. . . And we’re sinking again

Millions have wondered about ‘What’s Going On’ – and it has all been happening right before our eyes, yet we have chosen not to see the obvious. We are living through the second burning of The Library of Alexandria; this time it’s the global destruction of both the history and the memory of the world.

Our cities and states are about to repeat what happened to the Inca’s, the Mayans, the Greeks and the Romans and all the millions of other lost cities and civilizations, just like Babylon. All of that early history of man died because they failed to pay attention to what was needed for their version of the world to even exist. Just like all those early efforts of Empire to conquer their individual worlds for greed and power that could never be used to conquer others completely – because every Empire has always failed in the end—and this one will soon join that long list of failures that always ends in the dust & ashes that buries every folly committed on this planet.

Our weapon of choice has been “TECHNOLOGY.”

Civilizations rise and fall based on the success or failure they had at maintaining their own infrastructures, and we are no different.

In our case we have used ‘technology’ not to advance ourselves or humanity; rather we have chosen to devote all our energy and technology to creating death, disease, poisons and toxic chemicals of all types to end the civilization and hasten the complete destruction of the human race. No such policies could ever end in success, because everything in this place is now devoted to corruption-at-all-levels and the end of any possibility to change anything which could bring about an actual renewal; inside the rogue-states that continue to seek death over life in all its forms.

Inside this country we have systematically destroyed our industrial and human capacity to achieve or to even maintain any of what we once were proud to have. We have presided over industry after industry where we have allowed whole fields of endeavor to disappear completely because we thought ‘technology’ could simply do everything—when the fact is that “TECHNOLOGY” actually requires more people to keep it functional, than was the case before technology began to end our way of life.

When Amerika subscribed to believing that all people could simply be used as pawns, to fill any vacancy in the job-market, we lost any hope for any real recovery. Most of the physical-professions require years of training to acquire the knowledge base that was built over centuries of time and experience—and this required apprenticeships—in order that every upcoming new crop of professionals could continue the traditions and could also improve and modify each of their skills for the coming challenges that each new year always brings to all who are struggling to live as well as to survive.

With the end of so many career fields and artisan-crafts that now face extinction (welders, steel-workers, wood-workers): All facets of those people that had an intricate-working knowledge of their crafts are retiring and there are no people to replace them: This society can no longer care for itself. Without welders PG & E cannot fix its problems, trans-oceanic shipping cannot function without those individuals that KNOW welding in all its various forms. Machinery that moves and keeps this society functioning cannot continue to function without that specific and precise maintenance that keeps the society alive!

This happened because ‘business’ refused to pay for the training necessary to create the next generation of special-skills people: Basically because the filthy-rich wanted to skim off all that money to inflate their own private profit. In a world where people spent a lifetime building particular business, only to see them sold and dismembered for a quick buck. It is not surprising that no value was ever placed on keeping anything besides personal profits alive, inside virtually every endeavor that comes under the heading of just BUSINESS.”

In today’s world “EVERYTHING IS BUSINESS!”
ALL PROFITS go to the top echelon of Every Enterprise,
The slaves that made this possible are EXPENDABLE!

For all of this we have TECHNOLOGY to thank, because ironically since we fell in love with technology we have been going backwards at the speed of light. And it is “WE” who did this.

“Everybody complains about ‘politicians,’ everybody says they SUCK! Where do they think politicians come from? They don’t fall out of the sky; they don’t pass through a membrane from another reality, they come from Amerikan parents and Amerikan families and Amerikan homes, Amerikan schools, Amerikan, businesses, Amerikan churches, and Amerikan Universities and they’re elected by Amerikan Citizens.

This is “the BEST WE CAN DO FOLKS?” This is the best we have to OFFER? It’s what our system produces: Garbage in-Garbage out” (1)

America was once the leading nation in the world when it came to creativity and innovation. Then we decided to allow our filthy-corporations to steal all the copyrights from those creative people, so they split; they went elsewhere and took their creativity with them.

We then did the same thing to the traditional creative arts and now this parasitical procedure has come to the building arts and trades in the form of OUTSOURCING. Amerika decided retroactively that the skills we now lack could be outsourced to slave labor overseas. But this has not worked. The Chinese and all the rest of the world can’t simply imitate what they have stolen from us, they must adhere to the specifics and since they refuse to do this (preferring to cut every corner for illicit profits) – we now no longer have standard measurements in the building trades or in very much of what used to be dependably solid products.

The cheap metals fail (due to substandard ingredients). The products that we designed with built-in obsolescence have become almost instantly obsolete, thanks to the shabby practices from almost everyone we have exported our jobs to. This was all about driving down the costs of production to yield huge unearned profits—but there are major costs for doing anything this way—and we are now paying for this in so many ways that we never saw coming, back when we decided to stop paying anyone who was not an executive to be involved in the production of anything that is sold to anyone in the world today.

This is a perpetual circle of obsolescence that keeps us stagnant, and when combined with the fact that workers-pay has been going backwards since 1973 (the date when the Tri-Lateral Commission was first formed).

What cannot be outsourced are services that must be dealt with here. Government services such as the CIA, FBI, and all the government bullshit that is staffed by idiots sucking at the public teat. We can’t do away with these agencies because they KNOW too much.  Years ago we tried to end the DEA, and ended up creating a separate gang that was not just well armed but extremely knowledgeable about things that were a serious threat to the CIA’s control over the drug trade here, as well as internationally. Consequently we have created a monstrously inefficient government bureaucracy that is nearly worthless, but cannot be done away with without collapsing the entire government.

Here’s a fascinating series of revelations that come from Sibel Edmonds, an FBI whistleblower who began by being naïve, but who has grown into a major headache for this corrupted government. Her new book is called “Classified Woman” (2)

The New World Order seeks to diminish the global-population of the planet to something more like farm-animals that can be fattened up and harvested when needed. However in that process they have totally underestimated what is actually needed to keep any kind of world functioning, anywhere on the planet today. All they have ever worried about is how to get everyone who works down to making no more than $15 an hour, regardless of their skills – except of course for the self-appointed owners; for whom there are NO LIMITS on how much they can make or own. This imbalance will be the official reason for whatever ends up killing most of the life on this planet—and ironically if we had just paid attention to what really threatens the whole earth—none of this could have happened.

If those of us who are awake had just stood-our-ground and did what needed to be done, then this picture might be far different than what it has become today.

Remember all their threats and obscene promises
That did NOT materialize?

Chicago was not evacuated; the Olympics were NOT the beginning of the next World War. And for all their posturing and positioning of troops and equipment America has still NOT been formerly INVADED by troops from anywhere—YET! The one threat they failed to identify has however materialized: That would be the Chemtrails and the toxic poisoning of the whole planet! (3)

The people that have corrupted everything today cannot be retrained, imprisoned or re-programmed: We have tried all that and still no one goes to JAIL, no one is INVESTIGATED, and no one is even ARRESTED FOR ANYTHING. They must be eliminated.

So Atlantis is sinking AGAIN, but this time it will be us who will disappear, unless we find a way to finally clean the current slate of government and start anew.

By the Way this is the now defunct LABOR DAY, for which there are almost no more unions left to celebrate ~ this joins the 4th of July, for which there is no more freedom to remember, and Memorial Day, which celebrated the millions who died for this country that have now died in vain, because we no longer have a country. We’re just another filthy corporation now!

Enjoy the Games & the Barbecue!

Jim Kirwan

1) I Don’t Vote, Where are all the Bright, Intelligent Americans – George Carlin – 3 min 21 sec –video

2) The United States of Terrorism

3) The Turning Point – Part Two


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