Time to Go Hunting!

  Freedom of Speech in the US was terminated in 1968
At the Democratic Convention in Chicago.

At that Chicago Convention reporters were beaten on camera, live on mainstream television, in exactly the same way that demonstrators are beaten today (but without using either pepper-spray or tasers). No charges were ever filed against the thugs in police uniforms, in 1968 for this crime: And NOTHING has changed except that now the public is the target and our freedoms have continued to disappear in the 44 years since that series of crimes against us all were committed by Mayor Daley’s thugs in Chicago.

In today’s world ‘Everything’ is now a business! Private corporations’ are only concerned with gouging the public and screwing us at every turn. One very clear outcome of these practices is that each and every so-called service is a fraud upon the consumers and the public.

Packaging consists of overkill in every way, and we have to pay for this in the waste that must be disposed of. This too has been turned into income streams for both the corporations and the government.

We are now obligated to sort the garbage for the corporations and the government, so that they can make even more money on the waste they have forced us to accept through their overkill at every level of production and distribution. The latest outrage here is the new bucket (red) that is to be used to recycle batteries: They insist on using this inefficient method to power tools, toys and junk—they should be responsible for disposing of the batteries, and not the consumer.

The technology in everything is the responsibility of the manufacturer; and if they cannot find a way that is cost and ecologically satisfactory over the long-term then they cannot then make the product cheaply enough—they should then look to the innovations which they themselves have forbidden; such as carburetors that get 94 miles to the gallon of gas per mile. Batteries need to be totally revised, because the technology as it currently is used is wasteful, inefficient and far too costly over the long term.

All of this crap is in reality the problem which was created by the manufacturers and the corporations which they have passed on to the general-public, with the government adding the fines and “the rules” to totally regulate every aspect of our commercial purchases.

This eats both time and energy and steals irreplaceable chunks of our lives that should never have invaded our existence. If these so-called companies (and the government) had done their jobs right in the first place, none of this would be happening now.

The business of this government and the corporations has always been “BUSINESS.” However the first rule in any business is to “remember the customer,” and to cater to the buyer of the products. This is no longer the case. Now people have lost ‘their choices’ and are forced to buy whatever is offered or do without. All of this is continuing to increase in price, with a continuing loss of service and quality at every turn. The buying public is expected to pay more accepting less and less for their money and in that bargain we have no-say in what is available or in how we must dispose of the waste that comes with everything we use or buy.

This practice is a fraud in almost every aspect of this so-called business practice. Manufacturers’ have a responsibility to package their goods in such a way as to not burden the public or the planet with additional waste. However in today’s world most of what we pay for contains massive amounts of waste that the buyer must assume liability for: This must stop!

Because the business model is skewed in favor of business on all fronts the public must immediately demand at least a 25% cut in the price of everything we buy today; and this reduction must be paid for by the manufacturer’s that have inflated their own profit margins by a great deal more than this: By simply manufacturing everything we buy using slave-wages and offshore factories to enhance only their profits while they are charging Americans even more than they would have, if the goods and services were produced here in the USA.

When manufacturer’s slash their actual costs, to near zero by going offshore; while at the same time increasing their retail prices to the public here—they end up pocketing a huge increase in excess profits that are being paid for with the lost jobs and wages of the American public that they are supposedly selling all this junk to – that was once made here, by the same people which they are now screwing. The standards and practices that were once reliable have also been diminished in the interests of stealing just a few pennies more on each and every product.

This is not just bullshit it’s a fraud because the public has a right to expect products to meet those standards or to not be sold as something which they no longer are. Corporate and government RESPONSIBILITIES have been shredded in favor of unlimited profits for the filthy-rich at the expense of every consumer and citizen alike. Hence if “Business’ wants to continue then either they slash the price of everything in all their stores by 25% immediately or the public should BOYCOTT any store that refuses to voluntarily lower their prices in honor of the massive DEPRESSION which the government and the corporations have created.

What does all this have to do with the direct loss of all our FREEDOMS?

First – this “loss of our freedoms” can be seen by measuring the real increase of the so-called freedoms of business to fck us at every turn. Every time we lose a freedom, the privatized world of government & business reaps a huge new set of profits which they no longer need to justify or deal with; because all the costs of their new freedoms are paid for by the customers—in both time wasted and the real expenses incurred if we do not comply with all their new regulations which ONLY APPLY to consumers.

Ordinary people want to protect the planet, but the methods which the government and the corporations, as well as the UN have chosen, to begin to resolve this mess began with taking away all our freedoms while charging us for every single aspect of everything we buy or use each and every day—this is not the way to even approach this problem—because it penalizes the public to the point of starvation and privation which will lead to death in many cases.

When I was a boy: If the events surrounding Enron had happened in Oklahoma, the fallout we experienced in 2002 and 2003 could not have happened. Why? Because every person who worked there or who was part of the general public but was not in on the crime (had this happened in Oklahoma in the 50’s) would have simply gone to their hall-closet picked up a weapon and gone down to Enron headquarters, found Kenny-boy and shot him, which would have ended the criminality forever for that one man.

That act would have sparked the cleanup of the rest of the criminal government because it would have been clear that criminality at the highest levels in this country would no longer be tolerated. Of course this did not happen, primarily because the nation was not moved (In 2003) to “just go hunting.” This resulted in an $18 billion dollar loss for California alone.

A little further on in life I was stationed on Guam in 1959, as one of the 61,000 troops who were there as part of the cold war. The civilian businesses were owned by ex-GI’s and they treated us like dog-meat. At some point on the island, after many formal complaints, we took it upon ourselves to end this practice, because of an incident in which several GI’s were killed. Without “coming together formally,” airmen, soldiers, sailors, Marines and CB’s all came together as individuals. We stripped off our shirts and dressed in fatigue pants and t-shirts we packed ourselves into trucks from the motor pool and went to town with baseball bats. We smashed every window in the “town” and beat the local owners senseless – no one died. Thereafter we were treated with respect for the money we were forced to spend with them, because at the time Guam was a closed “military island.”

So when things got bad enough then – most people just decided to “go hunting” – of course that was then and this is now. Yet the facts of these cases are still the same; except for the fact that the herd today fails to even notice what has happened to them everywhere and anywhere today. Either we are going to do something about these crimes being committed against all of us or those who continue to order this shit will succeed in exterminating all life on this planet.

The real criminals must be arrested and charged and the WAR on the people of this nation must CEASE! If we continue to fail to ACT, then we shall all deserve whatever we get because we have been silent for far too long…

NOTE: Maybe America ought to use two of our now defunct national holidays for real purposes. We could use The Fourth of July as the day when all corporations must face a vote of the public about renewing their “Corporate Charters.” Unless the public approves the Corporate Charters, the corporations will lose their right to do business, nationally?

The second useless holiday is “Memorial Day” (because all those who died – have now died in vain). Memorial Day would be the day when the public gets to compare the performance of politicians with what they promised and their record of performance over the previous year. Any politician that fails to win the approval of his or her constituents is automatically out-of-a-job and can be charged with any crimes they have committed. The governor would then appoint replacements. In this way we could begin to restore the Republic!

Jim Kirwan


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