Yesterday the self-appointed powers that want to be; declared a whole new set of facts that are intended to give the world a much rosier picture of the FACTS on the GROUND than what actually exists! (1)

This has become the traditional Standard Operating Procedure whenever major new LIES are to be laid over yet another massive scam, to pretend to the planet, that the insanity is actually something workable in a situation that has long since departed from any rational thought. The time has come to STOP all of this shit that has passed for semi-truth in a world gone mad with arrogant greed and a hunger for slaughter: Because this has never been equaled in what used to be called ‘this world.” The time has arrived to finally bitch-slap Israel into SUBMISSION, because if you thought “people have been dying before, under this scam”—then you haven’t even begun to glimpse the full scope of this global catastrophe!

We have a man called Panetta: Our very own Potato-Head who is pretending to be the Director of the War Department. He is in fact a self-declared employee of the UN and of NATO. Hell he no longer even works for the USA! Panetta told a committee of the USA Congress that he no longer answers to them for anything; ‘I take orders from the United Nations, Maybe “we” might consider telling you what we are going to do, if THEY decide to let me tell you anything about what’s really going on.’ This, my friends, amounts to TREASON when it is accepted as truth by the head of the US Department of War. Panetta needs to be summarily FIRED AND THEN PROSECUTED for Treason, before another week passes.

Iran is in Blue and the circles with the white stars each represent an AMERICAN MILITARY BASE – OVER FORTY OF THEM EXIST!

One of the overlooked facts of last week is that dozens of nations sent representatives to Iran (after being prohibited by the West) when a meeting was recently called to discuss the problems facing the world against the paranoia created by the US & Israel. Some of those seeking to attack Iran Include dozens of separate and private-mercenaries, CIA, NATO, Mossad & others all of whom are attempting to preen themselves for the cameras; because of the not-so-secret-positioning by which we have totally surrounded Iran for decades. The idea is that soon we could begin to strangle that country whenever we wish to do so.

None of our time-honored actions (EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS ON THE TABLE) will have any real effect if any nation proceeds with the impending attack upon Iran: This can only end in international chaos and the collapse of the current military powers, once the “powers” are forced to give way to the depth of the real military power that will overwhelm the US 19th and 20th century defenses. This time we will be facing for the first time in a real 21st century battlefield, a real war, to end this farce and to restore the rights of humanity to live according to the Magna Carta of 1215 A.D. Unfortunately the price will be too high to allow for any life to ever be lived anymore, in the entire Middle East, ever again.

This time just as in the last five Crusades; the West will again be crushed by our own arrogance and by a totally false determination to bring about yet another Muslim slave-state from the ruins of a nation that has not attacked anyone in the last two hundred years. Iran has fought to defend itself from invasions and takeovers, but they have not initiated an aggressive war against anyone else for all that time. But events have forced Iran and Russia and China, as well as Syria who has defense agreements with Iran, to fight this time for everything that we have forced them to defend themselves against.

All those illegally situated bases will be liquefied, within the first hour of any attack by Israel or the US; and this will not require a massive effort as Iran has already targeted every base and are only waiting for the order to attack. Meanwhile the US and the Zionists are still splitting hairs attempting to have a strategic nuclear attack as one way of not having a full attack to defend our own treachery against what will happen if anyone attacks Iran. Decimation on this scale must be accounted for with this lame-ass technicality: Iran was crystal clear when they said


The number of US and global casualties that this would cost is UNTHINKABLE, YET THE NON-MILITARY IDIOTS, (RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MASQUARADE) ARE DETERMINDED to throw CAUTION to the winds just to allow Israel to steal two more states while slaughtering what they believe are two more weak defenders (Hezbollah & Hamas) which Israel has still not been able to defeat in actual combat. At least not since they had their ass kicked by Hezbollah six years ago in 2006. (2)

Israel is a military LOSER. It’s a criminal-state that depends upon blackmail, extortion and intimidation and when it is not backed by the international bully, which the US Inc is—then Israel is nothing at all when forced to fight alone.

The illusion here is that Israel must fight anyone at all, when they say they must fight everyone (constantly) or be totally destroyed. This is paranoiac behavior and if Israel would stop attacking everyone on the planet as their own personal mortal enemies, then perhaps we could all begin to start working together. But Israel has decreed that only Israeli people are worthy of being alive, and everyone else (including the real Jews) must be slaughtered in order for Israel to exist!

