The Pre-Emptive Attack On America

Illustration by David Dees

Since Reagan’s administration this “paper-world” of threats and intimidation of the public has gone on uninterrupted: With the public expected to follow their every dictate to the letter, while the Cabal does whatever it wants to anyone at any time. The mini-ceremony depicted above is intending to bring a formal end to all American Resistance using the obscenity of the United Nations and all of its satellite organizations (IMF, The World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, and the whole false flag world as it has been formally configured to finally ‘TAKE’ the power that this foreign blood line has coveted for centuries.

“ “He has authorized the imposition of total silence except for the sound of his own voice.”

Earlier this month, on a Friday evening after most of the White House press corps had gone home, President Obama gave himself the power to take over, or shut down, all of the nation’s communications systems – including the Internet. The executive order is supposedly designed to preserve “survivable, resilient, enduring” and effective communications so that the government can speak to the people in the event of some emergency. But what he has authorized is the imposition of total silence except for the sound of his own voice.

Clearly, in a legitimate emergency, the government needs ways to communicate – but that does not require a monopoly. So, why is Obama giving himself – and any president that follows him into the Oval Office – a total communications on-and-off switch?

The administration claims it is authorized to bring all communications under its control by the 1934 Communications Act, which allows the takeover of broadcast stations and other wireless media if there exists a state of war, or the threat of war. Back then, of course, the public was fairly sure that they knew what “war” was: Congresses declared it. The “threat” of war was pretty self-evident, too: it was when other nations were threatening to attack the United States, or vice-versa.

However, we are now in what both Presidents Bush and Obama have made clear is a perpetual war, a war that is not defined by any legal norms or foundational statutes, a war against whoever the president decides is the enemy – which can include American citizens. Both of these War Presidents have told us in multitudinous ways that we are on a war footing – and have not been off it since 9/11, and will not be on any other kind of footing until some future president gives the “all clear” sign.

“He is methodically preparing the infrastructure for a police state.” (1)

However all of these presidential Executive Orders and Directives to the slaves in the Fascist Police state that already exists is still just another part of their paper-world, where they give all the orders and everyone is expected to comply immediately, no questions can be asked and no resistance will be tolerated. In fact one of his latest little pieces of treason is that all the illegally deployed foreign-troops on American soil (including those wearing US Uniforms) can now open fire on anything they deem to be “a THREAT” – In the real world this amounts to declaring free-fire zones in the middle of cities, towns or counties inside the USA.

The policy is explored in this 21 minute video that reviews what happened during and after Katrina. Apparently the same policies where privately owned guns are concerned will now be dealt with by troops and police to disarm Americans before any actual emergency occurs (usually at 3 am by squads of trigger-happy mercenaries that know nothing about anything except what they are paid to do). (2)

Precedent for all of these TERROR-BASED-PRONOUNCEMENTS tells all of us, that these creatures are nothing but terrified and very tiny bureaucratic morons that have been “threatening” the American public since before 911. In Chicago, recently, the government was threatening to evacuate the entire city because a bunch of self-important UN figures wanted to have a meeting in Chicago and did not wish to be disturbed by angry demonstrators. So the city spent billions on more firepower and began making all kinds of very extreme threats; promising prison and even the camps to those who did NOT do what the UN was demanding: But after it was all over the whole thing turned out to be nothing but another Obama-Paper-Tiger. Nothing happened because the government’s threats were overblown and had they actually ATTACKED the public using the military and the militarized police against US citizens then this government would have been GUILTY of having declared WAR upon its own people. Here is part of that story. (3)

Such blatantly illegal pre-emptive attacks upon US citizens (such as what was promised in Chicago) would trigger the de-cloaking of the entire Shadow Government, before they are ready to ‘go public.’ (4)


Will Americans shoot Armed American Troops
Whenever civilians are threatened?
This was the reason we had the Posse-Comitatus Act
To protect the public from armed troops in the streets – something that Obama’s Owners did away with.
If we do not shoot these foreign-invaders here on American Soil, Then how shall we protect ourselves against the


Which these pre-emptive attacks upon us will bring to every man, woman and child living here?
Government is the instigator here and they are the Outlaws
That seek to destroy the country and most of its people
If we fail to shoot those who come to take our legally
Held weapons, then we shall deserve
The slavery and degradation that will surely follow!

