Stop the WARS Disenfranchise Israel

We have allowed False Pride to overrule Shame
We need to reclaim the bedrock on which this world was created!

The world of a hundred years ago was a long way from perfect, but corruption was forced to take a backseat to international laws and there were certain laws that could never be broken because they are what kept the planet on an even keel. Then not so gradually we began to allow some of the privateers to take total control over global-theft, mass-murder and global-criminal activities because of the lucrative profits to be made by the world-wide criminal-cabals that have always run this show right into the ground. This is what must be re-examined by the world, in which Israel must be disqualified from any participation on any level, anywhere in the world today!

In 2006 Israel held the entire world hostage to Zionist Israel, while the Zionist war-machine demanded the right to liquidate Hezbollah because they had been configured to keep Lebanon alive and protected from the Zionists—and that is exactly what happened six years ago when Israel could not get more than five miles into Lebanon itself. The Commander of Israeli forces was forced to resign in disgrace because of that military FAILURE, across the board where Israel’s tanks and Air forces were hopelessly outmaneuvered at each and every point in their attacks upon Lebanon. It’s a FACT of LIFE that Israel cannot change, even now.

“The people of Lebanon have five days left to consider how they want to die. One week after this war began, Israel demanded “just one more week” to finish off Hezbollah and create conditions on the ground that would include the Litani River, as a permanent part of Greater Israel. Israel has decided to triple its invasion forces on the ground in Lebanon. But the actions of those that control the governments of Israel and the United States do not represent the populations of their countries. This outrage is only the latest and most blatant, in a series of crimes that were designed by the criminal elites to crush and control evermore of those lands still in Arab hands. This barbaric response from The US and Israel is collective punishment for resisting the New Crusades that are masquerading as “The New Middle East.”

Power and money is what is being sought, to the total exclusion of all else. This clique of the elites is similar to a global and secret fraternity, not a family, and not confined to any one group of people. These super-wealthy renegades subscribe only to the dictates of global supremacy. Their members are drawn from circles of power around the world, in virtually every major profession, and in all aspects of the economy, of communication, of education and the arts, along with government positions at all levels ­ and of course the most brutal military people on the planet. No facet of this takeover escaped the scrutiny or the planning of the NWO. Now it’s up to the people not affiliated with these outlaw regimes to rein-in and prosecute the criminals that are bringing the world to the edge of a nuclear war. This struggle between humanity and those who claim the right of total control must determine what really belongs to all people, and not just to a chosen few.

The task might seem daunting at first: But there are many holes in the myth of invincibility. Militarily, these ‘super-forces’ of the US-Israeli-British cabal are stuck in twentieth-century concepts and policies that are better suited to fighting the First World War, than they are in creating the first major series of wars in the twenty-first century. The armaments may be awesome by the standards in place at the end of WWII, but they are of little value in meeting the resistance-fighters and the millions who are willing to die to the last person, in defense of their lives and their lands! American and Israeli brigades of Crusading bandits are dumping the treasury of the United States into hopelessly one-sided wars in which we are losing at every turn.

Tens-of-thousands killed in Iraq just since the beginning of the year. Afghanistan is coming apart all over again, even as NATO tries to takeover from our hopelessly short-sighted polices, and these are the only two wars that we claim to be involved in. (in 2006)

There is also this little noticed 1982 Massacre of Sabra and Shatila Refugee Camps, according to recently declassified Israeli documents! (1)

Then there’s the unfinished business of the rights of the Palestinian people who have been abused, tortured and murdered now for half a century by the evermore barbaric policies of Israel. This is the third war we are funding and are complicit in right down to the last drop of Palestinian blood. This has been followed by the State of Israel’s attack upon Lebanon which is supposedly in reply to an attack upon an Israeli patrol, operating inside Lebanon: This is our fourth war against the people in the Middle-East, because the weapons and the money comes from the USA and Britain. These last two openly American-involved-wars are only the prologue for the next two we seem determined to soon begin: Syria and Iran (still in 2006). The crimes of these two states are that they are furnishing weapons and support to Hamas and the Palestinians and to Hezbollah and the Lebanese. So it’s okay that we supply the aggressor in all of the wars from Iraq to wherever this shall end; but it is not okay that the other side has its sponsors as well.” (2)

And in this paragraph the same truth is still more true today than it ever was six years ago, when Israel DEMANDED their supposed right to exterminate both Hezbollah (for supporting Syria and Hamas for supporting the Palestinians) – just as they tried to do to Hezbollah in 2006—but where they failed horrifically on the entire global stage, and there were no repercussions against Israel for their brazen piracy while holding the entire world hostage. This time Israel must be stopped dead in their tracks, on the world stage for all to see!

