The SECRETS Beyond the Veils

Far too many people have overlooked a particular category throughout the New World Order since its inception. These now Nonagenarians (non-people) have always used an Astrolabe to tell time rather than to use the hourglass or the clocks that measure time as most have come to know it. (1)

Our world, under the current guise of the New World Order, has been created by people who are now Nonagenarians, or who are approaching those who are already there. This is the SECRET which cannot survive the coming bloodbath that will very soon completely alter the entire planet.

“Transferring physical categories from the Octogenarians to the Nonagenarians,”

 n nonagenarian
a person who is between ninety and ninety-nine years old.

The leadership that lives here now will die
Very soon, and cannot be replaced
Anywhere in the current world,
And this is how it will end

Yesterday marked the End of an Epoch with our non-recognition of the importance of the Eleventh Year Anniversary
of the Attack on 911.

This nation keeps right on celebrating the supposed fact of the non- existence of July-Fourth, our national INDEPENDENCE-DAY, and the non-existence of celebrating Memorial Day, as the Day of Remembrance for all those that died in defense of this nation, and of course LABOR–DAY, even though there are virtually no longer any real labor-unions here to celebrate. These three days are now LIES!

With these contradictions remaining among the official days of celebration, then what happened to

REMEMBERING the ATTACK on either 911 or on the Attack on the USS Liberty in 1967; The first such attack.

The fact that we have never officially discovered who actually did these criminal acts—nor have we been willing to charge these traitors with anything, much less their crimes against this nation and the world: Has everyone forgotten that the world is still lying in the quicksand when we speak about the takeover of the world’s population?

Russia, China and the five Stans signed a pact in 2004 to blunt the New World Order and all of its criminal plans, on behalf of any and every nation that seeks to free its own people to live their own lives. As free people, the formerly-free have put their options into the hands of the decrepitly-dying who will not survive to see what they had started so long ago. This was a massive MISTAKE, and will revert upon the death of the non-people back to a world of self-empowerment!

The monstrous problems of the peoples in India, Pakistan or China are quickly becoming the unheard from peoples of the world, along with most of Africa. They, the fourth-world will not simply go willingly into oblivion just because a bunch of global-OUTLAWS have dictated that “they do not matter anymore”!

What will very soon become the topic of the days and nights to come will very soon be the end of each of these poisoned-lives of those Nonagenarians who have been managing the world as their own private sand-box for decades!

The Kissinger’s, the GWH Bush’s, the Rothschilds, the Brzezinski’s of chess-board fame—all of them are over-ripe to go immediately! The Cheney’s and the Rumsfeld’s and all their ilk will be all that is left and they too are overripe to join the soon to be dead as well.

These global-criminals and their plans will soon begin to come apart at every seam—just as these poisoned creatures will finally have to vanish from their privatized-global-stages and “that” will leave others to survive: The rest of the planet will resist these non-beings, but the rogue-governments will be defeated by their own lies—despite how long they have had their crimes all to themselves. The time to RISE is now!

These ancient Evil-Ones will be dead within months, and an entirely new world order will force its way back to a place without the (non-people) to deal with. Therein lies our real chance to finally take back the planet!


We must RISE to this occasion that requires that we fight for our own survival: Or we become the population that watches while the universe ends this pitiful experiment of humans and the folly that oversaw our wastefulness where we once had a chance to live as meaningful human-beings in this troubled place of our own creation.

Yesterday was a day of infamy and cowardice on a global scale. But in the grand scheme of the world; the planet yesterday only confirmed that the end of the Nonagenarians is much closer than anyone has yet realized. This gives us not just the chance but the reality to RISE and flood the world with so much of what so many have sought for centuries—FREEDOM, to live our lives as we please!

Jim Kirwan

1) Travelers, Traders and Explorers 1000 to 1600


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