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This element of life changed the life of the United States in just 13 years ten months and a few days. We called it PROHIBITION.

Part Three of Ken Burns HBO production of “PROHIBITION” Parts One & Two are listed in the notes below the signature.

Prohibition taught us, as if we didn’t already know it, that whatever you want people to actively do, needs to be ‘OUTLAWED’, for the young of any age to totally embrace whatever it might be. Results will no doubt vary, but think about TSA and DHS. Whenever ‘LAW’ becomes completely inflexible (zero tolerance) then the outcome will be a guaranteed failure along with the embrace of the opposite of whatever the society sought to ban outright.

During the period when ‘prohibition’ was the headline of the day, Jazz and dance led the way toward an age of permissiveness and sexual expression which had been imprisoned for far to long by that time. By the 1930’s hypocrisy had become the dominate force underneath the surface of American life. As ‘Hypocrisy became the dominate force here, the public was forced to wrestle with an elitist view that basically said: ‘We know how to live your life better than you do, and since you cannot be trusted to change your ways, we’ll force you to change your life, for your own good, by passing laws against what you like to do!’

Public resistance and real needs finally crushed prohibition, but not before it had done irreparable harm to the United States in a myriad of ways which began with a war between the cities and the countryside which became a major conflict between radical-Christian-fundamentalism and the far more integrated inner cities of that day and time. This was compounded by what was then happening in the cities as well.  One example was Chicago during the beginning of the Beer-Wars that became so intense that people were being murdered in broad daylight—and just like the murders committed today by Police-state thugs: Those murders back then in the beginning of prohibition-enforcement were never prosecuted. Ironically all of this also sets the stage for what is happening now between a terrified public and the government (replacing Al Capone with TSA, Viper and DHS). So we have come full-circle all the way back to roughly eighty years ago when blatant-hypocrisy absolutely ruled the USA.

In 1926-27 no one was safe in the streets of many of major cities, but Chicago in particular. Hypocrisy was being dispersed by the business end of machine-guns in broad daylight. During the Beer-Wars working people’s home’s were routinely and illegally broken into and searched, DHS style, (by the Xenophobe-police) looking for hidden stashes of illegal booze (just as drug raids are currently carried out today. The underlings were subject to arrest and prosecution, just like the underprivileged are today, in the fog of the drug-wars. Also like today: The filthy-rich were never touched by such crude invasions, because they knew they had nothing to fear from the totally corrupted officers of the state: exactly as things still are – now almost eighty years later.

During this time Al Capone became the first mobster to seek publicity! He held frequent news conferences—just like today’s completely criminal-politicians, judges, prosecutors and bankers, using the media to insulate themselves from public criticism. At his press conferences Capone bragged about his crimes, just as our current crop of political hacks continues to brag about the hundreds of laws they routinely break, for their own best interest and in direct defiance of all the laws, both national and international. The public loved the coverage of the mobsters then that enabled their booze to continue, just as they do today whenever the traitor Obama or any of the complicit other candidates use and abuse the microphones to continue to run as if the coming elections were real—even though the real outcome was decided by the shadow government long, long ago!

Could this be where Bush Jr. and Obama got the idea to stop hiding their crimes and instead just use the platform to multiply the lies and then bask in the public enthusiasm thusly generated. Of course these creatures continue to hide beneath their false-flags all the way to the polls that everyone KNOWS are rigged!

There was one real difference between Capone and today’s imposters—Capone gave everyone MONEY while today’s pretenders only steal money from the same people they want to have contribute to their campaign coffers. Twenty-first century frauds want to keep every cent extorted from the public; while simultaneously they are waging war upon the same group of the barely surviving middle class that lives in total denial in the middle-middle of this ruin that was once a country.

Hearst’s newspapers back before the Depression were turning mobsters into celebrities for the general public. And all of this came to reality on the back of both ‘HYPOCRICY & PROHIBITION.’ The so-called ‘War on Drugs’ will very soon meet the same fate as what happened to Prohibition, and for the same reasons: Because the ‘ZERO-Tolerance’ stance creates a false-template to which the filthy-rich are immune while the general public are arrested by the hundreds, for virtually the same crimes being committed each and every hour by the executives at the top. There is not a corporate inner sanctum in Amerika where every known vice is not readily available to the rich and dirty, and to their clients. This is no longer a secret from the general public.

In the early years Drinking, Dancing, Jazz, Sex and Celebrations became much bolder among people of all different strata, because of the artificially ridiculous laws about drinking, this was enabled because there was a shared rebellion going on between the middle-classes, the poor, and the rich as well a war between the cities and the rural people. Ultimately punitive laws were only applied to the lowest rungs of the ladder. The wealthiest, laughed about it and had their booze served up on silver trays, in luxury, while the working stiffs were jailed or fined. The whole idea of banning booze was ridiculousness. It was costly in terms of jobs and lost taxes, and consequently it began to foster a rebellion against the tyranny of the new Prohibition laws. Most of this began in the 1920’s and ultimately became a genuine force behind new ‘freedoms’ from the rigidity of the Victorian double-standards that tried to enslave so many minds.

