Of Unintended Consequences

Over the years as either the Gambler or the Partisan I’ve written a lot about the actualities of the various courses that this totally criminal-world has been forcefully trying to use to crush the rest of us who also live here.

I’ve tried to illustrate just how damning the unintended consequences have been everytime that we are bombarded by every single day through the months and years; as we have tried to withstand this firestorm which has done everything possible to end us as a people, or as individuals—however, we’re still here!

Stymied, time after time by the self-appointed powers who have tried to complete this global-tyranny: While there have always been other sides to all of this: Many have heard the repeatedly denounced ‘FACTS’ “that we have not once won any battle in this ELEVEN YEAR LONG war.” It is now clear that the evil forces HAVE NOT succeeded as they had hoped! The shell game which they have waged AGAINST THE FREE WORLD did NOT convince the public that RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.”  Now it’s clear that they too have also consistently FAILED at everything they tried to use to shut down our protections—which they believed they would have completed by now, in their decades long WAR against the peoples of this planet.

How can this be?

First of all the parallels between how the TSA & Homeland Security have used ancient religious tyrannies inherent in ‘THE INQUISITION’ to trap people all over the world into a primitive political-submission that has no outlet; In other words to offer only the fact that: “RESISTANCE IS FUTILE” which has just been exposed. (1)

Secondly beyond that glaring disaster there is also the continuing blackmail attempt to steal two more nations along with two defensive organizations in the Middle-East that is being pushed as a Zionista DEMAND that if it is not soon TOTALLY SURRENDERED TO, will result in the beginning of the next Nuclear War.

This is only the surface issue that ignores completely that this failed-tactic was already used in 2006; which ended in a total failure by Israel to accomplish any of what it sought to steal by holding the whole world hostage. Yet Hezbollah in 2006 held firm—and Israel was DEFEATED. What is being tried again is the same failure, but this time Zion is trying to get two more nations to be consumed as required-tribute just to pacify Zionist-Israel in their on-going hatred of the rest of the planet. (2)

Thirdly the entire montage of the planetary slaughter which the N.W.O. has created to starve the planet, while simultaneously poisoning the food the water and the air, just to politically control the remaining survivors on the surface of the earth.

This completely insane idea only considered how to force people to depend upon their food and water which they have failed to remember cannot be used because ‘consumption’ of the GM food and the toxic water will kill those who try to survive by eating or drinking the only supplies that will be used to feed any of those that might have survived. The bread baskets of the world have been decimated, and now that is being followed up by ending the meat production of the planet by starving out the ranchers and the farmers to end their ways of life as well. This is only beginning to be felt world wide.

Politically and militarily the Hunger-Games continue by having permanently skewed the power-players by crossing all the lines that once separated groups and interests into factions. The survivors could be depended upon to fight to keep the ancient ties which made possible a viable world. Once we saw this filth that was spewed by NATO and the UN as well as the US, the CIA and Mossad, in the false-flag-slaughter of Libya; it was clear that everything is now nothing more than prey in an ever-shifting game of power and military opportunism who change their loyalties minute by minute which strips away any lasting bonds between any of the players in every old and new conflict that is conjured up by these shape-shifters. These mercenaries now roam the war-torn places of this world—hunting down the weak and stealing whatever can be stolen or murdered—just to keep the temporary advantages in place. If even for just a week or so, only to continue to shift again and again while the chaos grows with every passing hour. In the end no one can “win” anything but everyone will lose everything. All of what was once dependable has been compromised for momentary advantages that quickly betray the same people who created them.

Fourthly politically: This is perhaps the greatest farce of all. The West in this current and continuing New Crusade is again trying to pit the world against the Muslim world, to crush that third of the world and to supposedly unite the surviving people under “Freedom & Democracy” which the West has exterminated from these same countries who have appointed themselves as controllers for who will live and who will die. Having totally used and abused the tatters of Freedom & Democracy as a threadbare-rag to entice others to embrace the current charade as something of value, in the wider and currently lawless world.

