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“The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly developing a new scanner that can detect everything from traces of gun powder to adrenaline levels

Posted on July 13, 2012, at 7:51 AM
If the TSA’s full body scanners already make you nervous, you may want to cancel your travel plans: A new kind of body scanner, which could be in airports within a year or two, uses a laser to gain nitty gritty details about passengers. Photo: David McNew/Getty Images SEE ALL 41 PHOTOS.

“If the TSA’s full body scanners make you nervous,” says Marc Georges at Mashable, “the Department of Homeland Security’s new molecular scanner may have you locking yourself at home and ordering in for the rest of your life.” The government has teamed up with a subcontractor to produce a new laser scanner that can detect “traces of drugs or gun powder on your clothes,” says Gizmodo, as well as the egg sandwich you had for breakfast and the adrenaline level in your body — all “without you knowing it.” The new scanner is reportedly slated for use in airports and border crossings, but could have other applications as well. Here, a guide to this high-powered addition to the government’s security arsenal: (1)

This is a no brainer – If they choose to use this (or NOT) then the public needs to begin to employ our own weapons on the government, the whole government not just the TSA!

The DRUG problem in Amerika is so bad that every single bill in this country contains traces of cocaine. The next time someone uses a scanner to detect the presence of DRUGS “on your person” – then DEMAND that the cops who arrest you all be arrested for having tested positive for DRUGS, as well. When it gets to court it’s simple, demand that the police empty their pockets and have the contents tested for drugs – it will be POSITIVE for COCAINE!

If the Judge refuses to allow the test, then include him or her in the charges.  Then sue the officers, the state, the judge, everyone involved from clerks to governors to TSA & the White House for FALSE ARREST, IMPRISONMENT ETC.  . Because the standard (for testing for cocaine) was and has been contaminated for decades and the government knows this: just as do the manufacturers of this “new machine” (because it will vastly improve the machine’s so-called accuracy rate) that virtually everyone already suspects of being bogus in the first place.

And what the fck does any of this prove anyway – the government and the MEDIA are our ENEMIES, and it is they who need to have their houses and offices searched, their cars seized their lives turned upside down, and it is all of them who need to be in PRISON – and NOT THE GENERAL PUBLIC who simply want to fly to a destination of their choice. The public needs to begin to form their own INVESTIGATIVE TEAMS (SINCE THE MEDIA REFUSES TO COVER THE EVENTS THAT AFFECT OUR LIVES – Anaheim had a news blackout that lasted for ten days) before the last video even happened.

“Something is happening in Anaheim, California – despite a complete blackout from the mainstream media. Take a look at some of these pictures by award-winning investigative journalist Amber Lyons from Anaheim over the weekend. When we hear terms like militarized police – this is what comes to mind. Officers decked out in full military gear as though they’re about to be deployed to Afghanistan. So what’s behind this? Why are militarized police on patrol in Anaheim? Well – Sunday marked the ninth straight day that local citizens took to the streets to protest police brutality. Nine days after police shot an unarmed man – 25-year-old Manuel Diaz – in the back of the head killing him. Since that shooting…the streets of Anaheim have been the scene of mostly peaceful protests that have at times turned violent in response to heavy handed police crackdowns. Last week – this was the scene in Anaheim – as police in riot gear fired less lethal projectiles like bean bags and pepper balls indiscriminately into crowds of people. 24 people were arrested that night – storefront windows were smashed, and fires were started. And last night – as hundreds poured into the streets for a peaceful march and ceremony for Manuel Diaz – they were once again met with Anaheim police equipped with full military gear. Nine people were arrested on Sunday.” (2)

Now today comes yet another event in Anaheim.  Racial tensions are running very high in Disney’s Home Town – home of Whitey & all his redneck friends as well. So the thugs in uniform probably thought that the long promised seizure of Southern California might be beginning – and IF NOT, then maybe a few more insane cops who sic savage dogs on women with infants and shoot children (rubber bullets are just bullets with a rubber coating) – and YES they can kill you! If the cops deny this then let them give me their rubber-bullets and their guns – and let’s test the fact that RUBBER BULLETS CAN and DO KILL?

Line up the shitheads that have committed the latest crimes, then prepare them by pepper-spraying and tasering each one of the cops for ten minutes. Then I’ll shoot them with their own weapons, (one at a time) and we’ll see just how many of them (without their amour) live through the test? They will be shot in the face and in the genital areas, and in particular I’ll be going for the delicate parts of the body which will yield long-term damage (elbows and knees are particularly vulnerable) – just as they have done too often, to too many citizens with no consequences.

I’m just volunteering to do what has been long overdue – are there any takers in the so-called police-forces in Anaheim or anywhere else that want to put this PUBLIC LIE to a real and very public TEST?

What if every city where this has happened had the local National Rifle Association check the weapons, to be certain that the bullets used are identical with what the police use on the public. Then get volunteers from each city – and have a national telecast carried live by every network (or they lose their license – permanently). Any “officer” who refuses to participate would immediately be charged with attempted murder and would be fired. The officers involved would have to sign a document testifying that they will pay for any damages that are done to themselves: From their own pockets – just as the public has to do whenever we are attacked by these trigger-happy morons that ought to be in jail and not wearing any kind of badge.

And if anyone is killed, or damaged for life, in these tests: Then just like what happens in today’s “shooting incidents” there will be no charges filed against any of the civilians doing the shooting because whatever is done to the thugs – is being done in the name of “maintaining law and order, and getting to the truth behind what the police claim is just harmless police tactics.” Those of us doing the shooting will only be acting as public servants in shooting defenseless officers who say that their weapons are not deadly to the general public.

Here’s the video that sparked my remarks: (3)

This “TEST” of police tactics and methods is a requirement because the so-called word of any so-called officer has become nothing but LIES, LIES and more goddamned LIES – and this is the only way to verify the truth of what they have been claiming since they began to murder the public in wholesale quantities.

This is not sarcasm – this is an actual CHALLENGE for the N.W.O.


Jim Kirwan

1) The airport security scanner that knows what you ate for breakfast

2) Military Blackout as Militarized Police deployed against civilians in Anaheim

3) Anaheim Police open fire and use K-9 on women and children – video


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