The Day the Drama Died!

Francisco de Goya, The Disasters of War Plate 39
Great Deeds Against the Dead, 1810 etching

I was watching a recent film about the practices of the Stasi Police State in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) as they practiced their black-arts; when something monumental flashed across my mind. The film was focusing on all the ways that a person back in those days could be spied upon, prior to videotape, prior to all the miniaturized bugging devices and especially before the extended surveillance which we have now. However the terror of what was being practiced upon the citizens of East Germany was crystal clear.

I began adding it all up, just to see how this might play out against the backdrop of the Amerikan Police State and our current practices that began with the same techniques, but with far more sophistication than what was used before the Berlin Wall went down. And then it hit me like a bullet in the dark:

What the hell are “THEY” waiting for!

The entire structure of gathering evidence is meaningless now. No evidence is needed because there are no longer any court appearances required. What anyone says or does, for or against anything now means absolutely NOTHING, because there is no longer any system that cares who is guilty or who is not. Once the state has decided to kill you there is no appeal and you will die – it is that simple. If you don’t believe me then you have not been watching anything that has happened here since JFK was murdered.

What has somehow escaped virtually all public notice is that despite all the people employed within the US Department of Justice, along with all the State Departments of Justice, the State and feral Attorney’s General and all the other trappings of “Justice in Amerika” – this country no longer has “Due Process” except for the filthy-rich!

There are people answering the phones and filling out forms but the reality is:


The one thing that is still inexplicable: WHY is any of this deconstruction of so many lives even necessary? All that the state has to do is look at any of us and that glance will tell them all they need to know—because they can see it in my eyes—and in the eyes of most of  those who have been hated by authority for a thousand years:

No further proofs are needed!

This means that on any given day the creatures that hide behind their invisible badges can simply go to any street-corner of any city or town in anywhere, USA and just open fire. This is known as a FREE-FIRE-ZONE, and no one will be charged with any crime for this unchecked butchery: Because to this government every man, woman and child in this country IS now already the ENEMY of all those in power today.

Men, women and children will be slaughtered needlessly, and that will be that! From that moment forward the so-called government will demand total and UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER to Martial Law; so they can finish murdering the entire population.

Of course after they begin this murderous policy they might just begin to get the specific response they have so desperately been trying to elicit from the public for at least the last five years. The result of this barbaric outbreak might surprise the thugs and end in the massacre of almost all the OUTLAW members of the Police-State—as the public becomes evermore involved in answering this bloody invitation to the revolution that will soon be coming from the government to every one of us.

This is serious people; they do not need to gather evidence or spy ceaselessly upon every person in this country—because they will never bother charging anyone with any particular crime—as everyone here is already guilty by association, and nothing further needs to be determined for each or anyone of us to face a firing squad!

Look at the money they’ve already spent. Iraq was supposed to cost only $200 billion—officially it ended last year after well over $3 trillion had been wasted and we lost that WAR! Ah, but did we really “lose”? What about all those stock-portfolios and investments that so many of us held on military weaponry and our attempted global control over oil and resources worldwide. How much of that was the reason so many of us did NOT want to know anything about any of this shit?

WHY was so much money wasted for so little result? That’s easy, because in the case of Iraq it was about the corporate contractors which finally ran its course. In the case of the people of the USA it is ALSO about the contractors and the contracts that can and will make billions upon billions more through spying and spyware, not to mention security overall. This has nothing whatever to do with guilt or innocence of any individual in America—it’s about GREED incarnate!

This has always been about how much money could be made by    spying on every minute corner of every life in this country!

So let’s cut to the chase and let the slaughter begin—it’s what they say they want so why not give it to them? You obviously don’t give a damn either way, so let’s just get on with it!

The longer we wait the more of us will die; so why not seize the agenda from the Outlaws and call the shots for a change?

Jim Kirwan


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