Through the Eyes of a Cop!

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his is the new look of the so-called police in America which all too many of us are now familiar with. Dripping with weaponry and for the most part silent when questioned, these creatures now prowl our streets and attempt to terrify the people they encounter. If you call 911, be prepared to become the target of the responding officers instead of the innocent civilians that you thought you were when you made the call—because far too many have been interrogated, tortured, or murdered just because they called 911.

What all this comes down to is “What the cops actually see whenever they feel they are on the line” regardless of the circumstance. In today’s world nothing seems to escape SUSPICION, even the most trivial of events can trigger a major backlash from these uniformed thugs. But what they see and hear and act upon has almost nothing at all to do with what is actually happening: Because today’s “Police-State-Force” has far more in common with Hitler’s SS than it does with anything that ever walked the streets of America before. What’s missing here is the public BACKLASH that should have made itself felt years ago.

Most people are unaware of it but there was a backlash when Bush junior stole the White House – that demonstration blocked the driveway to the White House and forced junior to enter the office he had just stolen by the back door; because there was a crowd of egg-throwing protestor’s that blocked his limousine, when his entourage tried to enter through the front door. It didn’t help that the traitors in the media FAILED to print that story! As a consequence the public from that day to this has never been told the truth about anything that has transpired in the Oval Office since Bush ascended to what he made into his private-throne.

This brings us to a recent extended conversation with a retired police-officer that is close to my age but who comes to this with a very different perspective about current police behavior. The retired officer was annoyed with be for being far too judgmental about how the police do their jobs today: Given that I have never been a police-officer, he felt certain that I could never understand what is involved with what the police routinely do in public today. But you don’t have to follow the lemming off a cliff to know that the fall will kill you. I took his comments to heart and we talked by email about a number of things, but got no closer to agreeing than we were initially.

The Death of Jose Guerena in Tucson Arizona by 71 shots in seven seconds during an unannounced SWAT Raid on his home back on May 12, 2011. No one was ever charged in this Death-Squad Murder of an innocent man either.

Neither the cowardly Marines that Jose served with, the mayor or the District Attorney of Tucson, or indeed no department of the government chose to investigate this EXECUTION of a two-tour vet; even though he was totally innocent of any wrong doing. What I would expect will one day happen is that a small group of individuals will quietly walk into police headquarters and just open fire. And I can’t figure out why they haven’t done that already—because if this treatment stands (as it does today) then no-one is safe and anyone can be executed at the whim of any brain-dead commander with a bug up his ass,

If this behavior becomes the national-norm which it appears to be well on the way to becoming—then what is to stop people from killing anyone they want to kill: Anytime, anyplace or anywhere! (1)

This CRIME and its non-investigation dovetailed into the totally unqualified murder of a homeless man armed with a knife who was murdered in a public place by six executioners in “Execution by Firing Squad.” This happened on July 1, 2012 in Saginaw, Michigan and news of this was just released two days ago, because CNN bought the video-tape. This victim too had first called 911. But it has been more than 45 days since the murder took place and still there has been no ruling on this from Michigan authorities—because they can’t seem to figure out how to cover this up! It’s really simple – fire the cops and then arrest them for murder and give them a trial like they would if the victim had been a police officer and the shooters had been civilians. NOTHING LESS WILL DO, in this instance! (2)

When I look into the eyes of potentially dangerous people that I encounter on the streets there are a whole range of things that I use to try and assess the threat, or lack thereof, as the distance between us gets smaller. However I do not assume that every person I encounter is a criminal, a fugitive or someone that wants to kill me—apparently this is the new view of the public that these retreads from the failed-military bring home with them whenever they encounter any of us in the course of their new police-activities.

I’ve never been arrested in my life. But I have faced down a number of these insolent bastards in the course of everyday living—because largely they have no idea of what the laws of this nation actually are, or how they are supposed to act when attempting to enforce any supposed law (most of which are not laws at all)—they’re just personal-whims cited by uniformed thugs when confronting the unarmed public. Most of the time their actions, if carried out, will end up resulting in huge financial losses to the cities they represent.  Yet they do NOT care because too many of them are too-high on their own belligerence to ever give a damn about anything as trivial as the laws of the nation they supposedly “serve.”

The day will come when these so-called officers will find themselves on the business end of weapons they did not expect; and when that day comes they will rue the days when they treated so many people like cattle instead of like the people who pay their over-priced salaries. These weapon-heavy creatures are not people in the sense of having lives or any real concerns for the safety of others—they are simply barbarians and will soon begin to be treated the way they now treat others: They need to start thinking about that, if they have any brain cells left behind all that amour they wear to protect themselves from the public they are called on to protect!

Back in 2008 I wrote an Open Letter to the Tens of Thousands of Rogue Cops – and I have yet to receive a single response to that letter—even though I have repeatedly cited it in many other articles. Here that is, in full. (3)

These so-called cops have already outlived their usefulness as far as the global-cabal is concerned and are about to be phased out, because the cities and the states have already been bankrupted by the 17 TRILLION dollar DEBT-BURDEN we are all facing today—brought to us by corruption throughout the entire government across the board. So cops will soon only-exist in museum displays of how things were back in the twentieth century when there were enough laws on the books that necessitated real police work.

In today’s world there is no longer any need for investigations of any crime, because any person in the USA can be stopped and questioned without any suspicion, and detained without any evidence at all—by order of the president. Those same people can be tortured, or killed by the government that does not allow those victims to have an attorney or to appear in any court to face any charges at all. All of this was supposedly made necessary because the government decided that every man, woman and child in this place is an enemy of the state—until we can prove otherwise to this fascist POLICE-STATE government. And everything about all of this has been a LIE that dates back to the Revolutionary War supposedly against Britain—which incidentally we actually lost! (4)

If you don’t believe me why not just try asking some cops what they think about the current situation in this country, face to face, and their part in what they are doing to this place? But watch your step because there is no longer any free-speech anywhere here, and hasn’t been since the Democratic Convention in 1968! In fact it is now a crime to QUESTION anything the police demand of you!

Or if you’re serious about changing any of this, then just start using your own conclusions to figure out what you can do to change this in reality—use your own skills and don’t broadcast it, just DO IT DAMNIT and then see if you don’t begin to feel a thousand-percent better once you’ve finally figured out how to say NO—and mean it!

Jim Kirwan

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