When this Rules, Societies Die

Illustration by David Dees

The Midnight Massacre in Aurora Colorado is not nearly as simple as it might seem. This country is no longer a place where people make decisions about their own lives, for themselves: We are now a completely controlled police state that serves the interests of Zionist Israel, in even the smallest details of everyday life. Virtually everything today now requires the permission of the government before anyone is ‘ALLOWED” to do anything—and this just continues to get worse with the passing of every new day. The old USA is dead; and the government of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation has just begun to shed its cloak of invisibility. Contrary to what the public might think, this event was staged to cover-up the Israeli attack on Syria, that is counting on being able to distract the public long enough to get this new war well under way, by the time Americans can find the time to look beyond the created outrage in Colorado.

“July 21, 2012 Reuters — Israel is preparing for a possible military intervention in Syria in case the Syrian government hands missiles or chemical weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Friday.

“I have instructed the military to increase its intelligence preparations and prepare what is needed so that … (if necessary) … we will be able to consider carrying out an operation,” Barak said in an interview on Channel 10 television.

“We are following … the possible transfer of advanced munitions systems, mainly anti-aircraft missiles or heavy ground-to-ground missiles, but there could also be a possibility of the transfer of chemical means (weapons) from Syria to Lebanon,” he added.” (1)

This self-created act by Israel follows in the footsteps of George W. Bush who used it to launch “Shock & Awe” on Baghdad, in 2003 to start a whole new war on Iraq, on top of the 1991 war that was still on-going. There were NO Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, but the war continued even after this LIE became a proven global-fact. Now Israel is using the same set of lies to justify their impending attacks upon Syria and Lebanon: Ostensibly to thwart an attack upon the unholy non-state of Israel: And the Massacre in Colorado has been tasked with the job of keeping Amerikans pre-occupied until Israel’s latest attacks are well under-way. (And if they can succeed in disarming the American public in the process – then that would just be an added bonus)!

The so-called lone-gunman in Colorado was a Jewish Camp Councilor, but he did not act alone. The back doors of movie theaters during special showings are LOCKED, to prevent anyone from sneaking-into the theater (not to prevent massacres) but to insure that no one can watch the movie without paying for it. And someone had to help make that door open for any of this to have happened. All the talk now is about banning all guns, (and the wearing of any masks in public), but there is no talk of banning all the Jews, or closing down all the theaters; or changing the content of all the films because that might cost the corporations real money, besides they need the films to continue to bend the minds of even more people with every new effort to destabilize the public. They have already done this with all of television. Remember when they forced the television-addicted to buy new sets so that spying and continued mind altering could more easily invade every home in America?

Now apparently it is time to begin to more radically control even more of the so-called entertainment throughout the country—while expanding DHS and the hundreds of thousands of their staff of private contractors into virtually every area of life here; in order to make everyone aware of just how dangerous America has become—now that we have all been labeled as “ENEMIES of the STATE.”

Do NOT be surprised if the government next proposes controlling sexual activity thru new fees and permissions that everyone will “need” in order to control sex and of course the ever-dangerous spread of STD’s. It’s about the only thing that is not totally controlled, yet, which is what makes this so very likely!

But the real phony-issue here will very soon be the unavoidable outcry to BAN all guns! And of course the herd will fall in line and be expected to “do the right thing” that shall of course be the


even though this will hasten all our deaths, right along with everything else they have already allowed to happen by continuing to completely FAIL to control the government that most people helped to create here in the first place.

The outlaws will always have all the weapons they need to keep doing what they do. All that the BANNING of GUNS will do, besides ending the Second Amendment, will be to keep weapons of self-defense out of the hands of most law-abiding people, so that even if people chose to—they will no longer be able to defend themselves against either the criminals or the government when that time comes to try and stay alive.

The rise of ZERO-tolerance, will guarantee the end of this society as nothing else can. People can and should manage their own lives, however this society has chosen not to do this in any meaningful way: Which is both ‘the how’ and ‘the why’ behind our current but nearly invisible imprisonment.

Why have people chosen only this unimaginably-idiotic method of social-control, to rule over the most important parts of our lives? Are we so afraid of RISK, that we will literally do anything to avoid the simplest hint of ‘risk’ when everyone knows that every life always carries with it a certain amount of risk, if that life is to have any real meaning?

If you really want to be “safe” then BAN the OUTLAW STATE, Legalize DRUGS and ban DHS, TSA and Zionists. And of course reinstate the Constitution. But the problem with that is that too many will not get their hands dirty; so ‘we’ shall have condemned ourselves to the Vestibule of Hell because the mindless will never chose any course except one of Apathy—and therefore those people will never be FREE!

Incidentally, just so you know: The militarization of military contractors throughout the system now amounts to 250,000 private contractors, with no employees needed because everyone of them is a manager. DHS is the cover-story of this massive giveaway to private military contractors, all of whom profit massively with every new “fake-threat” that comes down the road. The whole thing is run as cost + profits, like a lottery to supply the Outlaws with all those unnecessary war-toys which are not needed in a Republic, because the people therein control themselves. When the government SERVES its people, and does not enslave them, then all of these Ponzi-schemes and fake-charges will vanish like a morning mist; but this cannot happen without the public taking real-actions to end this nightmare.

Incidentally; because there are so very many of the Apathetic, their indecisions on every facet of this life will most likely take us all down with them—but real people will fight this to the end, because


And that spirit of life will always transcend whatever comes next…

It is TIME to stop buying the government’s BULLSHIT, and instead force them to begin to answer some of those questions that they have NOT answered yet – and in the meantime tell them to keep their hands off the Second Amendment, or be prepared to pay with their lives if they still chose to try and disarm America!

Jim Kirwan

1) Israel plays WMD Card


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