Is it too Late to Dump the Media?

We have had a major problem in the United States since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. That was when the major players got together and decided to buy the media, in order to prevent the public from ever again learning anything about what either the government or the gargantuan corporate monsters are doing to the world—anywhere in the world—but especially “during times of war.”

They succeeded and the public has been the poorer for it ever since that became a fact in real life. Currently Chris Hedges and Julian Assange among others are in this government’s crosshairs for their respective parts in bringing real information to the public concerning what goes on behind the scenes in this country and the world. Whenever the topic turns to the military, to corruption or to any of the massive crimes around the world today, the stories never get past the media’s censor. This is true because “national-security” is being used to “CLASSIFY” virtually everything that is done, in order to permanently hide the corporate and government crimes committed in the name of global profits, while supposedly fighting the whole world for control of the planet.

Once this process has been completed, then no one can know the depth of the crimes they have been committed or the truth about what this government has been doing virtually since this all began on 9-11-2001.

Here’s Chris Hedges: “The War in the Shadows”

“Since the attacks of 9/11 the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)—which includes the Green Berets, the Army Rangers and the Navy SEALs—has seen its budget quadrupled. There are now some 60,000 USSOCOM operatives, whom the president can dispatch to kill without seeking congressional approval or informing the public. Add to this the growth of intelligence operatives. As Dana Priest and William M. Arkin reported in The Washington Post, “Twenty-four [new intelligence] organizations were created by the end of 2001, including the Office of Homeland Security and the Foreign Terrorist Asset Tracking Task Force. In 2002, 37 more were created to track weapons of mass destruction, collect threat tips, and coordinate the new focus on counterterrorism. That was followed the next year by 36 new organizations; and 26 after that; and 31 more; and 32 more; and 20 or more each in 2007, 2008, and 2009. In all, at least 263 organizations have been created or reorganized as a response to 9/11.”

There are now many thousands of clandestine operatives, nearly all of them armed and equipped with a license to kidnap, torture and kill, working overseas or domestically with little or no oversight and virtually no transparency. We have created a state within a state. A staggering 40 percent of the defense budget is secret, as is the budget of every intelligence agency. I tasted enough of this subterranean world to fear it. When you empower these kinds of people you snuff out the rule of law. You empower criminals and assassins. One of these old CIA operatives, Felix Rodríguez, was in El Salvador when I was there during the war in the early 1980s. He wore Che Guevara’s Rolex watch. He had removed it from Guevara’s body after ordering Guevara to be executed in the Bolivian jungle. I would later run into clandestine operatives in the Middle East, Africa or Yugoslavia I knew from the wars in Central America. We would invariably chat briefly in Spanish. It was a strange fraternity, even if I was the outsider. The Great Game.

These black forces have created as much havoc, or blowback, in the Middle East as they did in Latin America. And by the time they are done there will be so many jihadists willing to blow themselves up to vanquish America, the Islamic radicals will be running out of explosives. These clandestine operatives peddle a self-fulfilling prophecy. They foment the very instability that allows them to continue to proliferate like cockroaches. The dozens of CIA kidnappings—“extraordinary renditions”—of radical Islamists in the late 1990s, especially from the Balkans, many shipped to countries such as Egypt where they were tortured and murdered by our allies, was the fuse that lit the al-Qaida bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 and the attacks on the Navy destroyer Cole in the Yemeni port of Aden on Oct. 12, 2000. Militant Islamists had publicly vowed reprisals for these renditions.” (1)

And from a video interview with Naomi Wolf on RT

“NW: The National Defense Authorization Act is an absolutely terrifying piece of legislation. Section 1021 was the section that explicitly said this allows the president to round up anyone and hold them without charge or trial. Chris Hedges, a very brave journalist, brought this forward, as well as many activists, including Occupy activists from London. The president’s lawyers were in the court, and I was there listening to this, and to my shame there were like one and half reporters in the room, none of them from major news outlets, when the most important thing ever to have happened to that point was happening. And the government’s lawyers basically confirmed that Chris Hedges could be detained forever for reporting on the Taliban, or reporting on people who could be classified as enemy combatants, or if someone wrote a book about enemy combatants, [if it] was in any way sympathetic to the point of view that the US had too much power in this part of the world. Crazy examples of sweeping powers to detain American citizens and to criminalize dissent and to criminalize journalism. And so this very brave judge listened to the evidence, which wasn’t hard to miss because it was so confirmed by these lawyers, that she suspended that part of it, and so saved the Constitution, where the due process clause is, which guarantees everyone in America the right to a trial.

‘NDAA would have allowed American journalists to be rounded up’

RT: Why hasn’t the NDAA story been a bigger story in American mainstream media? This was a huge issue. This bill was signed in when people were celebrating New Year’s Eve. And then, nobody heard about it on mainstream media. Why do think that is?