What is being threatened in many of these recent tapes, could never happen in New York City or any major metropolitan center, because it could and would be seen and the world would be informed, immediately; media or no media. The government has already done the invasive and the provocative by slaughtering over 500 people with tasers, and god only knows how many hundreds more have been ruthlessly murdered by torture and guns: Because the supposed cops or agents that continue to slaughter people without consequences; have NOT BEEN INVESTIGATED or CHARGED with a crime (except for the coward that shot the Oakland man on New Years Eve two years ago) who served just over a year for murder, and was released early for good behavior.

Every single time this government threatens us with illegal actions, or blatantly criminal invasions of our lives, our health, our wealth or property; they are committing pre-emptive attacks on peaceful civilians. When they do this THEY are the aggressors and are clearly hell-bent on making WAR on the same people that supposedly put them in office! An NO PRESIDENT has the RIGHT to sign into law 923 plus opinions of his own (in 40 months) and to call them “LAWS.” (5)

The bottom line then: When US or Foreign troops on US soil open fire without warning on Americans that is a declaration of WAR against the entire country. When, under these currently building-conditions, these illegal forces kill just one more person, they are attacking the entire country.

That act should be the call to arms that must be answered in kind. The police are saying that no warning shots will be fired, and that if they perceive a threat they plan to shoot to kill. That having been said then the truth is that every authority figure that represents any part of that government will automatically become targets that absolutely will present a major threat to everyone here who is not a member of the government.

The cops, the military, and all government officials, all will be part of this civil-war that will have just been declared against all of the rest of us: If they (the government) with their excessively armed mercenaries and armored equipment are free to attack the public at will and without notice – then the targeted public is completely free to treat everyone of them as the OUTLAWS they are, who can and should be shot on sight: It is this very thorny point that has kept this criminal-government from just slaughtering the public like cattle in the streets.

In reality the government is still VERY AFRAID OF US. . .

Oh, and as for the continuing threats still coming from the parasitical  UN – and their Agenda 21: The United Nations is not a state, it has nothing that has not been stolen or blackmailed from nation-states, supposedly in their “care.” If the INSANITY of Agenda 21 continues to try and move forward, then the public of the City of New York and the USA ought to just surround the headquarters building in New York City, forcibly evict everyone inside the UN headquarters building and then plant the charges, just like the Israeli’s & the CIA did on 911 and let that disgusting symbol die in its own footprint. That would be that – because no nation can be “loyal” to anything as vile and despicable as what that “organization has become” under its totally misleading words about world peace, and the safety of children and women around the world: When the exact opposite is true! In fact the UN is huge in selling children into child slavery, prostitution and for body parts; and the same is true of adult women world-wide. Their “troops” pillage, plunder, rape and murder the people they are routinely assigned to “PROTECT” and lately they have teamed up with NATO to become part of the spear-point headed up by Israel and the US to imprison the entire planet. Fck the UN and all its twistedly evil offspring!

These questions must be part of whatever you think about what might be coming to where you live or work. Whatever you might have thought this country was or is; you need to check for yourself what it is now: And make your own plans for any possible future.

What you can no longer contemplate is that these creatures will ever respond to non-violence, to peaceful demonstrations (This is why they just gave notice that “Demonstrators will be shot on sight”). This is their show or so they believe: We ARE their TARGETS, and they are overly willing to kill or capture hundreds or even thousands of us without charges: Any one individual or all of us whatever they believe they can get away with, any time they feel like it.

What I do KNOW is that whenever the prey shoots back, they have a much better chance of survival, than do those who refuse to resist!

Just as in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Panama, or Iraq, in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, or Lebanon; or any of the other countries where “we” have forces that are hard at work destroying the planet and the people’s of the world—for the corporate greater good of greed and for the entitlements required to serve the filthy-élites—worldwide!

There needs to be a public-watch put on the United Nations buildings, 24-7 and we need to begin to let them know that WE KNOW who the enemy is, and IF they choose to ACT openly against us, then they will have to pay for everything they do and have done—and that price will end this parasitical relationship between the evils that are bleeding the people of the world to death, and with the restoration of global-responsibilities, people can finally rid themselves of this deadly plague that has shadowed human life since we began to leave the caves!

Jim Kirwan

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See the video: Obama Has Signed 923 Executive Orders In 40 Months


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