However Israel has made war upon every man, woman and child on this earth who are not Zionists, since 1948. This is not a policy that can be allowed to continue if the earth itself is to survive. The Barbarism of Israel’s use and abuse of every aspect of life and business anywhere on this planet has callously destroyed virtually everything that the human race has worked for thousands of years to create. If Zionism succeeds then the ONLY thing in their world will be the torture and the death of every other person in the world today—and that leaves sadism and death as the only cause for anyone to be here. That’s just not a good enough reason for anyone to put up with these filthy-cowards any longer.

There is another massively overlooked problem which makes these outworn and overly-optimistic threats of the West into just another pack of LIES that go well with the threats of Israel to CRUSH all opposition to their self-delusions of ending the world if they don’t get the idiocy of their own way—Immediately!

What is that? First the USA is militarily worn out from overuse. Our supposed-equipment has been overused and is suffering from combat as well as metal & mental fatigue and the total lack of any belief in anything of any real value on which to base our own useless rates of death — compounded by the astronomically inexplicable rates of suicide — which have never been seen before, by supposedly victorious armies in the field.

Real “VICTORS” do their dying on the battlefield, and do not tend to commit SUICIDE in huge numbers when their actions are justified. There is NO MORALITY being practiced by the WEST in all these obscenities that we routinely refer to, while we slaughter people around the world by the millions.

BTW the only reason we have all those drones now, is because we cannot fix all the broken technology that litters our air-force bases around the world…

This we have not even approached, because we obviously care not about how many we have already slaughtered—what is at stake this time will be the murder of millions of Americans, brought on by the treachery and treason of our own leaders in yet another pre-meditated blood-bath just to cling to power that represents nothing at all anymore. Our money is worthless, our jobs have been stolen, our loved ones will die in this no matter where they live, and even our dreams are being murdered in exile, while this entire nation is turned into a barren wasteland populated only by prison-camps that will serve nothing and no-one ever-again.

All US troops, in the 900 foreign bases, ought to have been withdrawn long ago, which should have begun the initiation of the Generation of Peace that was denied to the whole world when the Berlin Wall came down.

Yet we continue with this warlike stance despite the truth of the huge number of deficiencies that we still refuse to acknowledge!

This latest form of the New Crusades will fall victim once again to the overwhelming force that has been carefully created to defend Iran and Syria from this insanity. But if we continue this trajectory our Aircraft-Carrier-Groups will also be decimated, because again the Iranians and their allies have the weapons needed to eliminate these 19th century armadas from the seas, as well as from the surrounding lands. And still the WEST remains in DENIAL about the actual-reality of this aspect!

Zionism is not the only problem that the world faces at this moment. However without the Zionists, the planet actually would have a chance to begin to fix everything else that has been stolen and perverted throughout the world today. This has to start somewhere. So let’s begin by arresting the most arrogant bastards on the planet and go from there. All together there really aren’t that many of them but with the DUAL-CITIZENSHIP CRIMINALS which the Israeli-Americans have become we have a unique opportunity to strike with fire to end their artificial reign of TERROR which has made the whole planet into


Military Force can never achieve any actual viable result here: Only real and substantial negotiations can work: Yet we have summarily dismissed all of that in favor of only using brute force (as usual), BECAUSE AMERIKANS ARE COWARDS TO THE CORE.

Israel must be forced back inside Israel, until they are crushed beyond recognition by the forces they have caused to become ready and able to finish off their power-play to the end of everything: Everything that has been under-attack now for the last fifty years.

There are simply far too many different forces, most of them are black-arts and psy-ops to the point where no one can actually rise to the top of anything except another huge body-count that will in the end matter not, because none of that ACTUAL LAND can survive.

To make any real difference beyond the chaos that they will again reap, if this insanity is allowed to proceed,


Have we become so meek that we will continue to kiss the asses of the bastards that have spit upon everything we thought we were for centuries? Yet we have remained absolutely SILENT for over eleven years now, in the aftermath that again proves

That every single CRIME has always been TRUE!

Jim Kirwan


“The Heretic presents: Against the Barbaric Crimes of israel. Re-upped after jewtube’s removal of every anti-israel piece I ever did. Jim Kirwan in full war cry!”

1) Report: US Positioning Forces in as Many as 18 Locations

2) Stop the WARS Disenfranchise Israel


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