Israel Owes the USA

Every Dollar That We Paid Them From the Beginnings of Dimona

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In the video: “There is only one nation on earth that has actually used Nuclear Weapons of mass destruction on the civilians of another country: And that’s the United States, so if you want to be worried somebody’s country is suitable for using nuclear material—let’s start with the country that’s actually done it!” (The USA)

“Iran has signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and so has the United States of America. Under the terms of that treaty Iran is allowed to have nuclear power, nuclear isotopes, and other peaceful and industrial uses of nuclear technology. Under Article IV of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty – The United States is OBLIGATED to ASSIST Iran in the construction of peaceful Nuclear Facilities, which is a really good way to MAKE SURE NOTHING UNDER-HANDED or CLANDESTINE is going on. But in ignoring their obligations under Article IV, and in trying to use military threats to coerce Iran into surrendering their rights – under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty – it is the UNITED STATES NOT IRAN that is in violation of International Law.”

Iran has not initiated a ‘War of Conquest’ in 200 years, but meanwhile the USA has initiated 49 separate Wars of Conquest, just since1960 when we invaded Vietnam, and ending with Libya in 2011.

Of all three nations in contention now in the Middle East, Iran is the least one threatening others.

“Israel on the other hand has never signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and does not allow IAEA Inspections. Yet they do have nuclear weapons as they were first revealed by Mordechai Vanunu in 1985 and most recently by Germany that has revealed and that they have known all along that Israel was arming the German Dolphin submarines with nuclear tipped Cruise Missiles.”

“…And the US government goes along (with Israel’s lies about having nuclear weapons) with this gross deception because it is illegal under the Symington amendment to the foreign appropriations act, and under the Glenn Act: For the US Government to send YOUR Money to any nation in possession of nuclear weapons technology that will NOT sign the proliferation treaty and refuses to admit to IAEA inspections, which is Israel.

But there is no question, Israel is a nuclear power and worse the documents reveal that the former government of South Africa officially confirmed that ISRAEL HAS BEEN ENGAGED IN CLANDESTINE SALES OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS: Which is the very activity the nuclear non-proliferation treaty is designed to prevent!”

…It’s not about nuclear proliferation it’s about the $1.6 trillion they have acquired in this way.

“Israel is the sixth largest nuclear power on earth. They have bombs they have delivery systems, they have submarines loaded with nuclear tipped cruise missiles, nobody’s going to attack them.”

And the government of the United States of America and the government of the state of Israel are absolutely convinced that YOU ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO FALL FOR THE SAME LIE TWICE IN A ROW, THEY ACTUALLY THINK THAT ABOUT YOU!

When a government lies to a people to lie them into a war of conquest that is the GREATEST CRIME a government can commit against its own people!”  (1)

(Unless that same government decides to declare its own entire people to be ENEMIES OF THE STATE—WHICH THE US HAS ALREADY DONE AS OF January 1, 2012)

Think about this people and then DEMAND that ISRAEL PAY US BACK EVERY SINGLE CENT OF THAT $1 TRILLION, 600 Million dollars which they stole from us under false pretenses. That would put an end to the flexibility of Israel to continue to threaten the entire world with their arrogance and their blind greed which has held the entire world HOSTAGE to their insanity for far, far too long!

Jim Kirwan

1) IRAN LIE Same as IRAQ LIE – 10 min 31 sec video


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