This Must Happen

& One Day, some version of it Will

It is one of those long and faceless days of heat beyond endurance in yet another summer that never seems to end. We are in an unspeakable place called the District of Columbia, which is the Heart of Darkness in a land that has come to symbolize betrayal, entitlement and a brand of arrogance and greed that almost defies description.

This place is not really part of any land. This is a ten by ten square mile space apart, carved out of a country, that was never owned by anyone—but most of all it is a DISTRICT, not a state or a place just a “district” where no one really lives but where almost everyone comes sometimes to grab, to thrust or tear away with some hated or loved phantom of that inmost eye which rules this place. That is the Washington of this unending summer, in a country that no longer gives a fck about anything beyond outright MONEY, and total control over everything in the world, for starters.

It is Oklahoma-burning-hot, and very little moves that is not drenched in the long hot heat that almost takes the breath away. It’s a quiet day by Washington’s standards; nothing much going on. Congress is meeting to introduce and pass without debate another piece of Anti-American Drivel that was written in Tel-Aviv. Other than that no one remembers how many wars we are currently fighting or cares about how many more times we’ll lose, just to overfill those private corporate coffers. Numbers have become totally meaningless once we started killing billions each and every year.

The truly insane part of this madness is that we have attained a pinnacle of sorts in human terms: We have managed to convince ourselves that it is actually possible to fight global-wars-unending by cutting the taxes of the filthy-rich to the bone, while raising the real costs of life for everyone else by a factor that makes this nation one of the poorest countries in the world (for those who try to work here).

This policy has bankrupted the nation several times over and has led to a national debt that is now in the Quadrillions. And believe it or not we continue to do this even though the most recent wars have been going on for over eleven years now and we have achieved nothing except to make more money for the same people that have started each and every war throughout history. Yet the “supposed need” for these pointless slaughters is preached from every podium as “prudent government policy”! And when you look around; expecting to see torches or rifles or clubs in the hands of an angry-public—all that appears are the heavy-weaponry and body-armor of government mercenaries who are always overly-ready to smash, to crush, to beat or to kill anyone that even breathes

Without permission!

No one is free, and few dare mention the fact, despite all the speeches that talk as if there were still a Republic, a Constitution and Freedom “FROM” this government. This is the scene in Washington in the heat of this summer that is killing people and crops across the nation, (which will soon spread around the planet) while we wait for nuclear contamination to invade the nation from the West. Disease and poverty are far more plentiful now that we’ve allowed our government to be SOLD to the Jewnited States of Israel, in Tel Aviv. Wars are on the rise everywhere and Amerikans are trying to remain invisible to the Police State which continually pushes us to:


But this day is ‘different.’ There is something in the air, something that stirs in the depths and speaks without words. The unholy capital is naked in the heat, and the crowd thins out as congress goes into session, to continue parceling out the nation to the highest bidders. The remaining public seems almost idle at first as if nothing in particular is happening, but then very slowly the crowd appears to change, new faces appear, dark faces, determined faces, faces that know no fear. The everywhere cameras on their long hot poles are turning frantically trying in vain to find out what is driving this rather sudden shift in what appears to be an almost alien-energy surrounding the Capital. The brain-dead uniforms are searching with eyes that cannot see because whatever it is, is far too subtle for their black & white rigidity to detect. Gradually something very strange begins to happen. It seems that chains have appeared carefully assembled piece by piece from within the gathering crowd, and with these chains, the public has locked down the doors leading into or out of the congress: Thus caging the true TERRORISTS of this world.

These same people that have been torturing this nation and the world for decades are now trapped inside their own artificial-edifice, with no exit possible—while inside their underground corridors and tunnels have also been sealed off, from the outside world. Combat vets in civilian clothes have disarmed the guards and put them in the cages meant for ordinary people – and all of this has taken less than half-an-hour to complete. Power and water along with all electronics going into or out of the Capital has been successfully cut; and the government itself has been imprisoned in their own formal headquarters, while the outside world watches and waits for whatever comes next. As the deadly heat grows more intense with every passing moment, the situation begins to change dramatically. Over at the White House where communications have also been jammed, their power as well as their water has also been unceremoniously cut; while a very different kind of crowd grows up around that seat of so-called power, that was stolen by traitors, in order to more clearly finish plotting the necessary treasons needed to overthrow this country.

On the White-House lawn dozens of guillotines are being prepared for those who prefer death to a life in prison. While at the Supreme Court the “justices” too have been arrested and their former chambers are being readied to conduct trials of the leadership beginning with the president and his advisors, starting with Bush-the-lesser.

The media sensing that their end might now also be near; tries to spin what’s happening, but the reporters are restrained by a determined crowd, whose spokespeople invite the public to watch those who formerly-decided which of us could live and which of us must die: While this particular Nest of Vipers begins to admit their guilt; to the crimes with which each of them has already been formally charged under common law, or they can chose to die without food or water in about ten days time—inside the same building that so many of them disgraced repeatedly throughout their miserable lives.

As the sun begins to set on this eerie scene, many meetings shall have been convened around the planet trying to figure out what to do next.

Within 24 hours of the initial capture and the literal-overthrow of this OUTLAW government – many other nations, including this one were well on their own way toward dismantling the nightmares, financial, military and economic that so very many the world over, had allowed to become our un-natural-way of life. Such things can be started and completed when people began to take the word “NO” seriously – because ‘NO’ is actually more than a word, it’s a concept that can become a philosophy, when used correctly—and if you mean it when you say it, then quite literally anything is possible—including ending the TREASON and the traitors here.

Jim Kirwan

1) Secrets of the Synagogue


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