The Anatomy of Empire – Part Two

The lliteral Anatomy of Empire involves the separation of those who control the real Empire from all those who are seeking to join with the original thirteen families who virtually own everything, at least in the paper world.

What has been happening throughout this final phase of the crackdown on the entire planet is that the filthy-rich are trying their best to make the ascension from filthy-rich and powerful into becoming part of the thirteen families: Except that these ancient blood-lines will NEVER share any of their ill-gotten gains with the lowly criminals of the current economic, military, and spiritual circles that have risen to the top, as the pond scum of the world today. (1)

This information has been glazed-over by the filthy-rich, because they do not wish to appear too-hungry or too-eager to graduate into the actual ruling hierarchy of the ancient evil who have finally dropped their own private-cloaks of invisibility.

This topic has not previously arisen because those at the top of their criminally-based corporate entities have not wished to do anything to challenge the real powers behind the scenes. They have instead chosen to assume that they will not be forgotten when the final axe falls. That will prove to be their downfall and will become the reason for their total absorbsion into the dying mass of road-kill, that is about to be the lot for the millions who will soon begin to starve or simply disappear into the camps.

In fact what is about to happen, just before Martial Law, will be the seizing of assets, money, stocks, investments and anything else of value like private aircraft, boats, vehicles, or antiques—anything that has been collected over the decades will become ripe for the harvest which the real criminals will simply take—thus ending any real use the still filthy-rich might offer to the ubber-rich they wish to join.

Now is the time to do this because the tasks assigned to the current filthy-rich have been largely fulfilled and they are no longer needed to control the remaining work forces of the country—and stripping the filthy-rich of everything they own is massively and commercially valuable to the ubber-rich that are, and have always been the actual Empire incarnate.

The “light” at the end of this on-coming tunnel might be contained in the idea that the ‘filthy-rich’ will begin to have second thoughts; while they still have some real power left within their own private empires.

The only real chance the world has to stop this nightmare is to prevent final confrontations with the quasi-military forces of the real Empire, in the streets. If the current criminals at the top of their individual mini-empires were to revolt against the ancient evil-powers now, while there is still time, perhaps the balance and the global-chess-board could be shifted—to upend the tiny minority at the head of this scheme, before they have a chance to overthrow the rest of us permanently!

A little-known fact might throw more light on what has really been going on since 1992. The image is Integrity & Delusion. On September 22, 1992 Long Term Capital Hedge Funds was conned by the Ubber-rich using 4 million dollars as a wedge to leverage that money into a trillion dollar bonanza, on a bet against the markets. The resulting crash ended Long Term Capital Hedge Funds, but this fact was covered up and later used against the markets time and time again and rapidly became the reason for all the bailouts, over and over and over again. This is obviously an oversimplification, but for purposes of actually understanding what has already happened, this could explain the why and how of how the world has been continually held hostage, in order to drain the public dry of every last cent of their money—before the game will be called by the Empire to end any hope of any recovery from the nightmare.

The filthy-rich of course were and are aware of this maneuver but they failed to look deeply enough into the sheer callousness behind that effort. The filthy-rich also failed to even consider that they might not be included in the victor’s circle at the end of this global-con-job.

This entitlement for the arrogance of the ubber-rich comes from the darkness above and beyond the top. The real power lies unseen above the all-seeing eye of the pyramid and when or IF they succeed then the top three layers of the pyramid, just beneath the eye, will be destroyed.

Those layers contain the temporal powers that control each area, as far as the world is concerned. This war between the thirteen families and the filthy-rich could be the break-point that the world has been waiting for. Because if several of the entire layers of current power (at the very top – just below the eye) were to simply disappear then the filthy rich would be absorbed into the faceless masses below that level. This was a major part of the real plan all along!

With the absorbsion of the filthy rich by the thirteen families, something which was planned for all along, but never emphasized—then the families will be completely immune to any attacks from below. Hubris caused this failure to account for the reality that is about to be played out upon those that have always been USED, to make this whole criminal takeover possible.

Here is the first U.S. Coin every minted, but which was never circulated. Note that the eye is not above the pyramid, but the thirteen stars which stand for the thirteen FAMILES, are what is radiating out from the all-seeing eye: Apparently this was too revealing, so the pyramid was adopted instead, to illustrate more clearly exactly what was going on.

But if the filthy-rich revolt, because they have finally realized that they too are now the targets of the Real-Empire; then all of the rest of us have more than a chance, than ever before, to overthrow these bastards!


Once the FEAR that this could generate begins to set-in, between the thirteen families and the filthy-rich, the entire concept upon which this whole enterprise rests will be not just at RISK—it will become a whole new set of crosshairs aimed at the ubber-rich that this entire conspiracy was created to promote. A more fitting end to this nightmare could hardly be imagined…

Jim Kirwan

1) Ring of Power Illuminati Blood Lines – 10 min video


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