NW: When I talk to journalists, senior people who are running major news sites and opinion sites, I would say, did you know that the due process clause was suspended on New Year’s Eve? And their like, “What? Surely not!” Because they did not see the coverage. Any coverage would be buried and obfuscated. And no one’s giving these people orders to not cover it. I was listening to these historic arguments of the American president’s lawyers saying he had the right to round up journalists. And there was no ABC, NBC, no NPR, no CNN, no Fox News, nobody was there. And the best explanation I have is denial. Maybe it’s such a huge story that no one can really believe that this is happening, so we can’t cover it, but I do think that what we’re seeing right now – and I predicted this would happen in November of last year – is a crackdown against Occupy Wall Street, the criminalization of dissent, the bullying of journalists. I think it’s a little to do with what we’re seeing in the news right now, this huge fraud being uncovered in the banking sector. HSBC, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Barclays, Bank of England, fraud, fraud, fraud. Not marginal fraud, but clearly systemic fraud.” (2)

How is it that American Media can keep things like NDAA from being discussed as a major news story in American media? One reason is that such stories will never interest the ball-games & barbeque crowd, because in their world this simply could NEVER happen here. But beyond this rather simplistic excuse, we have the fact that media has become a partner with the corporate-pirates and the with the government of the Fascist Police-State to prevent any real stories from reaching the majority of the people of this place—because all of the major media has joined with the government and the corporations which the “media” is supposed to be in business to keep “honest”: The truth is that the media today is the propaganda arm of the New World Order and nothing more.

When the nation was founded journalism existed to keep the really huge crimes and criminals in check, along with acting as a balance against criminality inside the government at all levels: None of this is any longer true today—because big-business was allowed to buy up the media in all its forms so that the public could no longer get the truth from any outside source (except from the networks of other nations and the internet). The consequence of this piece of tyranny, disguised as capitalistic-corporate-policy (designed to be business friendly) to the point of endangering all life in America today and is still the unexposed traitor in the midst of American society which the mass-media has become.

This brings us to what was done about another outrage, during the Vietnam War: The 1970 Bank of America Fire. Contrary to the do NOTHING protests in this country of 2011 – there was a time when protestors knew that they had to fight the corrupt cops and bullies of the government to keep their ideas afloat and themselves alive.

“Forty one years ago, radicals used bombs, not boycotts or petitions, against Bank of America. In the Guy Fawkes tradition, student and underground revolutionaries burned three BofA branches in 1970 during a wave of violent protest. The first incendiary incident began on Feb. 24, 1970, as campus unrest spiraled out of control at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

According to talk radio host Jeff Rense’s website: “The immediate spark was the arrest of a young black militant, accused of using obscene language in public. As deputies tried to take him to jail, they were attacked by 50 of his sympathizers. That night, a mob of 400 attacked local realty offices, which, students claim, charge inflated rents. The rioters also broke every window in the Isla Vista branch of the Bank of America.”

The following day, the outspoken William Kunstler, attorney for the Chicago 7 leaders charged with conspiring to riot during the Democratic National Convention in 1968, made a rousing speech at UCSB’s Harder Stadium. According to Coastlines, UCSB’s alumni magazine, “Shortly after the speech, police apprehended and beat a student for carrying an open bottle of wine on the walk back to Isla Vista, sparking a volatile reaction from the students.

While the speech itself may have aroused emotions, the long-standing attitude toward the police played an important role in escalating events at Santa Barbara, where students already felt aggrieved by reputedly heavy-handed law enforcement tactics.” (3)

The violence which killed no one did alter policies about how to deal with protestors of the Viet Nam War, along with altering BofA policies toward the public and whatever else happened because of the event.

It would seem that Amerika’s Media needs to be re-examined in light of their virtual complete sell-out of the public when they formally joined the forces of darkness that have taken over this nation today.

Since the media is supposed to serve the public and not the government, the public needs to begin to think about revoking the broadcasting license’s of all stations along with demonstrating our indignation about the way they continue to lie about everything for the government and for the corporate-criminals that want to end this place as a Republic and as a country in any real sense. Those network affiliates in every-town USA need to be surrounded and reminded that they have real jobs to do which they have been ignoring since 1975!

This WAR against the American public needs to clearly show the public who is on our side and who is OPPOSED to the majority in this place—and as of now the entire media has become one of our major enemies and must be forced to admit the facts, or face the loss of their publicly-held license to broadcast anything.

At the moment this might not seem possible because the ball & barbecue set will always demand to watch their games; but as this worsens most people will soon enough begin to face real problems with food and water along with everything else, and if we want to have any voice in this coming LOCKDOWN, then we must force the media to re-evaluate their current stance or face forced closures.

Jim Kirwan

1) The War in the Shadows – Chris Hedges

2) US Instigating Violent Crackdown on whistleblowers, dissent

3) The 1970 Bank of America Fire Bombings


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