The INQUISITION Inside Totalitarian USI

The Inquisition in Spain was an offshoot of something much older that has cursed the world, all the way through history, since there have been religions that sought to purge themselves of other belief systems, within the religious realms of power and politics. Officially this is how the Inquisition began.

“The Catholic Church has a hierarchical structure with a central bureaucracy. In the early years of the church, there were several competing sects that called themselves Christian. But after the Emperor Constantine I (280?-337 CE) made Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire and the local administrative structures were pulled together into one hierarchy centered in Rome, doctrinal arguments were settled by Church Councils, beginning with the Council of Nicea in 325 (which formulated the Nicean Creed). Those whose beliefs or practices deviated sufficiently from the orthodoxy of the councils now became the objects of efforts to bring them into the fold. Resistance often led to persecution.”

“ the Middle Ages a permanent structure came into being to deal with the problem. Beginning in the 12th century, Church Councils required secular rulers to prosecute heretics.”

 In 1231, (just sixteen years after the signing of the Magna Carta, which should have voided for all time this heresy against all the laws pertaining to the rights of mankind)

“Pope Gregory IX published a decree which called for life imprisonment with salutary penance for the heretic who had confessed and repented and capital punishment for those who persisted.

The secular authorities were to carry out the execution. Pope Gregory relieved the bishops and archbishops of this obligation, and made it the duty of the Dominican Order, though many inquisitors were members of other orders or of the secular clergy. By the end of the decade the Inquisition had become a general institution in all lands under the purview of the Pope. By the end of the 13th centuries the Inquisition in each region had a bureaucracy to help in its function.”

“The judge, or inquisitor, could bring suit against anyone. The accused had to testify against himself/herself and not have the right to face and question his/her accuser. It was acceptable to take testimony from criminals, persons of bad reputation, excommunicated people, and heretics. The accused did not have (the) right to counsel, and blood relationship did not exempt one from the duty to testify against the accused. Sentences could not be appealed Sometimes inquisitors interrogated entire populations in their jurisdiction. The inquisitor questioned the accused in the presence of at least two witnesses.”

All of this just happens to be what TSA and NDAA are doing to the people of the planet today—under the guise of keeping the world safe from terrorism—in the same way that the Holy-Roman-Empire’s Inquisitions’ tried to protect their “flocks” from the evils of religious heresy by torturing and murdering anyone they chose to accuse of this supposedly unforgiveable CRIME. Israel must pay for this CRIME against humanity, just as the Roman Catholic Church was forced to terminate their twisted religious-practices; despite the fact that they did not renounce those practices until 1968.

“The accused was given a summary of the charges and had to take an oath to tell the truth. Various means were used to get the cooperation of the accused. Although there was no tradition of torture in Christian canon law, this method came into use by the middle of the 13th century. The findings of the Inquisition were read before a large audience; the penitents abjured on their knees with one hand on a bible held by the inquisitor. Penalties went from visits to churches, pilgrimages, and wearing the cross of infamy to imprisonment (usually for life but the sentences were often commuted) and (if the accused would not abjure) death. Death was by burning at the stake, and it was carried out by the secular authorities. In some serious cases when the accused had died before proceedings could be instituted, his or her remains could be exhumed and burned. Death or life imprisonment was always accompanied by the confiscation of all the accused’s property.”

The various sects of various churches and religions have always practiced these tortured methods of conformity all the way back through time and this must be stopped. In the USI, the wall of separation between Church & State was destroyed by Ronald Reagan—which opened the door to religious terrorism across the board.

This opened the sewer of religious criminality and political tyranny under a false-religious banner that is in actuality no-longer-religion; but is in fact nothing more than a NON-TAX-paying political agenda, masquerading as a religion. This farce has dragged this nation into those massive global sewers which so destroyed Europe and the world that the planet itself is once again threatened by the INSANITY that rules these fringe groups at the expense of the 80% that do not subscribe to this form of belladonna as having any real part or worth in human life.

“Abuses by local Inquisitions early on led to reform and regulation by Rome, and in the 14th century intervention by secular authorities became common. At the end of the 15th century, under Ferdinand and Isabel, the Spanish inquisition became independent of Rome. In its dealings with converted Moslems and Jews and also illuminists, the Spanish Inquisition with its notorious autos-da-fé represents a dark chapter in the history of the Inquisition. In northern Europe the Inquisition was considerably more benign: in England it was never instituted, and in the Scandinavian countries it had hardly any impact.” (1)

In the late 1700’s Francisco Goya began to influence the global world of art in ways which would expose the Spanish-Inquisition to the entire civilized world at that time, through his etchings, which were sold throughout the new world, as well as Europe. Because those etchings survived the firestorms of history, we are still able to view these crimes firsthand, still, and are able to now understand the depths of this obscenity and what it meant to the intensification of the brutality and cruelty of the formal church at that time. (2)

These illegal and savage attacks upon any individual who chose to oppose the supposedly sacred and imperial rulings of the Inquisition-courts of death and depravity that ruled in secret even as the church proclaimed its actions as being beyond the petty laws of man. It was illegal to interfere with the tortures and thefts that were being done in the name of religious sanctity who ruled absolutely over Spain for fifty years of depravity which finally ended the career of the Spanish Empire. (3)

This practice mirrors the depravity of what the Zionist-Empire has been seeking to accomplish in the same way throughout the entire world today. Incidently because of this DEPRAVITY, the Zionists will eventually have to face the same censors that destroyed the Catholic Church & its own depravities through the CRIMES of the Spanish Inquisition—which the Holy Catholic Church did not end its association with until the year 1968.

The World has been in a death-struggle since our very beginning with the twisted variations on the theme of violence in false religions worldwide. If this planet is to have any real chance of success we must shatter the crutches that artificially-used, rather than ourselves that are the only solution to freeing ourselves from the bondage incurred by a people who have NEVER been anyone’s “Flock or herd”.

Humanity by definition is born FREE and we have apparently forgotten this key point in what enables the human spirit to breathe free. The corrupt human-power in false religions does NOT have the right to dictate or control the lives of billions of people, simply because some people choose to remain independent in thought and deed while being contributing members of the human race. These parasites have used their chosen forms of corrupt religious power to enslave the world, while enriching themselves as they run roughshod over all humanity in these orgies of corruption since the dawn of history.

If you doubt me on this point just watch this eleven minute video and see how the Zionists in Israel have stolen and  murdered their way to the position they hold in this world today. Ask yourself, what the hell has Zionism brought to the planet, in any form or place—ever? No other people have ever attempted to exist on such a series of heresies with death and hatred as their sole motivation. There is no future if the Zionistas are allowed to exist. (4)

Jim Kirwan

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4) Against the Barbaric Crimes of Israel – 11 min video


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