaking explanation about where we are now and what we need to do to change all this.

“We’ve all talked about the Constitution and this country being founded on it. ~ There has been perpetrated upon us a most heinous crime against humanity: And it goes so far back that you can’t blame any one of the administrations’ because they are not a government. They are the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. The US Government Incorporated is named as a for-profit commercial enterprise in the Legislative Act of February 21st of 1871, 41st Congress Session 3, Chapter 62, Page 419 entered: A Federal Company entitled United States i. e. UNITED STATES aka U.S. INCORPORATED, a commercial agency originally designated as Washington D.C.

In accordance with the so-called Fourteenth Amendment, which the records indicate was never ratified. The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is a foreign corporation with respect to the State. Nineteen Corpus Jurius Circundrum (?) 541 Location of the UNITED STATES: The UNITED STATES is located in the District of Columbia.

Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico was appointed ‘Receiver of the Bankrupt United States in the ‘Reorganization Plan number 26 in 1950. Title 5, UNITED STATES CODE Section 903, Public Law 94-564. The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, Title 27 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 251.11; The Title Secretary of the Treasury is a euphemistic abbreviation of the actual title Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico.

The Internal Revenue Service was incorporated in the State of Delaware [and] is not a part of the supposed US Government. (this is probably what got Russo killed) which is but a defacto, for-profit corporation masquerading as a government – that operates out of Puerto Rico, this is the IRS, it’s NOT registered to do business in any state. It’s the bookkeeping and debt-collection arm of the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico. They (The IRS) collect for the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Everybody who gets up into the administration, congress, the legislation; all the way down to the local level are corporations, private companies. We are their chattel. We are their inventory. They make money off of us and you don’t even know how deep it goes. ~ When I found this out it was the only time that I felt hatred for the evil slime who did this to us.

In 1871 when the United States became Incorporated (USI) they attached our birth certificates to a quitsit (?) number on the stock exchange which equals slave trade and it’s done every time a baby is born. There is a bond-trust account set up and they trade us on the stock market and this is all documented and I know it’s all shocking. Some of you are hearing this for the very first time and you’re thinking “oh my gosh – how could they possibly!” They go so far as to trick us— have you ever been to court and the judge says “Do you understand?” Don’t EVER say you do! Say “No Your Honor I do not understand.”

That simple little word doesn’t mean what you think it does. You have just given him permission if you say “Yes I do understand” that you’re going to “Stand Under” whatever he wants to lay on top of you.

The courts are Admiralty Courts. The judges, the attorney’s all belong to the Bar Association. It’s still a little bit vague as to what “BAR” stands for, but we do know the first word is still British. Some people say ‘accredited’ some say ‘attorney’ and ‘registry.’ They do NOT work for us we the people. We the People are working for them. We don’t need a gold-standard – we are the value to the Federal Reserve note. We can give value to our United States Currency.

The Constitution that that they’re teaching today, as wonderful as it is to learn about a big portion of it—it’s not the correct Constitution. It’s actually a second Constitution and that’s the one that they wrote when they incorporated.

In 1933 the Emergency Banking Act: We’ve got the War Powers Act, Trading with the Enemies Act and every year the UNITED STATES CORPORATION masquerading as our supposed government, which is no more than elected officials like a CEO, and the Stockholders board for AT&T or Microsoft: So you’re not voting for legislation, you’re not voting for a representative because each and every one of them are under a UNITED STATES CORPORATION. There are 37,000 subsidiaries of that corporation.

Every Agency when you look it up on Dunn & Bradstreet is listed as a corporation. It is a for-profit, PRIVATE-company and we are their inventory! I feel bad knowing that I’ve been enslaved all this time; and I’m sorry for all the people during the civil rights—all the wonderful ____ that were already in slavery and they thought they were freed. We’ve all been in this boat together and people need to really wake up and really begin to hold these corporate officials feet-to-the-fire and insist that the corporation must be dissolved and the Federal Reserve must be BANNED from this country and we must turn our system of “judiciary” back to a common-law. If there’s “no-harm, no-loss” then there’s no CRIME: And everything else is a way to get you to PAY!

Even the court-systems are hooked up to the quitsit (?) system. When you get a case number on a court document and you’re being “charged” with something why do you think they call it “a Bill” or being CHARGED—because that’s exactly what’s happening!


They set that court number up and it’s attached to the Stock Exchange too! And from the moment you’re arrested or charged, they start trading you on the stock market—just like they did with the Derivatives or the Default Swaps on the mortgages—that’s a whole other thing and we all know that’s coming out in the mainstream media. The Federal Reserve is meeting on November__, the same day as the elections. All I can say is wait for “the sky to fall” cause they know their House of Cards is tumbling in on top of them.

If I do nothing but go to my grave, I will see them PAY for their evil, not only against our nation but [against] every nation out there.

It’s been an illusion, an illusion, an illusion…” (1)

Jim Kirwan

1) Stuck in the system_0201 – 10 min video


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