Still Nobody’s Even Been Arrested!

NYPD Arial Photograph 9-11-01 (2)

In just a few days there will be an Anniversary unlike any other:
The Insider Attack on America of 9-11-2001

Prior to 9 -11-01 the USA was still soundly asleep; our heads still firmly planted in the muck and the corruption that had already consumed nearly all of us.

After that day the United States went into a massive cover-up of everything that happened before, during and after the attack. Not only was no evidence collected, but all the debris from the site was very quickly collected and moved directly to China, to insure that no evidence of what had happened to those buildings would ever be discovered—but of course that failed, and the answers raised by what was found later on, has yet to be explained by the government.

The attack killed nearly 3,000 people, but the costs of what we did in response to that day has BANKRUPTED the nation and made the USA into a global-pariah for the rest of the world. We have become the scum of the earth and the greatest threat to security that this world has ever known. And that was just for openers!

Afghanistan was our first target (despite the fact that the bombing of that country had been in the intense-planning stages) for well over a year before 911. And after we ran out of aerial-targets in Afghanistan, we quickly shifted our emphasis to the renewal of the continuing War on Iraq, which Bush-senior had begun against Saddam but never finished. This war made a few very, very rich. The no-bid contracts on Iraq alone amounted to several King’s Ransoms’ yet no one ever went to jail for any of the bribery, the criminal contracts or the fraud waste and abuse.

In these wars we have slaughtered over 3 million people, crippled or severely wounded another 3 million and made about the same number homeless from the brutality of our unjustified-wars-of-aggression, against both Iraq and Afghanistan. We suffered a great many causalities as well, but most of those went unreported; and of course there are all those damaged cases from DU and PTSD that are not counted, and many of them went untreated—in order to deny their existence. In all of this whole countries have been stolen, nations have been turned into nothing but prison-camps and still;


In Iraq alone we’ve wasted somewhere just short of $4 trillion on military-follies that ended when we had to withdraw at the end of 2011—twenty years after we first attacked Iraq, under Poppy-Bush.

By the time Bush junior finished his eight years we had begun to lay the groundwork for setting the entire middle-east aflame; under the banner of spreading freedom & democracy abroad—while we exterminated both Freedom & Democracy here at home while deconstructing the Constitution and the Republic—and still no one was ever investigated, charged or convicted of any wrong doing despite the fact that this country is now completely run by Israel-American TRAITORS.

Then came Obamanation and his intensification programs, along with the breaking of every promise he made to “get elected” back in 2008.

Today we are operating from 900 military bases in one-hundred and forty countries, and all of that is about maiming, torturing or killing the resident people wholesale; while we steal land, resources and minerals with no end in sight. (None of which has anything to do with defending America but everything to do with expanding corporate vaults).

The Congress and the Courts have remained silent about all of this since the attacks of 911—thus proving their complicity in all of the crimes committed both here and abroad. Despite the global nature of so many of these crimes; the SILENCE emanating from key figures in this place goes well beyond deafening! The part being played by almost all members of this government is that of an overfed bunch of vultures silently waiting for the victim to die, so they can finish the meal that has been keeping them all alive since the end of World War Two.

We are now looking at wars in Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, (Libya we already slaughtered and sent back to the Stone Age). Now there are another half-dozen places very near their own tipping points as well—not to even mention Iran which has become the next nuclear trigger for the entire planet. And all the while that shitty-little-country of Israel has been stoking the flames of hatred in every conceivable way possible to force all of these issues and to help them rid themselves of Hamas and Hezbollah along with Iran in order to finish their “GREATER STATE of ISRAEL.”

However none of this will succeed, because just as it has always been with every other would-be-empire that has tried to accomplish total dominance over the entire planet—this still unborn global-empire will also fail—because there can be no other outcome for something this criminal and this arrogant. Their downfall will take with it a huge number of the population that is still here today, because these creatures that have done NOTHING TO STOP ANY OF THIS; have already been dead for most of their adult-lives, even if they don’t yet know it. (1)

We’ve already held two presidential selections since 9-11-01; and to the electorate it seems that nothing has changed in this New Millennium, primarily because no one was ever actually investigated, or charged with anything. If anything many of the original criminals were promoted instead of being detained or fired. So NO ONE PAID ANY PRICE in the Death of this Nation and for what has become a massive crime against the entire world.