No one actually asked for our “help.” In fact almost every single nation where we have invaded did not want our help nor did they seek it because over 95% of the peoples of those star-crossed nations wanted nothing to do with Imperial America or Racist-Zionist Israel. But there was no choice ever offered to those billions of people who have been treated as nothing but cattle or chattel and nothing more. Those who made these deals with “USI & Israel” were the corrupted puppets that we placed ‘in-power’ who only enriched themselves at the expense of whole nations that were supposedly being “saved” at the same time that each of these places was being plundered and returned to stone-age primitive-societies. There was no chance of real-survival of any type—especially when the criminal-USI or Apartheid-Israel wins any of the never-ending contests for ownership and slavery over the billions that have been attacked.

Fifthly: The rush to steal so many nations simultaneously has created its own set of nightmares for the so-called New World Order. Here is the problem in a nutshell. Israel has blackmailed the planet to finish stealing for Israel all the nations that surround that shitty-little country. However, the natural resources of the oil that were supposed to flow directly to the big-bad-USA in Iraq, as just one example, became totally inaccessible. The people of Iraq refuse to allow the US to have access to the stolen Iraqi oil. The pipelines were continually blown up or destroyed, and the supposed flow of oil (that was supposed to pay for our $3 trillion War upon Iraq), never materialized! In fact this became so badly managed that only about 11% of Iraq’s oil remains assessable to anyone now.

The people of Iraq continually interrupt the oil flow to Israel, and in other ways destroy the viability of Iraq’s oil in order to deny the USI any useful success from the fruit of their poisoned tree of the war tree, that we consistently try to plant everywhere we turn our corrupted sights, in order to steal what we refuse to buy legally—preferring conquest to lawful means everywhere we go on the planet.

With this in mind, now turn your sights to what has happened to the olive trees, date farms, grapes, figs and orchards that Israel delights in bulldozing, or the water they continue to poison in Gaza. It’s the same in every country now to destroy that which was once world-famous produce or whole cultures that enriched so many different lives all over the world. The same thing has run afoul of the jack-booted bandits in other areas as well.

In Libya the sweetest crude oil in all the world was stolen to feed the savage appetite of Israel. The gold of Libya that was about to assist in revitalizing the whole of Africa by freeing them from the tyranny of Rothschild banks. The entire northern part of Africa was about to become a garden of earthly delights with the stone-age pristine waters recently discovered under the Libyan deserts, before they too were wiped out. The destructive forces blew up the ‘man-made-river’ and pipeline along with the factory that was manufacturing the huge pipeline itself—to deny any irrigation to the north of Africa, while they crushed the Libyan bank and replaced that with a ROTHSCHILDS DEBT-OWNED bank. Libya was decimated. Its educated people either fled or were slaughtered by the primitive-savages of the UN, NATO, Vatican or Mossad, CIA, FBI—the whole potpourri of the scum who claim to be the saviors of the planet.

This is what awaits those still alive in Syria and Iran. That too is layered with criminality in abundance and is wallowing in filth that cannot be achieved but will in the end utterly destroy any and all pretense of immortality by Israel.

The world is finally beginning to wonder how anything could survive this non-stop aggression in which the skies of the entire planet have been turned into the enemy of the whole earth, not to mention the death of the oceans and the life that has lived there since the planet was born. When nothing is able to survive without a massive and complete shift by the planet, just to enable mankind to survive, it soon becomes clear that while the planet itself shall continue this ridiculous human experiment (just an eyeblink compared with the length of time the planet has been here); must be ended and written off as a colossal failure because we cannot seem to stop this war on NATURE and on WOMEN. Is THIS the only way in which the current preferred forms of Tyranny can continue to crush everything within its range of self-created and pitiful vision that passes for greed and money-lust unending; in a time when humanity is on the chopping block of history yet again…

Ironically it seems that the evil-forces have NOT been successful in the end, despite all that they have managed to do to all the rest of us.

Jim Kirwan


2) Face the Facts


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