Dangerous Delusions

“A group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives is set to launch a media campaign, including TV ads, that scolds President Barack Obama for taking credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden and argues that high-level leaks are endangering American lives.

Leaders of the group, the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc, say it is nonpartisan and unconnected to any political party or presidential campaign. It is registered as a so-called social welfare group, which means its primary purpose is to further the common good and its political activities should be secondary.

In the past, military exploits have been turned against presidential candidates by outside groups, most famously the Swift Boat ads in 2004 that questioned Democratic nominee John Kerry’s Vietnam War service.” (1)

This is a DANGEROUS video, because it reveals both the depths of the governments’ long-term plans against the Republic and the public, while at the same time attempting to speak to what is truly dangerous to the survival of the nation—which in this video is wrong on all fronts, and filled with TREASONS that are clearly still not recognized by those who are sworn to protect us from every action, which the current government continues to initiate.


The video begins by trying to cast all our military actions under the same flag as the one used to cover everything from the Revolutionary War all the way through WWII. The video makes no distinction between everything that came after WWII, which has all been illegal and stands in stark contrast to military actions before the end of WWII.

Everything we have done since 1945 has been offensive in nature and yet we chose to rename the Department of War, the Department of Defense—which is an absolutely clear lie that was done to obscure our true colonial purpose in trying to subdue the entire planet for our own very-real global ambitions.

The video talks about defending our liberties and freedoms: Which we no longer have. We cannot use the jingoistic patriotism of the past to cover-up the blood-drenched modern history of our military- intelligence efforts to crush everything we once supposedly stood for.

The video then launches itself into a series of definitions about military-intelligence that has nothing to do with the current state of that aspect of war-making. Today we have replaced WWII military Intel with political-espionage; thus altering the purposes behind the information gathering. The video also ignores the fact that under GWH Bush ‘human-intelligence’ was dumped in favor of using only technology-based Intel; “because human-intel was too dangerous and unreliable”. Another aspect of ‘intelligence’ was also totally ignored when Cheney & Rumsfeld set up their own intelligence gathering agency in their privately controlled Shadow Government, during the Bush Years—so that Bush could by-pass the CIA and other US intelligence sources, when citing what was used to go to war in Iraq.

The next phase of the video attempts to deal with the importance of “KEEPING SECRETS” secret. “OPSEC” is all about this phase of the shadow-world that actually keeps the secrets which are aimed at the American public secret from that public, which has become the current target of all this firepower.  The secret-plotting and the routine treasons committed by the leadership and virtually all of this government’s illegal-rule, is being carried out by the current fascist police state, and is a by-product of this flawed perspective.

The video blurs the lines between the enemies of the USA and the targets of current military-intelligence which is none other than the people of this Republic. Our former government and anything that might hinder the failure of both the Republic and the Constitution are the targets of today.

FBI Director Mueller is then featured as a defender of this nation—yet he has been the Director of the FBI since just before 911, which the FBI facilitated with their efforts to protect those who actually did 911 from discovery. His agents also were responsible for sending the captured Mossad agents who were caught with explosives in a van with a painting of the hit on the first tower that the public never saw. The FBI released all these agents back to Israel within 15 days of the 911 attack. Mueller should be serving life without parole in federal prison or should have been executed for treason, in a time of war—yet he is still the acting director of the FBI.

Then there is this statement “Politics should never come before national security.” This sentiment clearly shows the mentality behind this video. Anyone without the political slant can never be allowed to have any role in making actual political decisions; but this is the mind-set behind this video. The people who work for intelligence agencies and the military assets that serve them are human-robots that blindly serve to carry out the orders given. They are not sentient enough to be able to distinguish between a legal and an illegal military order. Yet here they are attempting to chastise a traitor to this country (Obama) as someone that they can advise, instead of demanding his immediate trial for TREASON; against the entire country. (All of this has been touched on in just five minutes of the video). This is a VERY DANGEROUS VIDEO.

The stated purpose of this video is “to make sure that Americans know what’s going on. Their mission (in this video) is to stop the politicians from politically capitalizing on US National Security Operations and Secrets.”

Apparently these so-called American patriots don’t give a damn if their leaders are TRAITORS, or if the orders they are carrying out contribute to TREASON, or to the overthrow of the US Constitution and the lawful government which they are supposed to serve. This is yet another case of brain-washing among those hired to carry out the will of the would-be owners of the global-plantation—whose only interest here seems to be keeping their jobs, and not keeping this nation free or safe.

Next comes May 2, 2011; the false-flag murder of a double for Osama bin Laden. This event is treated as if the man who was murdered actually was the real Osama bin Laden—he could not have been that man because he died in 2002 in Tora-Bora, where he is buried. The FBI NEVER listed Osama bin Laden as one of America’s Most Wanted Criminals: Because there was simply no evidence to support such a finding. The video treats the events of May second as if this was the murder of the real Osama bin Laden, for purposes of political gain.

If this assassination had been real—why was the body supposedly dumped in the ocean?  Most believe this was done to prevent an autopsy that could have raised more questions than it would have answered!

Following a lengthy series of revelations about the mistakes that imperiled the methods of the intelligence community, due to Obama’s eagerness to grab headlines most of which is true, they forget to mention that those who did the execution (Seal Team 6) were murdered by Obama. This happened in a supposed helicopter accident that that killed all the members of SEAL TEAM 6, about a month after the execution was carried out. That is critical information, which was omitted here, because if that could be proven, then Obama would have to be impeached.

Here again the complaint being made is about the details of protocol within the Military-Intelligence community when the real topic should have been Treason and the Traitors that committed the crimes of 911 as well as this false-flag murder of yet another stooge whose death had no real bearing on 911 or any of those who actually conducted those attacks. And yes as the video says:

“All of this was done with malice of forethought for a political purpose.”

 But the real malice of forethought is what is still being done to all Americans today by these same agents—against the American public. The “payback” against the members of Seal Team 6 has already happened, and it was done by the same people who ordered the hit on the double who was murdered on May 2, 2011.

At 13 min 50 sec. into the video; the STUXNET worm is introduced. The claims for its origination are clearly broadcast as being a product of US-Israeli efforts to create a weapon. This was used against Iran to hold back their production of Uranium-enrichment: However it was also believed to have been used against the safety-mechanisms in Fukishima’s reactors, to stop the built-in safety measures from preventing the failure of the reactors when they were first hit by the Tsunami. If true that would put the US & Israel at the heart of the nuclear nightmare that the planet is now having to live-with. This is a major Crime against Humanity and yet that potentiality is never mentioned in this video that supposedly wants ‘Americans to know what they need to know” just to keep Americans safe.

The video goes on to detail the president’s KILL LIST, but fails to mention that this is illegal under any and all laws both national and international—because the only thing this video is concerned with are the uses to which this Traitor has put his supposed military-intelligence operatives—having given no thought whatsoever to any crimes against the public or the world, in the course of these actions.

This video is indeed

A VERY DANGEROUS VIDEO for what it does NOT contain.

The “civic duty” these individuals have is to EXPOSE the criminal actions of this president and to DEMAND HIS ARREST & CONVICTION for TREASON. Instead, these “warriors” are only concerned with their dirty-little secrets that need to be kept quiet from the very people that will be killed because of the secrecy, and because of the so-called propriety of keeping things secret that need to become PUBLIC knowledge.

This is the price that will be paid for by all of us for keeping secrets that are illegal to classify in a Republic! It is illegal to classify anything which involves treason by the same government which is supposedly RESPONSIBLE for classifying anything and everything.

Jim Kirwan

1) Navy Seals Start “Swift-Boating” Obama – 22 min video


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