Execution By Firing Squad

DATELINE: Saginaw Michigan
On July 1, 2012, 6 “officers”
Executed Homeless 49-year old
Milton Hall by shooting him 46 times

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The video CNN just purchased has surfaced today and the questions it raises about formal executions by ‘police officers’ are outrageous.

Gerald Cliff, the police Chief of Saginaw Michigan says that the victim was “known” to the police. He was known for being a homeless vagrant, and he had just called 911, when the officers attempted to disarm him. Apparently he had some kind of knife.

Six officers plus one police dog, and the police could not disarm this lone man without killing him? The police are supposed to be trained in hand-to-hand combat, so why did all six officers find it necessary to execute this man, rather than to disarm him and just arrest him? If they thought that this could not be done then they should not have been carrying weapons—because it is the job of police to be able to disarm a suspect, even if there is only one officer and one suspect. When there are six officers and a dog, this should have been a very simple and uneventful procedure.


What for instance was ‘investigated on day one, or day seven or day eleven or day fifteen or day 25 or by day 45 (today)! How complicated can it be to “investigate yourself.” What’s to discover other than what transpires of the video. Forty-six shots to murder a homeless vagrant? And now the police are on administrative leave—do they not have to face any disciplinary hearings for killing a suspect? No fines, no penalties, just another vacation (with pay?), for outright MURDER.

“In the state of Michigan alone there are 1,005,000 registered deer hunters. In the nation there are 5 states that contain 3 million 356 thousand men with accurate, high powered rifles! This says nothing about the rest of the states & doesn’t even touch upon the hundred million other gun owners. Tell me what bunch of costume-wearing, donut eating bureaucrats wants to screw with an armed group that size.”

If the police (nationwide) don’t soon begin to answer for their crimes against the public, then some of those deer hunters might decide to use those high-powered rifles for more than just deer hunting. This was a firing squad, pure and simple and there is no excuse for this kind of behavior by any uniformed group—unless the point is to begin to massacre the public whenever the thugs decide that they should feel threatened.

These are not police and the Chief of that Department, along with all six officers ought to be fired and then tried for murder by the State of Michigan. The unconscionable length of time that has already elapsed without a resolution of this illegal shooting is reason enough for the Attorney General of Michigan to act. If he continues to delay this investigation any further; then he should be added to the list of  defendants and become part of this trial as well—because there is NOTHING  that requires 45 days to investigate here.

The cops lost it and just murdered a man without a second thought and now they want to try and find a way out of it which amplifies their crime and makes the whole thing an even deeper nightmare.

If six homeless males had shot one police officer, (even once but 46 times!) – you can bet that there would have been a resolution on that shooting within hours: But since it’s a bunch of incompetent and cowardly cops then the state is planning to drag this out until the headlines go away!

If the public needs to FEAR the police in every circumstance; then the general public needs to begin to carry their weapons with them wherever they go, in case they encounter any of these mindless-vigilantes in uniform. If the police are nothing more than just another armed-gang that the public needs to fear then we must deal with them as such or die because we failed to protect ourselves.

This instance is nothing new, in fact it is becoming commonplace and anyone who doubts this need only look at how many times this has happened over the last five years—but be prepared to be shocked by the number of these incidents that are never resolved against the police, or indeed against any law-enforcement types…

Jim Kirwan

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