On the plus side, women finally made a real breakthrough. With the end of the all-male Saloon days and the rise of the Speakeasy’s women could and did begin to drink side by side with men. This was part of the plus in the legacy which ‘Prohibition’ unwittingly brought about. Society in the Roaring-Twenties actually began to have more than just men in it: Society began to look and feel like something that could be called social and far more alive than ‘we’ had ever been before—which of course infuriated the Xenophobes who are so totally up-tight-they-could-barely-speak. The  ‘FUNDAMENTALISTS’ who continued to demand total and absolute control over every evil they saw anywhere in the society, were the ramrods driving prohibition, as they wanted to drive all society into believing as they do and for too many this is still the case.

But despite all the fanfare that prohibition tried to create around forcing people to live better lives – it failed in the end because it was “PROHIBITION” itself that came to be seen as the major DESTRUCTIVE force that it has always been throughout American life. This stigma would also come to be passed on into the present day through all of ‘prohibition’s step-children.’ “The War on Poverty” that specialized in creating and perpetuating evermore poverty, but did nothing to eradicate it. “The GREAT Society” gave a huge hand up to the filthy-rich while insuring that the poor stayed poor and hungry. “The WAR on Crime” did much more for Organized-Crime than it ever did against it and that’s why the “The War-on-Drugs” will eventually go down in flames as well. Because ‘DRUGS’ just like booze will have to be internationally-legalized: But the holier-than-thou Amerikan public is not there yet because too many are still too busy trying to turn back the clocks to a time when children were slaves and sex was dirty and everything private should be kept secret, along with beating your family whenever you felt like it! ‘Men’ were the only thing that ever mattered in the Victorian age: Your wives and children were just animated property that needed to be kept in line from time to time, but no one could ever be allowed to have a real life except men of quality—everyone else was just scum!

Prohibition promised to reduce crime and improve the public’s morality. What it created instead was the exact reverse of everything it set out to force down the throats of every American. First it began by dividing the nation into three parts, the Dry’s, the Wet’s and the Hypocrites. What it did successfully accomplish was to create a finishing school for mobsters, murderers and other criminals that before ‘prohibition’ had just been street-gangs of localized thugs that operated locally and who could be controlled locally. Prohibition made illegality massively PROFITABLE on a huge scale; and before the end of prohibition we had national mobsters, with celebrity status, from coast to coast – celebrating the triumph of HYPOCRICY & CRIME over the farce of the so-called laws that prohibition demanded: To PROTECT us from ourselves!

Murder in broad-daylight became the order of that day back then, just as TASER killings, torture and outright murder by the Thought-Police in the now Fascist-State that is claiming to “protect” everyone from everything. This has led us to become slaves in our own country. None of the criminals were prosecuted for the very-public murders during the Chicago-Beer-Wars: Just as no one has officially ever prosecuted for all these government crimes, in the new millennium: (over 500 have been murdered using tasers alone). This government has used the hypocrisy and fear of the 20’s and 30’s to intimidate the public even further today; than this same situation was even at the height of Al Capone’s unchallenged criminal-rule. Today’s political-criminals enjoy that same deadly-protection from prosecution; in the current run-up to the next massive CRASH that will make the1929 Depression look like child’s play!

Before prohibition was ended the criminals in America had achieved Celebrity status and coast-to-coast organization along with criminal co-operation in every facet of the very-big-business of CRIME in America. After the Chicago wars the mob held a national conference and divided the nation into criminal districts. Ironically their template was the same one used by the FEDS for their illegal Federal Reserve Banks, and their twelve districts: The mob uses the same dividing lines for their turf designations—interesting? The syndicate is still with us today, as is that particular celebrity-status created by Al Capone for Criminals that is now being used by candidates in every supposed election and just as the public did during Capone’s heyday: The public today seems to eat-it-up as if everything they see or read about in the corrupted media is absolutely TRUE!

Caroline Sabin had a lot to do with ending Prohibition. She became a major political force together with the huge numbers of women that she organized across party lines to end the horrors of prohibition. But before that ending came, the country had to endure the presidency of Herbert Hoover and the national pain of the banker-created Dust Bowl, and the Depression that followed the CRASH of 29, which was also due directly to banker-created criminal manipulations. Had there not been this colossal national catastrophe, prohibition might not have ever been revoked.

The national-beer-industry along with the consumption of alcohol had employed millions of people before Prohibition did away with all those jobs. When the DEPRESSION arrived the country was desperate for money (and the taxes they could get from booze) – and it was this as much as any conscious choice about the legitimacy of prohibition that probably (really) ended prohibition. It was the existence of Hooverville’s all over this land, the end of the corrupted banks by the thousands along with the destitution caused by the end of so many crops and jobs that literally forced an end to the farce of prohibition.

The concluding comment for the series was made by Pete Hamill, and seems to sum up the way a lot of people have always felt about government interference in our lives:

“I haven’t had a drink in 35 years. I don’t care if I never have another drink. I don’t long for it or ache for it. But if somebody said ‘you can’t have another drink’ – I’d probably go to some demo in front of a federal courthouse and have one. It’s one of those things where the average American says “who the hell are you to tell me how to live” – and if we cease being that country: If we become a country in which we all say “Please tell me how to live” then we’re doomed!”

Well guess what America that is exactly what we’ve become. It’s been just 79 years since the end of Prohibition and we’ve managed to exceed its crimes against the public by a factor of at least ten thousand times worse than it was under prohibition—and “WE ARE THERE” just standing silently in lines waiting to be tasered, tortured or murdered, without even a single word of protest, hell people you are already DEAD!

Jim Kirwan

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