Twelve Years of Broken Promises

“Because of the risks involved in rescue aid workers and human response teams, DARPA awarded Boston Dynamics, Inc. a $10.9 million contract to manufacture humanoid robots that are bi-pedal, built like humans and have a sensor head with on-board computing capabilities. Completion of the project is expected for August of 2014.

These robots are being created to assist in excavation and rescue missions, according to DARPA . They could also be employed to evacuation operations during either man-made or natural disasters.

Kent Massey, director of advanced programs for HDT Robotics , who attended the DARPA meeting in which the purpose of the allocation of humanoid robotic technology was explained, said: “The goal of this Grand Challenge is to create a humanoid robot that can operate in an environment built for people and use tools made for people. The specific challenge is built around an industrial disaster response.”

Another of DARPA’s interests into robotics is the Avatar for the allocation of bi-pedal robots and essential super-soldiers and has devoted $7 million of its $2.8 billion 2012 budget to developing “interfaces and algorithms to enable a soldier to effectively partner with a semi-autonomous bi-pedal machine and allow it to act as the soldier’s surrogate.”

These human-controlled robots will be strong enough to “clear a room” and “facilitate sentry control and combat causality recovery.” Yet these “terminators” would easily be the most effective weapon against civil unrest or radical revolutionaries that did not subscribe to the globalist agenda.

Stanford University’s Aerospace Robotics Laboratory (ARL) wants to introduce autonomous robots into law enforcement situations; such as response in lieu of police SWAT teams.

In high-risk tactical situations, autonomous robots could replace trained personnel without threat of injury or loss of life. Under the direction of a tactical commander, those robots could be released to provide safe and secure assurance of mission completion. Possible voice recognition software could be used to allow the commander to direct the robot, convey commands, and gather information about the environment before deploying human law enforcement.

Autonomous robots, equipped with Taser guns have already been sold to police departments across the nation. iRobot of Massachusetts manufactures PackBot who carries lethal weapons. While these robots were first introduced as assistance in military missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have found their way into local police departments.

The Naval Research Laboratory interests SAFFiR, the Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot. SAFFiR is an autonomous bipedal humanoid robot, based on the CHARLI-L1 robot created at Virginia Tech. This robot can interact with humans with a comprehensive response system that utilizes language – including slang to make it more familiar. A robot that can hold a conversation and fight fires is quite impressive.

In 2008, the Pentagon solicited for the advancement of Multi-Robot Pursuit System technology which is the development of a team of robots to search for and detect human presence in an indoor environment.

These robots, although only semi-autonomous, have been theorized from the gaming community arising out of first-person-shooting games. A team of robots could be under the direction of one human operator. The purpose of this robotic technology would be to seek out and detect non-cooperative human subjects.

The beginning stages of the global Elite’s visions for “robots to hunt down humans like a pack of dogs” are becoming a reality . These robots will be armed and autonomous. Their cranium sensors will be able to “detect human breath and the radio waves associated with a human heart beat.”

A force of robotic “peacekeepers” that are programmed to become violent without remorse – will enable the government to organize and act where human law enforcement may hesitate.” (1)

Over the course of the last twelve years this so-called government has threatened the public with everything from Martial Law and massive evacuations of major cities, to ludicrous poisonings from supposedly necessary vaccines for everything from Hepatitis to TB, and various STD’s. Our children are subjected to massive attacks upon their immune systems from the day they are born, in order to insure that they cannot survive to live productive lives. All of this is being done to compromise and absolutely limit our lives and our futures to nothing worth living. But most importantly all of this is based upon NO REAL THREAT AT ALL – to any American today.

The supposed threats to this country have all come directly from the criminal-government of this country that was also committed to destroying the nation with their attacks on 911—against everything that the nation once held dear. There have been NO NEW ATTACKS on the USA since 911 and yet trillions have now been spent to supposedly protect this place from all kinds of false threats and fake emergencies. The USA is still BANKRUPT!

The solutions in the story above which the general public has NOT called for, will make its promoters filthy rich: So this will obviously be put into practice ASAP. No one has asked the government to provide the public with so much technology to be used against a completely false enemy! In fact the ONLY enemy or EMERGENCY that Americans have ever faced on American soil comes from Zionist Israel and the Criminally-co-opted Zionist controlled government of USI. It’s way past time to end this nightmare.

All of the people in the video, on which the previous article was based (2) have already committed TREASON because they have noted the crimes committed by Obama and his entire government and have failed in their duty to even attempt to charge the leadership of this country with the treachery of their treasonous actions.

Everyone in the video below should be charged with TREASON for their failure to act-against the government as their responsibility as citizens requires them to do. This should be done IMMEDIATELY, and definitely before the farce of the next selection process can begin to spread its panacea-of-lies across the entire face of this decimated place.

This incriminating information mentioned throughout the propaganda in ‘Dangerous Delusions’ confirms the complicity of the military and the so-called intelligence arms of this government (which are too numerous to even list here) that are not just complicit, but confirms the crimes which the last three administrations ordered them to do…

It is one thing to follow orders, and yet another to continue to follow orders once the individuals involved KNOW beyond all doubt that the orders given are illegal and false down to the smallest detail of the actions called for by both the uniformed and civilian leadership of what was once a Republic. This refers to the millions of people that have been falsely arrested just to provide the government with the excuse that “because we are at war, we must take prisoners”.

Beyond this continuing criminality by the government, the military and the would-be-global directors of the War upon America: The American public has been vilified, threatened, tortured, tasered and shot at random, repeatedly and with impunity. For at least the last five years this has been the case without any recourse whatsoever for these crimes—except that it is now clear that there is now NO LAW in this land for those who are not rich.

The nation is destitute and yet billions upon billions are still being committed to all forms of technology and war-machinery that is designed to silence the public rather than to protect us from this OUT-OF-CONTROL bunch of Outlaws that have stolen this nation.

We have had no-voice in any of these outrages, and we still don’t have either a voice or a veto to use against this so-called government: But we do have ourselves and what we value as individuals which we must begin to use against these monsters who are masquerading as leaders in a headless-world; where the ravages of greed and arrogance have already murdered most of what used to be involved in keeping this world in one piece.

Society is a living organism, and is not a synthetic-system that can be operated on like one of the robots that are now becoming more and more a part of our lives whether we like it or not. As a living organism society CANNOT be subjected to what this global-parasite of Zionism’s self-interest is doing to the entire planet. If we fail to include ourselves in the organism that society has always been, then we become part of the robotics that seek absolute rule over all of humanity – we still have this choice, but only if we begin to shut-down everything that has been created in the aftermath of 911.

The “Broken Promises” are really all about National and International THREATS to the survival of the planet and the entire future of the human race which can no longer be ignored. The ‘Broken Promises’ that involved the positive side of government never materialized: What we got instead was the blood-drenched face of fascism in its place!

Jim Kirwan

1) Synthetic Police are Coming DARPA engineering Autonomous Robots

2) Dangerous Delusions (footnote 1: 11 min video)


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