“In modern times even the Nazi’s would never have dared to so brazenly liquidate an entire country. The only parallel that comes to mind is the barbarity of Genghis Kahn, in the late 1100’s, when his Mongol hordes laid waste to every city they encountered. Turning place after place into rubble so diminished that their horses could easily move over the smoldering rubble without having to even raise their hooves. This goes well beyond a war crime; this is savagery beyond human comprehension, beyond Holocausts! This is something unspeakable in the annuals of human history: Because what is happening is the outright murder of an entire state, along with all its inhabitants: and virtually the entire world has yet to even react, with the possible exception of the Arab Street – that is finally beginning to mobilize!” (2)

The entire distraction now with Iran over their supposed desire to build nuclear weapons technology is nothing but a bald-faced LIE—just like the duplicitous LIE that was used to try and murder Hezbollah in 2006. And this time we’ve added to the mix the global-murder of Syria, because they are demanding the right to rule over their own nation, and this too cannot be allowed by the shitty-little-country because it interferes with Israel’s plans for the GREATER-STATE OF ISRAEL. All of this is blatantly illegal by all international conventions and by the by-laws of the IAEA, which Iran is a signatory to. (3)

On top of all these things there are situations which the OUTRAGE of 2006 also brings back to light. First is the Attack on the USS Liberty during the 1967 War that killed 34 American sailors and wounded 174. What too few know is that this was followed up with the attack upon 300 American troops in the Beirut Barracks Bombing which killed 241 Americans because we elected to do nothing about the murder of 34 Americans during the Israeli attack upon the USS Liberty. On October 30, 2012 it will have been 29 years since this attack was carried out by the traitors of Israel against the US government and the people of the USA. Israel must be held to answer for these deaths and murders which they committed against America—so very long ago! (4)

This time around the UN failed to attempt to stop Israel from DEMANDING compliance with their obscene demands of the wider world. Instead we have allowed the world to be threatened with extermination if Zionist-Israel does NOT get their way in either Syria or Iran and with Hezbollah and Hamas; because then Israel is promising the globe will face global extermination unless everything being demanded is handed over to Israel, in order to finish their goal of adding both to their Greater State of Israel. And the world should never forget that the battle-cry which began our attack upon Iraq was nothing less than Shekinah that we used in the American vernacular of “Shock & Awe” to begin our second criminally-illegal invasion into Iraq.

Even after the world was finally able to PROVE conclusively that Iraq never had Weapons of Mass Destruction, the war on Iraq continued on without interruption even after the whole reason for the attack had been DISPROVEN and even Saddam had been murdered—yet the world continued on as if nothing at all had happened until 2011 when we finally declared victory and split from Iraq – because in reality we had lost that war as certainly as we lost our War on Vietnam!

The WMD diversion in Iraq was the same as the bogey-man concerning the creation of nuclear weapons is being used to justify this global crime upon Iran for no other reason than to allow that shitty-little country another chance to radically steal other countries which they have no right to, in this or any other world, that has ever existed prior to Israel’s existence.

Zionist Israel is a global-outlaw-place and has no real standing in the world any longer. The true Jewish members of that misbegotten state must join with the rest of the planet and lead us to those that need to be arrested inside Israel, in order to put an end to Zionism forever.

We need to take back the weapons systems they have stolen from us by blackmail and coercion and we need to mount our own attacks upon Israel proper by using those armored plated bulldozers to rip up their airports, while we bulldoze Dimona and the rest of that rat-hole, while we begin to grind the IDF into the ground, conventionally putting a physical ending to everything which that criminal-conspiracy has built. That way the Palestinians can survive and the place itself can be cleansed of Zionism and all its plots and double-crosses can finally be returned to the sands of time so that people everywhere can finally begin to breathe free again, without the terrors beneath every stone which they have brought into the world almost single-handedly.

But this has to begin ASAP if we want to even have a chance to begin again with a whole new concept that can function finally without that Nest of Vipers at the center of the Middle-East that has been the sole cause for most of the crime around the world today. If this thought-form does not hold and see us through to the obvious conclusion: Then we are doomed to die along with most of the rest of the world in this global catastrophe and the fragile “human-experiment” will end without a whimper, but with so much death, that it will take a thousand years for the planet to even begin to recover.

Believe it or not world, but that will happen unless the real people of this place begin to fight back and mean every word and deed that we are about to do! (5)

Jim Kirwan

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