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To Ending the Second Amendment

In society there are cycles that track the RISE & FALL of events in the world, as these things directly affect any people, anywhere. One of these cyclical parts of our world is the never-ending debate about the right of people to protect themselves from whatever threatens us.

In this case what is again at issue is the right to keep and bear arms, so that every person has the right to defend themselves from anything or anyone that threatens them with death. And of course this latest outrage in Aurora Colorado will be used as the much needed Bumper-sticker approach to a much more complex problem.

This country over the last 40 plus years has increasingly sought out oxymoronic solutions to very complex problems—and each and every time we have been DEAD WRONG, in those choices we have allowed to become part of the everyday world, in which we all must share. We allowed the Congress to dump their ‘responsibilities’ when it comes to declaring wars on other peoples in other places. This is both “the why” and “the how” of exactly how it became possible for a so-called self-appointed-dictator to declare WAR upon the people of the United States.

But there is still one more impediment to the New World Order’s attempt to dominate all the people of this country; and in that process to frustrate the one-world government that is being sought as a solution to that which should never have existed in the first place: That impediment is the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

This life-saving provision of the Constitution enables people to protect themselves when everything else has failed them—and there is nothing as vital to the public’s safety as the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The cowardly crowd that will now demand an end to the availability of guns, because of the staged event in Aurora Colorado, does not deserve to live, because they are not willing to take, what they consider to be any of the built-in risks, that are sometimes necessary to preserve life in the face of eminent danger or possible death. This is one of those cases where “responsibility” simply cannot be delegated—it must be borne by the individual that is threatened, and gun ownership is part of the requirement that must be honored as a right under nature and the Constitution—if those who seek to live are to have any chance at all against an overwhelming and Orwellian-force, hell-bent on killing or enslaving the entire population of this nation.

In every nation which has ended gun-ownership, the population very shortly thereafter has become little more than slaves in their own states. It is this fact which has driven the UN program that seeks first and foremost to DISARM the entire United States, supposedly in the name of “world peace.” And just who is the real and most present-danger to this hypothetical “world-peace”? The UN, NATO, USI & Zionist Israel, are the primary criminal-organizations that have been behind all these wars – because nations make wars on people, and when that happens then it is up to armed individuals to prevent the enslavement of nations unable to defend themselves.

Passing laws against owning guns will not stop random violence—but it will hasten the total takeover of this nation by its very own criminal government who has already given control over what was our own military to the UN & NATO: without the public’s permission or even any remotely sufficient-consultation. This has resulted in the government using its own self-created permissions to override the LAWS of this country to enslave the public, while they finish stealing everything we have ever had, or anything we might want to keep for ourselves (Like our lives or our dreams).

For those that say: “THIS CAN NEVER HAPPEN HERE” I suggest you look at all the broken promises, at the impossibly huge debts that have been accumulated and the massive criminality that has crushed everything here, in one way or another, from the elections process all the way down to any and every medical procedure, educational practice, or legal proceeding that is being forced upon us with every passing day.


The public is about to be stampeded into doing away with their own right to protect themselves from the militarized contractors that now wear US badges, but who are in fact serving foreign governments (the UN, NATO & Israel) on U.S. soil. In this instance words alone are not enough, because the threat of  force must be available to the public, if this place is to have any chance at all of surviving against this evil that has come to dominate everything that was once considered to be “American.”

Grow up Amerika—passing paper laws can never guarantee your right to live. But to allow this government to disarm its own people is in this case the last act of this dying-nation. It is also the last major concession needed from you to your OWNERS; to end any chance you might still have to survive these global-crimes against humanity!

Since 1951 the world has been involved in the WAR that succeeded the Second World War. It began with Harry S. Truman, who took a $2 million dollar bribe to allow Israel to get into the UN. Dirty Harry also signed the UN Charter in San Francisco so that there could be an “outside-authority” to allow Israel to join in, at the time. Dirty Harry also created the CIA and the Council on Foreign Relations which took over the international-end of the U.S. Congress back in the fifties.

That first military action of Truman’s has still not been completed – that was the “police-action” in Korea. It was never a declared war because the congress did not approve it. All the wars and international-coups that followed Zionist-Truman’s stint in the oval office were also part of this untitled global-war. Everything that has been happening since the end of WWII has been a coordinated plan of the globalists to prepare the way for them to end freedom around the planet while they continue to scheme their way toward dominating everything and everyone who is not part of these various cabals which have come to dominance of late. The source for this comes from Buckminster Fuller, who died in the 70’s and thus interrupted his very complete analysis of this entire problem.

By the way Amerika, this might come as a shock to many of you—but the US has been slaughtering people around the world with drones and mercenary troops every day, in the same way this attack was carried out in Colorado just a few days ago. But because the victims were not Americans, you didn’t bother to even notice that this is the way the rest of the world now lives in the shadows of the US war machine, with phosphorous shells, DU missiles, air strikes and IUD’s by the thousands around the world—and the reasons we get away with this is that most of those we continue to attack are or were unarmed nations.

The reason that the current Israeli, NATO, US, Mossad, CIA and other forces are were upset with Libya, Syria and Iran is that those nations are or were armed, and in theory could fight back, with real and state of the art weapons—and because of that fact those nations must be overthrown “by any and all means possible” according to Israel and Obama. In this regard we have committed WAR CRIMES by the hundreds in terms of sanctions, invasions, incursions and sabotage that in any normal world would and could have been prosecuted as global-war-crimes. But because the N.W.O. is the aggressor in all of this, no such charges have yet proved to be able to alter or stop this behavior – overseas.

Now these same policies are being carried out against Americans, and IF we allow our weapons to be taken from us—then we shall be no different than Gaza, or Libya, or soon to be Syria or Lebanon. And our future as a viable place will go up in smoke within months of having SURRENDERED our arms that are intended for self-defense from any threat that the people of this nation must finally confront!

Only cowards will surrender UNCONDITIONALLY, even before they have been formally attacked. Obama has by-passed the congress and taken over the legislative branch of this government within the last 40 months having written over 923 Executive Orders in 40 months, solely on his own opinions—and every last one of these treasons is illegal! (1)

Guns do not kill people; the beings that pull the triggers kill people.

And after guns are banned what about knives, must these be banned as well? Some of us can kill people with just our hands, will our hands need to be amputated, to prevent any risk of harm from that category!

Where does all this go? How far will we go to prevent any harm from coming to anyone no matter how slight? TSA has proven that the idea of passing bogus laws and OUTLAWING citizens rights to the freedom of travel, does absolutely nothing to prevent anything: Yet we keep on expanding that criminal enterprise, while we ignore all the criminals and pedophiles, who are employed in that criminal agency!

Pull your heads out of your ass’s people: It’s time to “GET REAL” and to stand up for what you know is your right to survive in this world!

We have to dump the idea that cops and criminals can’t be videotaped or photographed while they are supposedly doing their jobs. We pay these assholes, and when they are supposedly doing their jobs we have every right to record their every act. They can do everything to us including murder—we must have the right to record every single moment of their official actions to prevent them from committing even more crimes, while supposedly “protecting us” from the government and from “them.” Those of you who are so afraid of guns or thugs ought to be demanding total transparency everywhere that any so-called cop is working.

Banning our right to own and keep firearms is not something that an intelligent person ought to even consider—much less try to do—no matter what happens in staged events such as Aurora Colorado!

Whatever happens next:
Tell this government to ‘GO STRAIGHT TO HELL’!

Jim Kirwan

1) The Pre-Emptive Attack on America


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