A few nights ago I watched the latest version of On the Beach, again, and was struck by the similarities with the world we live in today. Then, somewhere in the late 1950’s, the world was facing 65,000 nuclear weapons, and the insanity that went with that: Yet the deterrent (in the film) was still not enough to prevent one of the mindless ones from pushing the button and ending life for everyone on the planet. It was all just far too easy, and yet with all that we know about what that kind of world leads to, we still continue to create the same situation all over again (everything is about death & destruction, and no one seems to care for life or the planet). Now we must take responsibility BEFORE life imitates Art and brings us to the conclusion in On the Beach for real.

We know that only force can change these creatures, just as surely as we know that once real violence explodes, then it is largely over for the whole planet. But there’s one part of this that remains unknown, at least to the thugs that are under contract to these criminal-governments.

The FEAR and intimidation which drives it all has no real loyalty to either side. And when some of those dressed-to-kill “troops” suddenly see their commander’s brains get splattered all over a wall, followed by the disintegration of a sergeant when he steps on a land-mine or walks into a booby-trap: Then suddenly that armored vehicle no longer seems quite so secure on a summer day in rural Amerika. And when the sheep “Look-up” and pick up their arms, then it will be over for the barbarians with a kind of finality that will cause them to grab their weapons, shed their uniforms and run for their lives, because then it will be they who cannot go home again.

I’m an old man, chronologically, but I’ve been in enough situations to know how power can shift in an instant. As Sun Tzu said:
“In battle, confrontation is done, directly, victory is gained by surprise. Therefore those skilled at the unorthodox are infinite as heaven and earth, inexhaustible as the great rivers. When they come to an end they begin again, like the days and months; they die and are reborn, like the four seasons.”

And he also noted: “There are only five notes in the musical scale, but their variations are so many that they cannot all be heard. There are only five basic colors, but their variations are so many that they cannot all be seen. There are only five basic flavors, but their variations are so many that they cannot all be tasted. There are only two kinds of charge in battle, the unorthodox surprise attack and the orthodox direct attack, but variations of the unorthodox and the orthodox are endless. The unorthodox and the orthodox give rise to each other, like a beginning less circle – who could exhaust them?” (Much as William Wallace was able to do to the far superior ‘number’ of the English that his warriors finally faced and slaughtered)!

When the speed of rushing water reaches the point where it can move boulders, this is the force of momentum. When the speed of a hawk is such that it can strike and kill this is precision; so it is with skillful warriors—their force is swift, their precision is close. Their force is like drawing a catapult, their precision is like releasing the trigger.”

I know that the military has no respect for the hundreds of millions of gun owners here or their weapons; but what they should be fearing is the deeply felt angers that the last eleven years have been building, throughout this population. All that is needed is that one spark that finally sets it off for the rogue-government to finally produce the spark they’ve been baiting the public with since 911 happened. However forcing that spark to ignite is probably the absolutely worst thing that the outlaws could do—because once first blood is clearly drawn, there will be no going back to innocence or submission from the public.

What might avert this entire nightmare would be the wholesale desertion of these thugs from the ranks of the trolls that want to own the whole of all existence—who knows maybe even just the SUSPICION of this possibility might be enough to alter the arc of this disaster? Because if the violence gets seriously started there will be nothing left to fight over ever again—and “living” might not be something that most would seek to hold onto any longer.

This is NOT going to just “go away,” any more than the jobs will ever come back to Amerika. But to just let these few million people murder the whole planet does not seem logical either.

How the Hell do you expect this will end,
if you continue to fail to ACT.

Reality CANNOT be denied.

Jim Kirwan

1) The Anatomy of Empire

2) (BACKGROUND): NYPD World Trade Center 911 Aerial Photos


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