Take Back Your Money!

DEMAND that ISRAEL PAY US BACK EVERY SINGLE CENT OF THAT $1 TRILLION, 600 Million dollars which they stole from us under false pretenses. This would put an end to the flexibility of Israel to continue to threaten the entire world with their arrogance and their blind greed which has held the entire world HOSTAGE to their insanity for far, far too long! (1)

The United States needs to take our money back from all the hyphenated traitors that have become fake-Amerikans instead of Israeli-citizens that falsely claim dual citizenship. The hell of this outrage is that all of this has been done right before our eyes, in the congress of the USA, while the Congress celebrates the words of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu as no previous American president has ever been applauded before.

The United States cannot survive while the leaders of the Congress and the White House as well as the Supreme Court are running this failed nation as a satellite and surrendered-nation that now serves only Israel in all things nationally and internationally. Feinstein, Lieberman and so many of all the other key committee heads are serving Israel over everything that is needed to allow US citizens to survive.

Israel has broken all the rules whenever any of Israel’s schemes are unearthed and it is clearly visible that Israel has illegally used their own nuclear powers, as the world’s sixth largest nuclear power, to flaunt Israel’s DEMANDS, to be allowed as that one sole source of all their requirements for massive-sanctions which are being permitted to crush Iran, and several other potential nations (Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan and as they were allowed to do in Libya). This in order to allow Israel to murder Hamas and Hezbollah to strip those countries that are still currently targeted, to become defenseless against the primitive savagery that has haunted the entire Middle-East, since Israel began to play the world off against itself in order to allow Israel to complete their Greater State of Israel.

Up until very recently the US has been treating Israel as the one place where survival must be protected at all costs because of the Jewish contingency. The truth is that Israel-itself is nothing but a shell game while the real power behind Israel continues to live around the planet in capitals the world over, safe, and secure with all their loot which is still immune to any serious challenge anywhere else in the world—while Israel continues to cite the ‘poor-defenseless-Jewish State, that must be protected even if the real-price to be paid is the death of the rest of the world just to protect the preciousness of                                  

Israel Incorporated.

This entire tirade is just another false flag operation to shelter the criminality of the Zionist bestiality that will not quit until they have conquered anyone and everyone that dares to challenge their obsessive claims to everything that matters in this struggling world.

What can be done about any of this?

 Ironically the solution is very simple and has been lying in plain cite for anyone who looks for it, to see our global-solution in the most basic terms—clearly.

Dual-citizenship with Israel is the key to everything, and as this has been used and abused it is totally criminal and its practitioners have been guilty of TREASON on virtually every front; while claiming to act as honest American brokers merely serving Israel’s humanitarian needs and nothing more. A quick review of every industry, every government agency, and every single powerhouse anywhere in the world today—will clearly uncover that Zionism is at the root of every nefarious plan along with every political, financial, and military cabal that haunts this world today.

America needs to arrest the leading people in every field, using the RICO Act to strip these people of all their assets and property world-wide and freeze all their funds, just as we have tried to do but failed to finish in Iran, to Palestinians, and increasingly from Libya to Syria, potentially to Pakistan and was tried but failed to work with our continuing War on Afghanistan (From 2001, to the present day). The world’s leading criminals all over the planet are the USA & Israel no question!

These totally complicit criminals must have everything they own seized and have their broken and naked-bodies shipped straight back to Israel where all rights to their current “DUAL-AMERICAN-CITIZENSHIP” can be ended for all time. In doing this we would be doing exactly what Israel has been doing to millions upon millions of people the world over since before they began the LIES which are still played out across the planet.

This would stop the global-paranoia and the international panic which lies beneath international-terror-movements all over the world.

If the world remains as nothing more than a hostage-planet, which Israel has designed for the N.W.O. to conquer: Then everything will die as planned. If however the people are capable of standing up for themselves and stripping-naked the Israeli traitors, wherever they exist in this world now—then quite possibly the world can indeed end the nightmare and begin to free ourselves from a fate far worse than even death can provide…

““Iran has signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and so has the United States of America. Under the terms of that treaty Iran is allowed to have nuclear power, nuclear isotopes, and other peaceful and industrial uses of nuclear technology. Under Article IV of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty – The United States is OBLIGATED to ASSIST Iran in the construction of peaceful Nuclear Facilities, which is a really good way to MAKE SURE NOTHING UNDER-HANDED or CLANDESTINE is going on.

But in ignoring their obligations under Article IV, and in trying to use military threats to coerce Iran into surrendering their rights – under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty – it is the UNITED STATES NOT IRAN that is in violation of International Law.”

Iran has not initiated a ‘War of Conquest’ in 200 years, but meanwhile the USA has initiated 49 separate Wars of Conquest, just since1960 when we invaded Vietnam, and ending with Libya in 2011.Of all three nations in contention now in the Middle East, Iran is the least one threatening others.

“Israel on the other hand has never signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and does not allow IAEA Inspections. Yet they do have nuclear weapons as they were first revealed by Mordechai Vanunu in 1985 and most recently by Germany that has revealed and that they have known all along that Israel was arming the German Dolphin submarines with nuclear tipped Cruise Missiles.”

“…And the US government goes along (with Israel’s lies about having nuclear weapons) a gross deception because it is illegal under the Symington amendment to the foreign appropriations act, and under the Glenn Act: For the US Government to send YOUR Money to any nation in possession of nuclear weapons technology that will NOT sign the proliferation treaty and refuses to admit to IAEA inspections, which is Israel.

But there is no question, Israel is a nuclear power and worse the documents reveal that the former government of South Africa officially confirmed that ISRAEL HAS BEEN ENGAGED IN CLANDESTINE SALES OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS: Which is the very activity the nuclear non-proliferation treaty is designed to prevent!”

…It’s not about nuclear proliferation it’s about the $1.6 trillion they have acquired in this way.” (1)

Fck Israel, and arrest its’ foreign agents in every other country where they have been feasting on the corpses of what used to be thought of as freedom loving peoples. This needs to be done BEFORE the next false-flag of yet another “Amerikan Election”, so that the world can finally begin to breathe again.

We can do this by taking back all that money that we’ve poured into that

Filthy rat hole for over fifty years!

Jim Kirwan

1) Israel Owes the USA


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