Civilization is the Great Lie

Ghost Dancer Crazy Horse: “We are what you say, one earth one mother, one does not sell the earth the people walk upon.”

John Trudell: … “The Great Lie is that it is ‘civilization’. It’s not civilized, it has been literally the most bloodthirsty brutalizing system ever imposed upon this planet. That is NOT civilization that’s “the great lie.” … The great lie is that it represents ‘CIVILIZATION.’ That’s the great lie, or if it does represent civilization and it’s truly what civilization is; then the great lie is that civilization is good for us.

It is NOT in man’s destiny to destroy the earth. That is arrogance.

The Trinity-of-Change: Guilt, Sin and Blame.

What it is man’s destiny to do, is to destroy civilized man’s ability to live with the earth. We as human beings, if we take responsibility for our lives and live our lives in a coherent manner, as coherent as we possibly can anyway—then we will have an influence into curing this disease—but earth will not allow (it), then the anti-biotic will come in a planetary sense. If it means open up the ozone’s and wipe the civilized man out, then the earth will do that. The earth will continue on.

Maybe we should be developing our loyalty to this planet and this earth and our future and our descendents: More than we should be to (the) governing political systems that have created all these problems.

Now most people are trying to find solutions for problems, but they’re trying to do it within the confined abstractions of ‘democracy’. And so, if they’re not willing to think objectively about our responsibilities towards our own descendants; then they will come up with no solutions. They will only perpetuate the enslavement infinity.”

 John Trudell from the 2005 film about his life: “Trudell.”

John Trudell’s entire family was burned alive to prevent his work from continuing, because as the FBI said:

“He’s extremely eloquent … therefore extremely dangerous.”

Throughout the entire travesty of our dealings with native populations, inside the U. S., we have routinely used “Surplus Lands” as a way to condemn the lands that were awarded to the natives as part of our treaty obligations to their nations. This is also how we are now treating what used to be our right to own lands by so-called American citizens in order to allow the government to steal our mineral and water rights to the properties that individuals supposedly “own.” Because just as we once used PROHIBITION to condemn certain private behaviors to tax and change our personal habits—we now have reversed the whole of every life in this country by PROHIBITING every action that was formally ours to chose or not chose as a free people—and just like the enslavement of the entire native populations—this government has now altered the very fabric of all our lives in this lawless place that was once America. (1)

If we are to survive then we must return to the basic understandings which motivated life before we adopted this so-called “civilization” that has raised its ugly head and now perverts every aspect of the dying world which surrounds every man, woman and child that is trying to survive on this planet.

John Trudell gave the world an example of what it means to live a worthwhile life. If we are to succeed more of us must stand against the government-horror and the fear—and accept our responsibility for what we have done to the planet and to most of the people that we are still waging war against, around the world today: Because in truth, CIVILIZATION has become THE GREATEST LIE!

Jim Kirwan

1) PROHIBITION Returns with a Vengeance


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