The Turning Point – Part One

We have finally reached the ‘Turning Point’ where reality meets the shadow world head-on. A question was recently asked that opened the door to what is happening to us and to what we have not done about any of this ever-deepening death of the planet and most of us who live here:

 ‘Chemtrails: Why in the World are They Spraying’
The Answer to this is multi-dimensional, but ultimately
It’s crystal clear.

Since the 1970’s weather-modification has been a key component in the global war to capture the people and the planet. The goal has always been to “own the food & water” in such a way as to force the population to depend upon those who can now control the water and the food as the ultimate weapon of subjugation and control: Therefore for the first time in history, absolute control over the political and monetary systems of all nations, in their version of a one-world-government, is not just possible it is becoming the only non-choice available. (1)

Creating the process:

“In 1886,… in the case of Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that a private corporation is a person and entitled to the legal rights and protections the Constitutions affords to any person. Because the Constitution makes no mention of corporations, it is a fairly clear case of the Court’s taking it upon itself to rewrite the Constitution.
Far more remarkable, however, is that the doctrine of corporate personhood, which subsequently became a cornerstone of corporate law, was introduced into this 1886 decision without argument.”

This decision granted personhood to Corporations and opened the door to what has since transpired. None of this had ever been envisioned by most people. When corporations were created they were used as a commercial advantage that was to be used and then dissolved upon conclusion of the reason for creating a corporation in the first place. What the 1886 decision did was to allow corporations not to just have the same rights as people, but they were also granted immortality, because in theory corporations can now live forever.

With the rights of personhood, but none of the responsibilities that people have always had in any “legal-right” which is recognized as being ‘legal’ – the corporations launched their first draconian moves into their ownership and ‘control’ of all of life on this planet. We need to begin to ACT accordingly, in responding to this crisis. Why has no one been arrested—anywhere?

In the 1930’s a number of convoluted legal decisions were made that extended the ability to patent parts of life and nature, specifically to corporations, for the purpose of adding to the available product-lines of major corporations, by protecting their supposed additions to living things, but which thereby granted them total control over various life forms, including  the human genome system; specifically to those corporations with the patents (on life, plants and animals, including people) that have been illegally conferred. Basically declaring that Corporations could become gods whenever their bottom line is to be expanded.

“Living Things Can Be ‘Manufactures’ for Purposes of Section 101

Almost 30 years ago, the case of Diamond v. Chakrabarty, 447 U.S. 303 (1980), pitted the Patent Office – which had rejected the applicant’s patent claims – against microbiologist Ananda Chakrabarty and his employer, General Electric. Chakrabarty had developed a “human-made, genetically engineered bacterium [that was] capable of breaking down multiple components of crude oil.” Id. at 305. The Patent Office, “[r]elying on the legislative history of the 1930 Plant Patent Act … concluded that § 101 was not intended to cover living things such as these laboratory created micro-organisms.” Id. at 306. The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, disagreed. It upheld the patentability of Chakrabarty’s new living bacterium.

As a general matter, the Court concluded that the text of Section 101 sweeps broadly: “In choosing such expansive terms as ‘manufacture’ and ‘composition of matter,’ modified by the comprehensive ‘any,’ Congress plainly contemplated that the patent laws would be given wide scope.’ Id. at 308. In addition, quoting the legislative history that accompanied the most recent major rewrite of the Patent Act (in 1952), the Court put a gloss on the text of the statute that has proved, in subsequent cases, to be quite powerful: ‘The Committee Reports accompanying the 1952 Act inform us that Congress intended statutory subject matter to ‘include anything under the sun that is made by man.’ ” (3)

With the above in place, Monsanto and others entered the world of weather-modification to complete their previous manipulations of the seeds that are the foundation of the food supply which they were pivotal in ‘genetically engineering’ to ‘literally create’ variations of nature which have wiped out most of natures own versions by artificial means.

The consequences for the people of the earth are that very soon the only things we shall have to eat or drink will all be poisoned so that the public will be forced to consume only these genetically modified foods and plants along with our now poisoned water supply, as is so clearly spelled out in the video of footnote one. The final result is that no one will be able to escape the poisoned food, the contaminated water or the soon to be nearly unbreatheable air—this INSANITY is being done in the name of cornering absolute control over all the food and water on the planet.

This is possible because Monsanto will have the only seeds that can survive in the newly about-to-be-created conditions of extreme-weather that will destroy the trade-winds, the oceans, the moisture distribution, as well as the literal chemical and mineral conditions of the entire planet. But even with the trade-offs that Monsanto will provide (for a price), the global population will not be able to eat or drink anything that has not been either poisoned or contaminated so that this corporation can rake in obscene amounts of money. They will also be working with the criminal-government and the military to force the people of the world to unconditionally surrender to their one world order. That’s why these criminals have not been charged with any crimes?

