PROHIBITION Returns with a Vengeance!

Illustration by David Dees

Prohibition was the law of the land for awhile, and then it was repealed by an overwhelming majority of the people of this place.

What has happened in the intervening years, to the present moment, is that Amerika has now become hostage to corporate-business standards that are no longer regulated or controlled.

This has left the public at the mercy of 80,000 new laws annually; all of which seek to enforce massive regulations which do not permit any choice, in any area of our lives, much less free-enterprise when it comes to how we can live what’s left of our lives.

The nation repealed PROHIBITION only to have everything else prohibited by the New World Order, under the guise of the FDA, EPA, and Agenda 21.  All the rest of the criminally-slanted agencies that have come, not to save us but to crush us, must be forcefully cleansed from American life, in total!  And while we’re at it we must put real limits on the number of government agencies and the number of people devoted to enslaving this population.  There must be a limit on the number of prisons, and number of things that can be outlawed in the USA.

Prohibition was a criminally-crafted artificial restraint of choice, forced down the throats of all Americans in the name of a puritanical idealism that could never work. It lasted a mere thirteen years, but it MADE the mafia and organized crime what they are today; while it sought to instill a near-religious zealotry that outlawed personal choice, upon a once free people, this was NEVER the business of the government to meddle in, in the first place.

However, now after ‘PROHIBITION’, that same evil side of government has elected to prohibit everything else in our lives from becoming part of living-life in the USA. Anything that makes any money must now be given over to mega-corporations or the government: Because whenever anything other than that is attempted it will not just be punished but it will be eliminated by the government—in the name of protecting the public from everything in life except the current criminal government itself.

The amazing thing is that PROHIBITION remained the policy for only thirteen years—yet the affects of that travesty against every American still haunts our every act today!

What “Amerika” has become is a totally controlled slave state that is in-service to the New World Order, and yet this FACT has still not been recognized by the dumb-ass public who continue to stumble through life as if none of these new Orwellian laws have had any effect on our daily lives at all. How cynical this has become? To have actually done-away-with the national PROHIBITION against alcohol; only to institute the same prohibitions against the people’s right to engage in commercial enterprise in every other area of life! (1)

From lemonade stands to organic foods and beyond nothing is legal in this country anymore and what is still permitted is so heavily laden with permissions, licenses and fees as to be prohibitively ridiculous: And none of these new regulations are legally applied. However, because the government has introduced all these limitations under false headings and illegal measures—there would seem to be no way to counter this massive attack upon the whole of life in what once was the United Stated of America.

The people must terminate these illegalities and must stop
the government that created all of it!

Obama and the Agenda to Destroy America – David Icke:

“These new and old major powers still face yet another novel reality that is in some respects unprecedented. It is that while the lethality is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historical low ~ In earlier times it was easier to control a million people, literally, than it was to physically kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than it is to control a million people.”

Brzezinski talks about an area of the world called Eurasia; which is basically an area of the world from Europe across to China. What Brzezinski says is “you control Eurasia, you control the world.” The cabal wants to take over this area, take a look: The number of countries (On the map in the video) that have been invaded or have regime change or who are being targeted: First of all the Ukraine, they use things to get the people like the various color-revolutions (brought to us by Soros) – the powers that want to be are targeting this entire areas because they not only want to take it all over, they want to trigger a war with China and Russia: The Third World War that their documents have talked about for a very long time.

This is not America doing this; this is the Cabal doing this through America. The idea is to use America to destroy America. Why? Because when you want a world-government dictatorship you cannot have any superpowers that have the military and financial might to say NO to what you’re saying must happen! …And there’s more at the link! (2)

While this is happening in Eurasia the Zionistas are continuing to press their claims for The Greater State of Israel which involves all or parts of these nation-states that are still continually under siege by Zionist Israel and their surrogate – the USI.

This involves a tiny piece of Turkey, half of Syria, half of Iraq a tiny bit of Iran, about a third of Saudi Arabia, all of the Suez Canal and about half of the Red Sea, plus about a third of Egypt. In addition this involves all of Jordan and Lebanon, along with a Palestinian-free Israel. So when we add this map together with the map in David Ickes recent video (footnote 2) you can easily see what the plan is for the immediate future of the planet—unless the world comes together to stop this continuing nightmare.

Ultimately it is to accomplish this outrageous land and resource theft of Asia and the Middle-East; along with the slaughter of four-fifths of the global population, by the One-World global powers that can only succeed if we can be neutralized by Israeli greed in the Middle-East and the Orwellian plans of these same global-powers to absorb all of Eurasia. This is their idea of a one-world government where no one can exist that does not UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDER EVERYTHING to the plans of these global outlaws.

This plan includes: the totally illegal takeover of all American rights, laws, and our status as human beings. This must be crushed if these global-pirates are to be ended and their thoroughly criminal global-schemes destroyed! We have given them so much power over us that we have got to say NO now—before they kill us all.

The idea that this nation needs to have those in it who can PROHIBIT  the rest of us from doing anything—goes against everything that was envisioned when we tried to found this place. We don’t NEED monitors or CENSORS – we are free people and we will manage our lives, for ourselves: This government and all its’ MINDERS can go straight to Hell, or face what will soon become an enraged nation that will not bother taking prisoners, we will simply crush the current crop of the politically-correct in EVERY FIELD OF ENDEAVOR!

We can either wait for life to become unlivable or we can choose to take this fight to our oppressors now; and terminate their global plans while we free ourselves from this tyranny that so far we have chosen NOT to see! (3)

The fact that this shit has to be written down indicates the lengths to which we have sunk and the failures to which we have succumbed to in these last twelve years that we built upon greed and corruption incarnate – worldwide. Apparently every other country on the planet agrees with this observation – just ask Joe! (4)

Jim Kirwan

1) Everything is Illegal in America – 41 min video

2) David Icke – Obama and the Agenda to Destroy America – 6 min video

3) Is it too late to Dump the Media?

4) Joetalk What’s Going to Happen Part 1 – 26 min video


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