Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Today is the ELEVENTH ANNIVERSARY of 9-11-2011.

This country has begun to come down to the final confrontation which has been too long in coming.  We have only one real question to answer for ourselves. Will we finally fight these blatant Rogue Criminals, or unconditionally surrender to this ancient treason which has ruled this world for far too long to last another year. Justice has already answered this question clearly for all time—will you dare to read it?

The Magna Carta was signed in June of 1215 establishing the basis for the rights of man around the world—to found the literal basis for the right to FREEDOM for every citizen.

In the 1995 major motion picture, BRAVEHEART: The world saw in Scotland their rebellion against the tyranny of the English Crown. This was the first real challenge against the slave-state that Scotland had become, before they became a free and independent nation in medieval times. It is relevant here because this clearly demonstrates what a single individual was able to do against this brutally-savage monarchy that recognized no laws when it came to enslaving a free people that was determined to be free. The film begins in 1280 A.D. when the first real test of the Magna Carta was finally used to free a subject people by their own hands.

Edward Longshanks was the English King that had to be overthrown after years of blatant corruption, exactly like what is being practiced today through TSA, DHS, and the Congressional sell-out of all of us. It has now been ELEVEN YEARS of the greatest CRIME against the people: During which time no one was ever investigated, prosecuted or sent to jail for this brazen TREASON which has been committed against the whole planet by the New World Order. It is now time to END THIS FASCISM! (1)

Scotland’s problem was that their leaders were complicit with Long Shanks’ theft of the lands of Scotland during which the “noblemen” of that day had sold out their people time after time after time. This left the people of Scotland at the mercy of traitors who in reality served Longshanks and not the people they were supposed to serve (just as congress has sold out the USA to the TRAITORS serving Israel). The film clearly depicts the exact form of the treason which was used then to keep Scotland chained to the Crown of Longshanks forever—until a rebellion was created to free those people from their own enslavement—which finally ended this crime forever.

Longshanks used ‘the right of Prima Notte,’ in the 1280 version of the violation of the marriage bed, which is not unlike what the TSA is doing with their physical and sexual assault and invasion of passengers who sought the right to fly anywhere in this country for the last five years—free of violent personal invasions.

“I’ve come to claim the right of Prima Notte, As Lord of these lands I will bless this marriage by taking the bride into my bed on the first night of her union.”

This obscenity was used as the trigger to subdue the slaves and to finally cripple the Scots to keep them enslaved: Just as the Rogue U.S. government is using TSA to destroy the people of this nation, as individuals: To coerce us into SUBMISSION.

The “lord” (in the film) who did this in William Wallace’s village paid for his crime with his life—unlike the actions of TSA’s criminals that have not paid with their lives, for any of their crimes against the people of this country—yet!

However the rebellion that began with one small village spread among the rest of Scotland until Longshanks finally found himself and his fascist state under siege at York, for this obscenity which focused the British tyranny on the Scots long and deeply frustrated quest for freedom nationwide.

In their first real challenge the free Scotsmen took on the armies of Longshank in battle. Before that battle when the rebels were outnumbered three to one, the rebels began to have their doubts about the ability to win in such a heavily outnumbered contest (in the film).

William Wallace then spoke to the assembled and confused rebels who knew they would have to fight their own nobles, (who had been selling out the people, during every previous battle) along with Longshank’s troops. What Wallace said to the rebels is something that every single man, woman or child needs to think about now while thinking about the odds we all must face—whenever any free-person challenges those that have come to kill us all—because


In the film a fighter says:

“All right lads I’ve no time for these bastards, let’s go home!”

At which point Wallace addresses the assembled troops.

WW) “Why does it go?”

CROWD) “We didn’t come here to fight for them – Yeah the English are too many!”

WW) “Sons of Scotland, I am William Wallace

Crowd) “Oh you’ve heard William Wallace is seven feet tall”

WW) “Yes I’ve heard, killed men by the hundreds, and if he were here. He’d consume the English with fireballs and lightning balls from his ass. I am William Wallace and I see a whole army of my countrymen here in defiance of tyranny. You’ve come to fight as free men—and free men you are.
What will you do without FREEDOM? Will you fight?

Crowd) “Against that – No we will run! And we will live!”

WW) “Aye, Fight and you may die! Run and you will live, for at least awhile. And dying in your beds, many years from now would you be willing to trade at least all the time from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives; but they will never take our Freedom!”

The tide was turned at that moment in the film, in favor of the fight. Then began the first real test that began the fight against the corrupted English Crown and nobility. In the end the lack of a real fight had always kept the Scotsmen enslaved to Treason and to Tyranny. This happened only because the fighters became as people of one mind, no longer divided!

These rag-tag rebels shared that one inviolate-stand for freedom against this ancient tyranny that previously stood for eons. They joined TOGETHER to finally fight this fight for FREEDOM and the rest is history, and because it was NOT written by the thugs, we had a chance to study what really happened in the film.

We have been fighting this crippled and perverted world since the Magna Carta was signed, just to get some small crumbs of what was supposedly passed on to the rest of us in 1215 A.D.

We need to cease this arrogance and the scrambling around for petty advantages in this dance upon the edge of oblivion. It’s time that we finally begin to show our guts and determination before we end up crushing whatever is still left of this place. If we are serious we need to stand, like determined beings, against these nightmares that must end sooner rather than later. There will be no more chances to make that difference that so many can seemingly only long for now, that we are nearly out of time.

William Wallace paid for his beliefs with his life—but in the end Scotland was finally able to free itself. What will we do before the world is annihilated?

Jim Kirwan


BRAVEHEART (On Netflix on Demand) – 2 hrs 57 min video


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