In the everyday world the spraying that is being questioned in the video is producing huge toxic changes to all of the mineral life and to the actual moisture conditions for any crops to grow in. To compound this nightmare government is promoting LOST (The Law of the SEAS), to capture all of the water on land as well as in the oceans.

However their current assault upon the people of the USA has created what amounts to the dumping of toxic wastes upon privately held land (and people). that in reality is creating toxic-super-fund-sites that by law must be cleaned up.

The government now claims to own all the water, and the air. But this has yet to be proven in court. The Patriot Acts (1 & 2) have sought to undermine private control of both money and land, but these assertions have yet to be challenged in court as well. So the fact that the government and the corporations are creating these deadly wastes in the water before it actually comes back to earth as rainfall, matters.

By the way the man in Oregon who was charged with stealing the rainfall on his own land should have registered his property by filing a “mining claim” and a “homestead claim.” Had he done that then the mineral and water rights on or under his land would have become inviolate: Because those laws are the way in which the Corporations have been stealing both water and mineral rights all along; that’s why allowing a corporation to have the rights of a person is and was so important. We need to begin to use their own criminal-actions against the corporations, the military and the government if we are to even begin to fight back!

The toxicity that is being sprayed deliberately is changing the weather worldwide and is changing life on the ground in many, many places. This must be treated as the toxic-attack upon all life that it has become. Legally the EPA must clean up these toxic dumping sites (Over most of the USA) which the US military and Monsanto are creating because this is a major Crime-Against Nature and Humanity.

If they own the water then they MUST clean up everything they’ve done to date: If the water is not-clearly owned then they must still clean up the toxic mess they have produced upon the land and waters of the country, regardless of who owns the land, because the government is charged with maintaining the health and productivity of the entire country.

“Do as I say, not as I do”

How did we get to this self-created nightmare? The primary criminals in all of this are the now completely corrupted congress, at all levels.

It has been said that the US is creating 80,000 new laws (regulations) every year. But no one could read or understand 80,000 convoluted new ‘laws’ so how is this even possible?

Congress does not read the bills they sign into law. Yet by LAW, they are each responsible for whatever they vote FOR, in the public’s name! If they have not even read what they have approved of, on behalf of the public who are the victims of this fascism, then they have violated the most basic part of their congressional duties.  Remember that Congress only actually works 57 days in the entire year, yet they have massive benefits which include their entire salary for life as part of their personal retirement, along with the best medical coverage anywhere in the world for free—for life!

Yet this same congress now wants to slash Social Security and indeed the entire safety net for anyone in trouble in this life. I suggest that before congress is allowed to touch anything that is part of the settled law in this place—that we MUST first cut all the legislative benefits and the retirement bonanza for every member of congress; long before we even begin to look at stripping our citizens of any more of their hard-earned benefits!

Moreover as the congress has passed all these criminal-actions against the public, and they did not bother to read any of the legislation: Then it is the CONGRESS that must be held accountable for the types of extortion these criminally-approved laws have led to upon the public and the republic. Most of these rich-bastards are lawyers, and in any event they KNOW what they are doing and exactly just how ILLEGAL their actions have been—in furthering the interests of a foreign nation (Israel) over the rights and survival of the American people who are routinely raped and punished time after time by the laws they pass.

Over 300 members of the 535 member congress have sworn a legal oath to Israel over the validity of the oath they swore to; when they became officials of the US government—and still nothing has been done to correct this TREASON either!

That is why we have arrived at this “TURNING POINT.” But it is not enough to simply identify the criminals they must be removed from government, stripped of ALL THEIR ASSETS, and treated as the global-criminals they have become. These people, this government and all of the corrupted corporations will never be able to change what they have become. Whatever the punishment turns out to be must reflect this fact along with the massive number of treasons they have committed in addition to the millions of people that have died around the world so that this cabal could steal trillions upon trillions of other people’s wealth.

Remember that 2013 will be the 100th anniversary of the absolutely WORST hundred years in the history of the planet. More violence, more bloodshed and far more criminal activity than could ever have been imagined before—thanks to our “technology!” We should mark the end of this “Hundred Years of Blood & Savagery” by ending its leadership forever!

Jim Kirwan

1) Chemtrails: Why in the World are They Spraying – 1 hr 12 min video

2) U.S. Supreme Court Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific

3) Patent Law: How Patents Grew over Time to include Living Organisms


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